Monday, April 25, 2011

WEEK 16: 30 miles

Monday:   10 miles Bretwood GC out and back...1:26; Felt pretty good- calves are still pretty sore from dancing!!!  Wore my Mizuno's without fascia pain.  LOG 10 miles.

Tuesday:  3 miles TM, simple progression with a couple hills.  Light core/strength.  Didn't eat enough calories for breakfast to do much more- plus had to get to work.  Wore my new Addidas - super light- can't wait to wear them on the roads!  LOG 3.

Wednesday: AM1: 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #1, 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #2, 1 mi TM.  Stretch.
AM2 (after a meeting):  5.1 miles from KSC in the mist, 43:30 (8:30 pace), Was probably going a little faster than I should be but I felt good so I went with it- I guess it counts as a short tempo run.  First time I wore my new Addidas Zero Mana Sneakers- boy are they light!  My feet don't hurt, but I think I'll save them for all the races coming up in May.  Feelin good.  LOG 8.

Thursday:  off

Friday:  Hike in Pisgah to "Moose Lookout" with Griffin and my Fiance (I didn't know he was my Fiance until the way back of course- it was just Greg at first :)))! Later in the afternoon: Keene Raitrail 7 miles- I thought I would feel peppy with an engagement ring on, but my legs were still a little shocked I guess.  Pretty lame run, but it didn't bother me! :)  LOG 7.

Saturday: traveled with lacrosse teams all day

Sunday: 2 miles in morning with Griffin just up to the school.  Made Jimmy bark when we went by his house....sorry! He didn't hear us on the way back though. LOG 2.

Pretty good week!  Ready for James Joyce 10K, not sure if I'm ready to plan a wedding (is anyone ever?).  It's a process, and I LOVE it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WEEK 15: 32 quality miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin- down Chesterfield Rd 30 minutes and turn around.  Almost made it to the Nash intersection but there was a long stretch of ice I didn't feel like tackling.  Also areas where ground just gives way underfoot, but nice to be out there anyway. LOG 6.

Tuesday: TM 2 miles, 5 Supersets for one circuit, Run 3 at a good pace, core/stretch; LOG 5.  Already more miles than last week and looks like I can double a couple times this week. woo-hoo.  Good thing because next week is busy again!

Wednesday: Spin class; Circuit: lat pull down series, 4 way hip series, dead bugs, HS curls on SB, Toe reaches to SB at ankles, single leg squats, hip hikes. TM: rolling hills for 3 miles. LOG 3.

Thursday:  Warmup 3 miles at 1.5% grade; TM Pyramid: 200, 400, 800 all at 8.0 (7:30 pace) and 1.5% grade, 800, 400, 200, 200 at 8.3 (7:15 pace) and 1.5% grade.  Recovery was just until I felt recovered- mostly jogged those.  1 mile cool down.  GREAT workout.  I was nervous about having the TM up that high but it was fine.  Will get out on the track but this works for now- can't slow down during the interval, that's why I made sure I was recovered.   LOG 8 miles.

Friday:  Longish run KSC to end of Brettwood GC, easy pace. 91 minutes. Feeling surprisingly good (Except for hamstring but I don't count that anymore).  LOG 10 miles.

Saturday: Spin class, short circuit (#3); just couldn't get into it and was a crabby mess until I had a big turkey sandwich from North End Deli - just not enough calories- ruined my whole morning.  I should know when I'm too crabby and anxious to even run that I need food!  Felt back to normal after eating and had fun at Joel and Mel's wedding- danced a few miles too! Log 0.

Sunday:  Couldve had a 40 mile week, but was lazy with Greg again instead.  My calves were definitely tight from all the dancing.  If napping could be converted into mileage I did have a big day!  Log 0.

Overall a great week.  My legs have felt good.  The wedding was worth not getting to 40 miles and this weekend is going to set me up for a long run either.  Maybe I'll do a coupld 10's during the week.  Feeling good about a 10K in 2 weeks.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WEEK 14: 10 miles

Monday: Spin, Core, Stretch
Tuesday: elliptical, TM, wimpy stretch/core; log 2
Wednesday: walked 5K course to measure
Thursday: TM + 2 circuits, good workout; log 5
Friday: Ran 5K course, some with my nephew at 20 min/mile pace, but then ran it on my own once he was home playing with legos; Log 3
Saturday: Worked 5K, good turnout and great weather, too exhausted to run afterward
Sunday: Some lazy boy distracted me from my race plans and then even from a long run in the woods plan.  Cleaned the house and did some yardwork though.

Total: 10 miles

I can't understand why I feel fat and slow.  haha It's a process, and I love it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEK 13: 29 miles

Monday: circuit madness + pyramid run. Log 4 miles

Tuesday: Speed Ladder + Core/Stretch; Log 6

Wednesday: Spin- intervals, TM/Elliptical, light core/stretch; Log 2

Thursday: TM Hills, Good workout; Log 6

Friday: Laziest snow day ever....short walk in Pisgah

Saturday: Short lift, Really good spin class- 50 minutes. 

Sunday:  5K course (all clear so far) + Surry Loop from hospital; Log 11 miles

Pretty good week for workouts. I wish I had gotten over 30miles but the spin classes are worth losing a couple miles.  I am recovering better and in general feel less beat up.  The long run today was good- still having right hamstring issues but my miles 7-10 were strong and I felt good. Spring is coming for sure this time! The 5K course for the race Saturday is clear- whew. This week is going to be hectic with all the 5K stuff to get done, but Greg and I are planning on an 8-mile race on Sunday.  That should be good timing for the 10K coming up.  It's a process, and I love it!