Sunday, July 25, 2010

WEEK 29: 35.5 miles and Blessing of the Fleet

Rail-trail to hinsdale with Greg and Griffin, 5 miles; good run- ran faster than yesterday thats for sure! Saw a gray fox and a red fox!

Burt Hill Road and some upper strength at home; Good run and strength workout. Log 7 miles.

0, travel to RI, beach!

AM: 5 miles trails in RI with Greg and Griffin
PM: roads just to loosen up, solo, 2 miles

Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler;  time 1:22/8:12

5 miles trails with Greg, Griffin, and 10 BILLION DEER FLYS and 99% humidity....struggle, but got it done.

gym; missed spin class, did elliptical, core, stretch and 1.5 miles TM....

Miles: 35.5 miles

YTD: 739 miles

Lots going on this week!  After the brutal Stowe race I woke up Monday and blasted down the railtrail for a couple miles just to be sure I still could!  I needed that run.  Tuesday was another good run up and down Burt Hill and I felt way better about things.  Then I headed to RI with Greg and Griffin to stay with his family.  A couple days at the beach and some trail running on trails that will be part of the Rhody Race in November led up to Friday and the Blessing of the Fleet race. (Greg ran the fun run on Wednesday night - which I am glad I decided not to do...see his account of the weather.)

Anyway, it was brutally hot and humid all week but on Friday it rained....a lot.  It was a relief that the race wasn't going to be in hot sun.  We left for Narragansett, registered really early, and met up with Greg's friends (Justin, Heather, Marc) and brother, Jonny.  It was a pretty laid-back atmosphere and we didn't do much warming up.  Heather and I headed to the bathroom lines while the boys headed to the woods and the start.  There were A LOT of people at this race. 

The start was really crowded and it took over a minute for me to reach the chip line. I felt ok, but knew I wasn't running under an 8 minute pace and kinda knew I wouldn't.  I just didn't want to implode like I did at Stowe.  Lots of lateral movement due to crowds the first mile and I was right...8:05.  From there the splits were pretty consistent and in general the race nondescript.  Heather found me around mile 2 and I shouldve stayed with her, but I stopped to adjust my shoe (Greg would NEVER do that!!!)  and just never caught back up to her.  At one turn I could see her, but by then our paces were similar and I couldn't gain any ground.  She finished right where I wanted to at 1:20.  I never got real comfortable but didn't blow up either.  At mile 6ish it started to rain...then a little harder...then a ridiculous downpour (greg was finishing his race at this point). It was better than the expected heat and humidity and made it pretty fun too. There were also a lot of crowds at this race. 

I finished at 1:22 at an 8:12 pace.  Two minutes slower than my 10 mile races in February (which were harder courses) and 4 minutes slower than my 10 mile split at the New Bedford Half Marathon.  So not my best work, but it'll do for now.  I was a little frustrated at first because I really thought I could stay under 8 minute pace by now, but I have to remember that at this point last year I was struggling to be under a 10 minute mile pace!  Patience.  I found Greg and his brother at the finish.  We found out there wasn't a free beer, and caught a shuttle back to the then we were cold!  We met back up with Justin and headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  It was a fun atmosphere with some really cool people and finally the beers the boys wanted. 

The next morning I ran with Greg and Griffin on the trails by his parent's house was MISERABLE.  We headed back to NH both with colds.  Sunday I just couldn't get into any kind of workout but after counting my miles for the year I saw I needed to have a .5 I did 1.5 on the treadmill and some core.  Year to Date....739 miles.

This week will be tough as I have to get quality workouts in before leaving for NY for a high school reunion on thursday.  We'll see.  Only 2.5 weeks left of my summer!!!!  ;(  It's a process....and I love it....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

WEEK 28: 36 miles and Stowe 8-miler

plyopower + 3 mile TM (increase speed every half mile to 7.5) - good start to the week, felt good

10 mile Hinsdale Rail-Trail; no watch, very easy pace

AM: Kilburn Loop run "with" Greg and Griffin (he went in the opposite direction and scared me...but I knew he would do that! :))...awesome run, felt strong and it's amazing how loud the rain is in the forest - it poured! It was just an awesome run. Log 8 miles. I needed that...

PM: 1 hour spin class - we did the profile of Stage 10 of the Tour de France, kinda fun. Meant to go as a recovery ride but did a little more work than I planned, felt good though so no harm done. Plus core.

10 min elliptical + 4 mile TM, ended strong + upper body strength plus some core +Spin class (45 min);
Wouldve had a stronger spin class but was starving and started to get shaky. Overall a good workout though and I feel good. Decided to run Stowe 8-miler this weekend because it's going to be 10 degrees cooler up there than here and I might as well get a workout in since I was going to go and watch Greg anyway. Will keep it steady at 8 min pace so as not to over do it. Log 4 more....Afternoon dip in the Putney healing waters...

2 miles plus dynamic warm-up on Railtrail while Greg and Griffin did 5 or so. Didn't dare try to pull off the 8-10 I had planned even though I did feel better once I got going. My hips are really bound up but what's more worrisome is my right anterior lower leg hurt for awhile in the run- the whole time today and a couple miles yesterday on the treadmill. I find that pain way more annoying than the hip. Even though I'm not planning on any PRr's Sunday (as if I had one for 8 miles) I know I don't want to feel that for 8 miles and would like to have a good strong training run. So we'll see. Been eating crap for 2 full days....healthy tomorrow...I hope.

