Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEEK 12: ZERO miles and Bursitis

Previous week: 23 miles, New Bedford HM, and bursitis
Monday: OFF...way off..
Tuesday: corticosteroid injection- didn't even hurt!! But she says 10 days off....HA...I talked her down to a really 5 days :) if it responds; wore walking boot for 6 hours and iced x 2
Wednesday: core; iced x 4, walked without a limp at 1:30pm! woo-hoo.
Thursday: ellipticalx30+ core + upper strength; GETTING KINDA CRABBY....
Friday: bike trainer x 25min; birthday cake....argh
Saturday: VOLUNTEER at Fast Friends race... 75 min elliptical + core...
Sunday: 60 min elliptical + core + strength
Miles this week: ZERO ;(

This will be a short week summary.  Got a corticosteroid injection for Retrocalcaneal Bursitis on Tuesday morning.  Dr. Shafer said it could be 5 days before it really kicks is day 6 and although i can walk pretty normally- running is out of the question (I've only tested a couple steps, I swear).  She wanted me to wait 7-10 days anyway.  I'm questioning if I shouldve gotten the injection and instead just kinda let it run its course, but time lost is time lost.  I've been icing religiously and will try some heat tonight and ultrasound this week.  One of these mornings I will wake up and feel normal again!  I hope real soon.   I am hoping I can run by thursday and if so will try to get ready for the Merrimack River 10 mile trail race.  (I just registered ;)) I am so looking forward to it, but I don't want to get in over my head right away and do have a couple trail races planned for May if I really can't do it.  I have my trail sneakers all ready to go- just would feel better if I had run in them a little bit and perhaps negotiated something a little more technical than the rail trail!!!!  I guess it would be a great learning experience.  Ramona is planning on coming with me so I would plan to try to just stick with her and see how it goes.  :)  In the meantime, lots of spin classes, elliptical (ZZzzzzz), and strength training/core. 

Mentally i'm hanging in there, could be worse and I am trying to have a positive outlook.  This is one of those things that can pop up again and again so I want to be sure it's gone.  I have been really proud of myself at mixing things up and keeping good balance, so I am more than a little irritated that it started with something so silly- DRIVING!  I usually wear my flipflops for long trips and didn't and my sneaker was digging into the back of my ankle....duh.  Of course everyone assumes it's overtraining, but looking at my mileage the last 3 weeks proves otherwise..I am clearly undertraining!  This was supposed to be a big week back into higher mileage.  Oh well, I built up once and can do it again.  Just want to get back at it.  It's a process....and i love it...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

WEEK 11: 23 Miles and New Bedford Half Marathon

Previous week: 20 miles and a better attitude
Monday: 5 miles TM; core/yoga
Tuesday: track workout: 800/2x400/2x200/2x400/800...equal dist. recovery, 4miles; pretty consistent numbers; need to work on longer intervals and track workouts in general...i can see how it will be very beneficial; tendonitis is flaring in right ankle :(
Wednesday: core/yoga; no run, tendonitis/bursitis is I'm getting annoyed and a little freaked out...
Thursday: Core + Spin with Julie (strength intervals) + fastest yoga ever; ankle feels better- MAGICAL what a day of rest can do! Hmmm Hope I remember that...tempted to run....grrr better wait....
Friday: Core + Spin
Saturday: warmup +  1mile/strides; Chipotle Burrito; Hailey's play in Foxboro, MA...
Sunday: New Bedford Half Marathon, Goal...SUB 1:50..It's on like DONKEY KONG!
Miles this week: 23

I'm a little miffed by the low mileage this week, but I guess it helped for the half marathon.  And the fact that I can barely walk right now unless I am on my right tippy toe is a little troublesome, BUT I met my goal by a lot!  First I didn't go into this feeling very good about my ankle, then I kept thinking about the lack of a long run in a very long time, and the low mileage for a couple weeks.  So there were things on my mind.  After a delightful day at the theater (Hailey was in the play, Little Mermaid), I went out to warmup and jog around a little....ankle raged almost immediately.  I hit the ibuprofen hard for the rest of the night and morning.  I got to sleep with BOOMER once again- such a cuddly 90 pound lug (yellow lab)! 

Sunday morning I met Karen at the Wrenthem outlets (no shopping this trip).  We did our usual sandbagging and gossiping and got a pretty premier parking spot if I do say so myself.  Registration was a debaucle and the start even more so as the race itself started late and then earlier than the late they predicted...confusing. 

