Monday, July 25, 2011

WEEK 29: 25 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: Hiked Lil' Monadnock with Greg and Griffin (pics below); nice hike and the Rhododendron State Park is really cool.  Good blueberries at the top too!

Wednesday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" greg and griffin.  A little tough for the ankle but made it through- slow going.  Lots of blueberries to snack on by the water.  PM: MRHS OAB on roads- pretty tired; LOG 10

Thursday:  Friedsam with Grif - humid.  LOG 5

Friday: off- ankle very swollen

Saturday: Friedsam with Grif; LOG 5

Sunday: While doing laundry ran to Wheelock park; during dry cycle did some BW strength stuff in parking lot.  LOG 5.

Still pretty unmotivated but at least got 25 miles.  Ankle isn't helping my motivation level.  Been eating better though.  Going to run in the Blessing 10-miler this friday- more just to be a part of it, hoping for 85 minutes but that may even be a stretch in my current state of lethargy and obeastness.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

WEEK 28: 20 miles and DNF

Monday: off, ankle feeling a little better
Tuesday: elliptical plus lift.
Wednesday: AM: Spin class- haven't done that in awhile!  PM: Whitcomb Road loop from MRHS track.  Ankle feels good with straight ahead running on even footing. LOG 5
Thursday: 3miles around Hinsdale during the fun run- couldn't run ont he grass of the fun run course.  LOG 3
Friday: Westmoreland Railtrail "with" Greg, Ferenc, Boj, and dogs.   Ankle feelin gok but no longer looking very good.  Putney Plunge.  LOG 6
Saturday:  Westmoreland RT again "with" Greg and Griff -ankle ok just didn't feel like running much.  Putney Plunge felt good though.  LOG 2.
Sunday: Stowe 8-miler.  Dropped out at 1 mile.  LOG 4 miles

Not exactly taking care of my ankle as if it were one of my athlete's ankles! But that's not why I dropped out of the race...just didn't feel like running it so I had to bail early or be stuck doing the whole thing- or more than I wanted to.  Everyone around me was so excited to be there and happy with an 8:50 (I've heard it was long, but still) first mile.  I decided I wasn't having fun like I should be and got out of there.  Funny thing is when I waited for the crowd to pass and went running int he other direction I felt pretty good!  I think I was relieved I made a decision and went with it.  It was fun getting back in time to see the boys finish. 

I do have to work on the ankle more- swelling has been up because I can't seem to sit still - or worse I am sitting to much!  The waters of putney help though.

I don't plan on racing again until Pisgah - just not having fun right now. Not even motivated enough to make a plan for next week, but at least there are pictures!  It's a process and I love it! 

The culvert we go swimming at in Putney- sorry forgot to turn it....


Griffin waiting for someone to throw something...anything.....

the boys at Stowe...notice the "stashes" (might have to use the zoom on Goup...:))

Greg finishing....this was right after he gave a funny look when he realized I was already "done"....:)

Glenny's fun run iin hinsdale...6:30pm thursdays

I should take better care of that.....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

WEEK 27: 35 miles, Four on the fourth, and a sprained ankle.

Monday: Four on the Fourth, Keene.  29:58.  LOG 5

Tuesday:   Freidsam with Grif.  LOG 5

Wednesday: AM: Freidsam "with" Greg and Griff.  Went in the other direction than usual....interesting. 
PM:  Whitcomb Rd loop from MRHS track.  LOG 10

Thursday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" Greg and Grif.  Very slow going.  LOG 8  PM: Glenny's fun run in Hinsdale.  Legs were way too tired and I decided I hate running on grass.  Did hte mile loop twice on my own though.  LOG 10

Friday:  off

Saturday:  Ran new trails down in Dover, MA (20 minutes from my brothers house) with Greg and Griffin.  Sprained my ankle at the farthest point away from our start- freaked out a bit for a few minutes and thought I was going to puke, but finally composed myself and jogged it back in.  LOG 5.

Sunday:  Nursing the ankle.  It doesn't like it'll be too bad.

My goal for Four on the 4th was sub-30.  Yikes, just made it.  Felt like I shouldve been faster so I was a little miffed with myself.  I'm just not very tough- especially in the heat.  I feel like I would've done better had I not had a watch.  My first mile was 7:08 and that freaked me out- like I couldn't hold that, but the reality is I probably can.  Mental.  Anyway, it's an improvement from last year.

Doubling wed and thursday (almost) was tough but in a good way on my legs.  I would've had a 40 + mile week if I could've run today.  I've never acutely injured myself like this before- hamstring and fascitis creep up on you, but this was a split second slip and a pop.  I turn my ankle a lot on trails but usually just recover.  This one hurt even though I was going so slow and easy.  Today it looks ok - swollen but I can walk carefully without pain.  I'll take it day by day and who knows maybe the rest will set me up for a more successful Stowe this weekend.  We'll see- It's a process and I love it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEEK 26: 25 miles

Monday: Kilburn Loop with Greg and Griffin; 1:05 - fastest so far this year.  Griffin even stayed with me while Greg went ahead!  She was a little bit naughty and got scolded by greg the night before (she deserved it) so she decided to stick with me on the run!  I kept expecting her to to take off and catch him but just when I thought she had I see her way ahead in the trail looking back for me.  She makes sure I see her- I wave - and then takes off again.  She is very sweet (and a little bit naughty).  LOG 8

Tuesday:  off

Wednesday:  Strength drills and the Whitcomb road loop from the MRHS track while the boys did their speed workout.  Felt weird to be on the roads!  LOG 5

Thursday:  Friedsam loop with Griffin before traveling to NY.  Pretty sore from the strength drills last night.  LOG 5

Friday:  Ran a bit while Zach rode his bike at the holding point park in Horseheads.  He didn't like that I could beat him but then he found a short cut back tot he car and beat me!  It was fun, albeit not much of a workout.  Still real sore from the drills.  LOG 2

Saturday:  0; drove back to NH.  Was pretty exhausted and still sore. 

Sunday:  Westmoreland railtrail with Greg, Ferenc, Fyffe, and all the dogs.  Nice trail- easy run.  Finished just as it started to downpour.  OAB 23/21 minutes.  LOG 5.

Not a great week but not bad either.  Clearly I need to add strength back in more often- I leave too much time in between and suffer with each lift now!  But I haven't been too motivated to go that extra mile!  Oh well, it's still a process, and I love it!