Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 22: 0 miles and recovery

This week I was sure to recover and not let the excitement of finishing my first marathon drive me to do something stupid.  I was sore for a couple days- mostly quads and my upper back neck.  Plantar Fascia was a little sore too, but feels better with time off.  I wasn't a complete sloth - by Wednesday I joined the YMCA in Keene and started in on some cycling/spin classes.  I've taken 6 in as many days.  FUN!  I felt a little pep in my step return on Friday, but the weather helped me maintain my resolve to rest further.  The spin classes have been awesome and Sunday was an added 45 minutes of core afterward- I can barely stand up straight as my anterior torso muscles are really sore today!  This week I'l get back at it slowly- maybe 25 miles and I did decide to run the 10K in Newton on Sunday- the money goes to Ovarian Cancer research so I figured I might as well join in - might get a surprise Pr out of it!

Cape Cod Marathon is back in the plan - depending on what work does to my miles come August.  But for the summer- get super fit and lean using classes at the Y and get back to running! It's a process and I love it!