So the race starts and I put the ankle out of my mind.  I felt ok otherwise.  The miles didn't go as quickly as they did in Amherst, but I did get to the 10 mile mark faster than I did for that race (1:19), so I knew I was on pace for a PR...a big one.  But it was also this time when the ankle started to get irritated and I had to agree that I had wished it was a 10 mile race too.  But onward I went.  BIG GIANT hill at mile 12, which I was ready for...what I wasn't ready for is how long it was from the top of that hill to the finish!  I thought you reached the top, turned right, and that was it...but it was 2 rights and a ways...right turns were not appreciated by the ankle at all and neither was the downhill.  But it is what it is and I need to work on having a little friiggen kick at the end- I had no turnover!  But in I came at 1:45 (and a lot of change, but nevermind that ;)), pace was 8:06 overall.  Good enough for a bag of peanut butter M&M's AND maybe a cadbury egg!! :)
Splits (I love my new watch- way cuter than the Garmin):
8:03 small hill
8:25 hill
7:54 feel like some of those miles were at a slight downhill
8:25 not sure what happened here?
8:36 HILL
9:20 1.1mile split + the rest of that blasted HILL, but I shouldve made it up on the downhill into town- just kinda petered out
Looks like miles 5-8 is where I am most comfortable as usual- I have got to figure out how to get to that feeling faster and sustain that- duh.  I remember thinking that some of that was at a slight downhill too.  Right where I started to fall apart there was a group that I shouldve tried to stick with as we were heading into the wind by the ocean at this point, but didn't- dumbass.  This must have been that slow mile.  Other than that I didn't really have any interactions with any other runners that I remember...kinda boring in that regard- at least no children went whizzing by me this time. It always amazes me that in a race that big I can find myself completely on my own at times.  Once I stopped running the bursitis flared to a new level, but I got to ice (like a good athletic trainer) while sitting in the sun after Karen finished.  It was a really nice day!  Then the chowda made up for the debaucle of the registration and start.  Mmmmm. 

Only walked thru 2 water "stops" (the first of which went straight up my nose and down the back of my throat...interesting.  Cups were WAY too big and too full.) and one GU - which I prob didn't need.  Also pounded 3 waters at the finish and I think that helped fend off my usual post race GI issues. 
ANYWAY, I met my goal, and in fact had a half marathon PR of 11 minutes...not too shabby for 4 months of work!  AND I ran this race 5 years ago and finished 2:20!  Anyway, it took me all last season to get 12 minutes off.  Next goal will be sub 1:45 (or really a pace under 8:00...I'll take 7:59 for cryin out loud...for a little while anyway)), but it won't be at my next HM as that is planned to be Temple, NH next month...LOTS OF HILLS is what I am hearing, so that will be more of a training run with a friend.  My real outlook is on to the TRAILS - time to get dirty!!  Could make for some interesting blogging.  Got to keep up the crosstraining (yes, including yoga...yick) and get better at track workouts....BUT FIRST GET A DOC TO INJECT THIS BURSITIS! I guess my workouts this week depend on when i can get that done....its a process...and I love it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


1. Passion
2. A chance to meet some of the most awesome and inspiring people on the planet.
3. Something in common with every other human being on the planet who happens to also run -- no matter what their language, country, background, etc.
4. Friendship.
5. A reason to buy a new pair of sneakers every 3 months.
6. Courage.
7. An opportunity to see the sunrise.
8. A good reason to always have a ponytail.
9. The experience of conquering the big hills.
10. The chance to fly down the big hills.
11. The feeling of camaraderie when I see another runner.
12. Endorphins.
13. The feeling of accomplishment.
14. A strong heart.
15. The chance to find my limits.
16. The chance to exceed my limits.
17. A chance to play.
18. A chance to inspire and be inspired.
19. Time to be alone.
20. So many wildlife sightings I would never have otherwise seen.
21. The lesson that you really do get out what you put in.
22. The ability to suffer and to endure pain.
23. A chance to compete.
24. A chance to be unconnected (no cell phone, no email).
25. So many cute runner guys to admire.
26. The ability to eat more M&M's.
27. Time to think.
28. The chance to explore.
29. Discipline.
30. The chance to see my friends succeed and to know first-hand what it took.
31. The chance to feel fast.
32. So many cool shirts.
33. The chance to feel so alive.
34. An excuse to eat cookies and cream power bars
35. Strength and Endurance.
36. Happiness.
37. A goal.
38. Confidence.
39. Treatment when I feel sad.
40. The chance to crunch through the forest in the fall.
41. A reason to be out in the rain.
42. The knowledge of how many miles (to the nearest tenth) every landmark is from my house.
43. A chance to learn better patience.
44. Focus.
45. Challenges.
46. A chance to participate in something bigger than myself.
47. A chance to feel nervous before a race.
48. A better outlook on life.
49. Something I can always be thankful for.
50. The Runner's High.

