Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52: 7 miles and the end of my first year as a runner

Monday: Nice big snowstorm!!!  Rode the trainer for 25 minutes; played in the snow and shoveled a lot....
Tuesday: Bike trainer x 25 minutes, light core; just wasn't feeling well
Wednesday:  TM 7 miles; Good workout although not very encouraging for an upcoming 10K
Thursday: Snowshoe hike in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin- beautiful out there! 
Add 7 miles to 2010.

2010 miles = 1327
24 Races


My goals for 2010 were:
1. Half Marathon sub-1:50 CHECK! 1:45@ New Bedford, 3/21/10
2. Trails, Trails, Trails (with confidence)
3. Miles, Miles, Miles (more miles)
4. Stay healthy and balanced... HAVE FUN!

I'm happy to say I met all of my goals....
1.  The New Bedford half marathon (March) is still the highlight of my year.  It was such a surprise especially because I was injured with bursitis at the time.  I really surprised myself with the effort and finally realized I could get stronger and faster.  I did have a pretty intense winter of workouts. I would have liked to run a faster race later in the year, but I was trying a little of everything and still feel pretty good about the fact that I can just go to a half and run under 2 hours without trying (Lowell). 
2. Trails- LOVE THEM.  I finally got out there and can say I am comfortable on them- especially when accompanied by my favorite wolf- Griffin.  I think I can really improve here.  Plus, Pisgah State Park will always be special since that was my way to get Greg's attention...Gee, which trails should I run on (as if I can't read a map!).  He didn't know there were cougars in there!  :)
3.  I am happy with the number of miles.  I have never kept track.
4.  "Stay healthy" is relative. I really only missed about 3 weeks due to bursitis back in March and I have my issues, but don't we all?  I definitely had fun!

This year was especially fun since I had a PR at every distance!  Granted I hadn't run most of them other than the half marathon or occasional 5K.  In those distances I improved immensely.  Like I have said before, I never thought I could run a single 8 minute mile and now I intend to have PR's at sub 8 minute pace in every distance in 2011.

2010 PR's
5K: 22:43 (7:19 pace), Concord Jingle Bell Run (Dec 2010)
5-Mile/8K: 38:37 (7:45 pace), Corning Glassfest 8K (May 2010)
10K: 50:55 (8:13 pace), Log Cabin NMC, Fitchburg (Jan 2010)
8-Miler: 1:08:20 (8:33 pace), Lil Rhody Trail Race (Nov 2010)
10-Miler: 1:20:18 (8:02 pace), Foxboro, MA (Feb 2010)
Half Marathon: 1:45:55 (8:06 pace), New Bedford (Mar 2010) was a very good year for me professionally, personally, and as a beginner runner.  It amazes me how running has brought so many awesome people (and doggies) into my life. I have learned a lot about myself and feel healthy and happy going into 2011.  Other than that, a year-end summary feels too stressful right now - so I'll work it out over the next few weeks as I figure out what I want to do in 2011.  I wouldn't want to over-analyze, but don't we all do that too?   It's an ever-changing process, and I love it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

WEEK 51: 19 miles

Monday:  Spin + 2 mile tiny tempo treadmill run + core
Tuesday: Circuit Madness + TM 5 miles; good workout- worked on turnover, might be sore tomorrow!
Wednesday:  Spin + 3 mile TM- working on turnover; good workout, a little sore!
Thursday: off - headache
Friday: Drive to NY; Run at home with Boomer, 4 miles
Saturday: Run at home with Boomer, 5 miles - good hills; All I got for Christmas is obeast!
Sunday: drive back to NH;
Miles: 19

Pretty lackluster, but running with Boomer is always entertaining.  For a big dog he does a good job and I feel like he really turns it on up the hills just to to make me work!  Spin classes have been good for me.  I haven't been taking advantage of time that could be used for a quick run or ride on the trainer.  I also still haven't decided which race I will do for New Year's.  Westfield is very flat so I might want to take advantage of that and try to get a 10K PR while I can- even though I don't feel like I'm very fit right now.  Otherwise I could see how much I've improved on the course i ran last New Year's - but that is not an easy course at all- lots of hills.  We'll see. 

