Monday, May 23, 2011

WEEK 20: 27 miles and Northfield Mtn

Monday: off
Tuesday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, south woods. LOG 8
Wednesday: Walk Griff; core/hip circuit
Thursday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, unorganized.  LOG 6
Friday: Pisgah "with" Grffin and Greg, South Woods out and back. LOG 5
Saturday: Northfield Mountain 10.2K race; 59:33. LOG 8
Sunday: walk Grif

Not a very organized week, but it was fun to get out with Greg and Griffin in Pisgah.  It's been very dark in the woods in this weather!  Griffin is very cute because of course she won't leave Greg to run with me, but if we do routes in which he ends up behind me on a trail she picks up my scent and speeds up to get me.  I wasn't expecting that and she scared me the first time it happened!  It's very sweet - she is very fast.  

Northfield was fun.  I was too conservative on the climb, but passed a few people on the way back down the mountain.  That's a tough race, but not like Monroe-Dunbar!  I would like to go over there to run/explore sometime. Greg didn't notice the HUGE reservoir that the mountain overlooks at the spot we all turn around during the race....clearly I wasn't running fast enough.

Lots of Pisgah this week, maybe even a spin class!  No races planned for awhile- gotta save up for a wedding!  It's a process...and I love it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WEEK 19: 30 miles and Westmoreland 4-miler

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin, to the Vista. LOG 4
Tuesday: AM: 3.5 miler from KSC;  PM: 3.5 miler through my almamater SUNY Cortland (traveled there with Womens Lacrosse). LOG 7
Wednesday: Run in Cortland with 3 strides and some core at the hotel.  LOG 5
Thursday: Slow lazy Beaver Pond loop in Pisgah. Griffin ditches me to run with Greg, but she gerts excited when she sess me waiting for them at the trailhead.  LOG 4
Friday: 0; think I found my wedding dress though.
Saturday:  Westmoreland 4-miler.  32:00.  Slower than Four on the Fourth, but a way harder course.  My first win!  Greg won too!  I got to pick a gift certificate for the massage therapist I like to go to (he was the race director). Sweet! LOG 6
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin (and her bell), Vista OAB. LOG 4.

A decent week- especially since I spent a couple days on a bus and working a lacrosse game in new york.  I am content with 30 miles (that's the problem I guess!).  It was fun to have my first win.  This next few weeks should be easy to get some mileage in with KSC sports wrapping up, but there seems to be so much on my plate right now! Northfield is this weekend and should be fun.  Will work on getting to some spin classes and just keep chasing miles!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

WEEK 18: 30 miles...all trail

Greg was away all week with a school trip, so it was up to me to make sure Griffin stayed active and trim.  Also, running might make her less depressed and anxious with Greg gone (and me too!).  So we ran a lot of trails in Pisgah all week- even in the rain.  It was awesome.  Friday and Saturday I had work stuff going on so I couldn't run but I made up for it Sunday.  Greg went to a race and Grif and I spent 2 hours in Pisgah.  We did the South Woods loop and then Mini-vistas loop.  It was a beautiful day.  I have been having nightmares about bears so Griffin was a sport and wore a bell for me.  She thought it was foolish but it made me feel a little better.  In any case, we got 30 miles in there this week and aside from occasionally being freaked out about bears (and any other scary creatures I can conjure up in my head) I think I'll get a lot of miles in there this summer.  I took some pictures in there too- they will be posted on the Pisgah website when I have time to get to it. Still gotta get the motivation back to do all the core and strength I was doing last year.  Other than that I'm just gonna RUN.  It's a process, and I love it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WEEK 17: 34 miles and James Joyce 10K

Monday: 10 miles KSC to Surry Dam. LOG 10

Tuesday: off

Wednesday:  AM: 2mile TM + core; AM2: 3 mi KSC loop. LOG 5

Thursday:  Ttreadmill, rolling hills; LOG 5

Friday: KSC loop, LOG 5

Saturday: Spin class got canceled, elliptical/TM; LOG 2

Sunday:  James Joyce 10K, felt good warming up- thought I'd have a pretty good race, but not toally happy with the results.  49:21/7:57 pace.  Good course- rolling hills and windy, but I still felt like I should be faster- or at least a little more comfortable in my stride.  Took a long time to get out of the crowds at the start- there was over 3000 people!  Beautiful day though it took up most of the Sunday! 

Just want to run on the trails.  Will figure out the rest from there.  It's a process, and I love it!!