Monday, March 15, 2010

WEEK 10: 20 miles and better attitude

Previous week: 26 miles and a bad attitude

Monday: eilliptical (weak) + plyopower; Core
Tuesday: OFF / Glorified Stretching (yoga)
Wednesday: circuit madness #5 + 8 x 30sec:60sec +Accel Run 10min; 4 miles
Thursday: 10 miles (1:35); lost splits on new watch because I'm a dumbass...tried to do mid 5 at pace....felt good after 4 mi
Friday: Core + Spin with Ramona (pro-intervals); drive home (NY)
Saturday: BW circuit/Jillian Michaels DVD workout...with Zach
Sunday: 6 soggy miles, lots of hills; drive back to NH
Total miles: 20

So my bad mood wore off pretty quick as usual.  Light mileage week- still do wish i had gotten that last long run in DAMNIT! (oops there it is again)...Anyway, I did as my body was saying and really shut it down for a couple days.  Wednesdays circuit madness and speedwork on the treadmill felt good and I kept it really short and to the point.  Then thursday I had a nice 10 miler outside...tried to do mid 5 at pace but lost my splits on my new watch...argh.  I hope I get better at being able to gauge how fast I am running.  Maybe once I get to the track more.  Anyway, I picked it up here and there and it felt good after the first few miles.  Then I drove home for the weekend- in the driving rain...which lasted all weekend.  Saturday I worked out with my nephew (see pictures).  We did one of my circuits and my sister has the Jillian Michaels DVD (Biggest Loser) of which I did level 2....same prinicple as the Plyopower classes where there's a "strength move" circuit followed by intervals of cardio stuff.  Pretty good workout especially with an almost 5 year old running in circles around you and the second I hit the floor to do anything else he thought that meant wrestling!  My arms and shoulders are so sore just from fighting him off and doing planks with him on my back!  I tried to get him to do some yoga later...he thought that was boring...and I can't say I disagree, but it is helping keeping my hips and legs from getting too bound up.  Sunday I headed out for a soggy 6 miles run- there are a lot of hills at home and essentially I felt like I did a condensed version of the Amherst race course profile.  Dirt roads and a little rainy- but lots of spring bird sounds that make me happy.

Paranoid about getting sick this week, especially since I have the week off from work!  Too much downtime isn't usually good for me-as of now feeling pretty healthy.  Unfortunately I noticed some soreness on my right lateral ankle last night after getting home...peroneal tendonitis?  Hopefully just from the hills and then 6 hour drive....feel it today but got through a 5 mile treadmill cups are in the freezer. 

Getting pretty anxious for Sunday!  It'll be another low mileage week, but I'd be pretty pissed at myself if I showed up to New Bedford tired and/or injured.  I have all spring/summer to add some serious mileage and this early spring has gone WAY better than I ever could have imagined!  Once I reach (or completely blow out of the water) that half marathon goal I can continue onto to Phase 2....TRAILS!  Its a process...and I love it.

Below....Zach making planks next to impossible.....some core and some cardio (he is always that joyous...unless he's hungry)...and yes, HUGE FEET/TOES - like uncle David!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

WEEK 9: 26 miles and a bad attitude

Previous week miles: 30 miles
Monday: TM 6mi easy- couldn't stop! Cold Whirlpool
Tuesday: circuit #6, ellipitcal x 4mi (torture)
Wednesday: 10 miles TM (8 hills/4 pickups); CWP
Thursday: Core + Spin with Acea (intervals)
Friday: Core + Spin with Ramona (strength-hills)
Saturday: long run was a BUST...just wasn't into it, try again tomorrow; got in 8 miles...
Sunday: BUST #2....2 miles, warmup with a couple strides
Miles this week: 26

I was so looking forward to the weekend's long run and it was a total bust- just couldn't get into it. It was a beautiful day but the rail trails were a mess and I couldn't get a rhythm going on them.  Then I decided to loop around and change my sneakers- now you know I'm not into it- and went back out but really just didn't have it in me.  I wasn't hurting or tired- just FLAT.  I walked a lot just because I wanted to. YICK.  I didn't even make it to where my favorite cows live!  Thought I'd get a cold whirlpool in and a goodnight sleep and have better luck Sunday, but that obviously didn't happen either.  Maybe I over did it this week?    But I took thu and fri off from running- and Tuesday!  I'm a wuss.  WICKED PISSAH!

I don't even know how to plan for the next 2 by day? I really wanted to get a longer run in, so hopefully thursday.  Then I'll keep it shorter and be sure to rest, as I'm obvioulsy not hardcore yet.  I think my fitness is good, just got to get that turnover going. I'm not loving this part of the process....well, maybe a little... ;)

Don't Panic - Coldplay

Bones sinking like stones
All that we fought for
Homes, places we've grown
All of us are done for

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Bones sinking like stones
All that we fought for
And homes, places we've grown
All of us are done for

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Oh, all that I know
There's nothing here to run from
'Cause yeah everybody here's got somebody to lean on