I am excited to get the snow shoes out and make my track around the yard and explore Pisgah on them!  Playing in the snow was fun - even the shoveling.  Maybe I'll get organized for the new year?  Gotta set some goals and plan some races!  It's a process...and I love it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

WEEK 50: 26 miles and South Woods Loop

Monday: long day at work, but that's a weak excuse
Tuesday: lazy and soft
Wednesday: Spin + 5 miles TM (incl. 3x .25 mile pickups and 3 x 200m pickups to 8.0mph + 1.0% grade); Good workout finally!
Thursday: Pisgah with Grffin, 7 miles; Beautiful day with light snow...only our tracks on South Woods trail.
Friday: didn't sleep well enough to get up at 4:15am for spin class, off
Saturday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt better on my feet on the trails, beautiful day in the park- good to see that there were at least a few other people out there enjoying it.
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt really good and more relaxed on the trail.
Miles so far this week: 26

Not a great week, but not terrible.  I have a lot of non-running projects on my mind, so it's amazing I'm not so preoccupied that I don't run at all.  It helped that I completely blocked Christmas out of my head- and will pay for it this week.  Anyway, Griffin was my running buddy all week.  We ran the South Woods Loop 3 times-it took that long to get my trail running feet back! The frost heaves are brutal!  I have so much more of Pisgah to explore, but each new trail to me just makes it more and more awesome. 

This week I'll just try to get miles in whenever and some strength work! Maybe when i figure out my spring races that will motivate me to get more organized with my workouts.  It's a process, and I love it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WEEK 49: 19 miles

Monday: 5 miles plus light lift
Tuesday: Bike trainer x 35 minutes
Wednesday: 3 miles TM (8 x 30s 7.5)
Thursday: lazy
Friday: 3 miles and light lift
Saturday: off (greg's meet in RI)
Sunday: Pisgah with Greg and Griffin, 8 miles

Miles so far: 19
Miles last week: 38

yikes. In a bit of a rut. It's a process, and i love it?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

WEEK 48: 38 miles and an unlikely 5K PR

Monday: 30 minutes of lethagic elliptical....still don't feel very good (stomach bug), maybe tomorrow.
Tuesday: 6 miles rail trail, feel MUCH better
Wednesday:  3 miles, circuit, 2 miles with speed play; stomach still not quite right, but log 5 miles

Thursday 7 slow miles with Griffin on the Ashuelot Railtrail.  Loud river and lots of little cascading creeks after yesterdays rain! 
Friday: 6 miles railtrail- slow and sore 
Saturday: 5K in Concord; 22:43/7:19 pace (new PR); log 8 miles
Sunday: 6 miles solo on Railtrail.  Nice morning, but kinda lonely!
Miles so far: 38
Previous week: 11

I know, I know, why not go 2 more miles and get the 40?!  Just too much to do today, including getting to the store to get food for the boys as they return from a run in Pisgah!  I felt good about the week, so I'm not worried about it.  Saturday I went with Greg and Boj to Concord for the Jungle Bell 5K run for Arthritis.  Friday night I almost backed out since my run that day was so bad and my hamstring was hurting, but I bit my lip and decided to see how I felt in the morning.  Obviously, I felt OK and decided I needed the workout anyway.  We left pretty early for a race that started at wait...10am.  It was nice to get there early and use the facilities as many times as we wanted to!  It was a crisp, kinda windy morning, but the big news was that the course had been changed from the notoriously flat 5K.  On the warm-up I went out a mile and came back- flat, but when the boys got back from running the course I heard that mile 2 was in fact a bit hilly.  Oh well, I wasn't too worried I felt good on my warm-up and kept it to myself so as not to jinx it!  As the race started there were a couple turns and I could see Greg way out in front from the get go.  I didn't wear my watch but I felt like I was probably running what I did in Corning- if not faster.  Mile 2 was in fact a bit hilly...and windy, but I felt good and passed a few people and recovered well on the downhill.  I got to mile 3 which was flat, but windy.  I started to feel like I must have a PR coming and when I turned the corner for the finish I saw it was a bit closer than I thought! I almost wish I had my splits, but it was probably best I didn't wear my watch and wil do that again- it's pretty obvious I have no kick at the end- I don't need a watch to tell me that!  I ended up at 22:43 (7:19 pace).  A 6 second PR is PR nonetheless and on that course I can't complain- 3rd in my age group.  Best of all I felt strong and know what I need to work on to be faster.  My cool down was another out and back to mile 1 or so and by 11am I could log 8 miles.  Good day.

This week, a couple more strength days and keep chasing miles.  It's a process, and I love it!