Spin class (75 minutes), felt good. Hung out with Justin, Greg, Glen, and Kevin Gorman for dinner and trips to the magical waters of Putney.

STOWE-8 MILER; 1:08/8:37 pace; 20/71 age division; log 9 miles

This week: 36 miles

A pretty good week of work this week with the Kilburn run on Wednesday being my favorite and when i felt the most strong.  Sunday morning we (greg, me, and goupil) got up real early and headed to Stowe.  This being the race I had been going back and forth about whether or not I would run or watch.  Well, I ran.

I ate plenty in the morning and we got there early enough so I didn't have to wait in line for the porta-potty (see Glenn Hammetts blog for why I waited until getting all the way to Stowe before going to the bathroom! I assure you I had to go earlier.).  Anyway, it was beautiful weather, I warmed up a little and I really felt good.  My out loud goal was 64 minutes and in my head thought I could even get under that a couple minutes.  Afterall,  this year I have had two 10-milers and a half marathon at 8:05 pace so an 8-miler should be great distance for me!  Even as the race started and right up to .75 miles I felt good and ready to go....My splits went something like this...

Mile 1...7:45.  Hmmm. ok, well I can still make up some time later, so its alright. 
Mile 2...8:12.  Well that evened out my pace to an 8-min.  Might have to settle for 64 minutes.
Mile 3...8:48.  REALLY?  Totally should have watched this friggen race.
Mile 4...8:08.  Only because there was a downhill and that still shucks.
Mile 5...8:37.  Is my watch broken?  Why do I feel like I'm running backwards? 
Mile 6...9:03.  OK I'm done.  Screw the Blessing of the Fleet race. 
Mile 7...9:29. Sauntered through a water station, didn't even bother dropping my cup because I was well out of the dropped cup area before I felt like running again. 
Mile 8...8:43.  Up a hill that I didn't recall seeing on the course profile, but I passed a couple people for the first time all day.  I did hear Greg cheering for me but didn't look for him because I was on the verge of tears.  I just wanted to be done. 

No idea why I had such a bad day.  I thought I felt good.  My hip didn't hurt (it does now) and my legs didn't hurt, but I just felt SLOW and couldn't do a thing about it.  I was pretty irritated.  My negative self-talk probably doesn't help me when things start going bad- must work on that.  I wasn't going to post my splits, but it is a learning experience and everyone has a bad race every now and then.  I haven't run in that hot of weather in a race before, but it really wasn't that bad so I dont even want to use that as an excuse.  It was a good workout, experience, and time with some good people.  It is what it is.  The area is BEAUTIFUL and Greg and the boys found a nice place in the stream to take a quick dip.  That was really nice.  Then we headed up for the postrace festivities.  Basically, for my $33 registration I got a "sandwich" and a bowl of ice cream. 

I've had some time to settle down, have stopped being so cross to myself, and think I still want to run Blessing of the Fleet on Friday.  Not sure what to do in the meantime.  Right now I'm going to have another's a's hard to love sometimes....

Below me and Greg with his mustache (his running team all had them for the race)

Monday, July 12, 2010

WEEK 27: 20 miles

Monday: off
Tuesday: 5 miles + core
Wednesday: Track Workout...7 x 400; not a good workout- first 2 hit my goal of 1:30-1:35 then it was down hill from there... log 4miles
Thursday: Kilburn Pond loop with Greg and Griffin; 1:05/7 miles
Friday: Strength workout - pretty good overall workout + core
Saturday: Track Workout with Greg and Justin; 200/4 x 400/2 x 200; very frustrated...couldn't get the 400's under 1:39 and the 200's under was hot and raining, but i can run faster than that or at least feel better than that...log 4 miles
Sunday: off; walk out to Kilburn with Greg and the men (And boy) of his family
This week: 20 miles

I'm kind of crabby this week about my running, especially after the horrid track workout on saturday (well, the rain was nice and the company great, but my running....not so good).  My favorite run this week was the Kilburn Loop with Greg and Griffin. They are both used to going so much faster and are so patient with me! :) Plus, you really can't beat being able to jump in the water after a run.

Not sure if I am racing this coming weekend- maybe i'll find a 5K or 5-miler, but I decided to only watch the Stowe 8-miler because of the 10-miler in Narragansett being the following Friday night.  If I was feeling strong I'd do both, but clearly that is not the case.  For the next 3 weeks I don't have to do anything except eat, sleep, and no excuses.  It's a process....and I love it....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WEEK 26: 25 miles and 4 on the 4th

Monday: plyopower + 2 miles TM; felt good

Tuesday: 10 miles: Westport road; felt strong, but heavy; very buggy on railtrail

Wednesday: short, EASY run while getting new tires for the car...2 miles...heavy legs, sore throat....oh well, it's SUMMER!

Thursday: Well, not exactly the first day of summer I had envisioned. I ran at 7:30pm after a day of worrying about getting a migraine and generally not feeling well. I only ran to try out my new sneakers, the Nike Lunarswift, and because a week of very gluttonous behavior is about to start in a big way....2 miles

Friday: Hiked 5 miles to Pisgah Ridge with Cori

Saturday: AM: 4 mile easy pace run with Kate- she's decided to run the race tomorrow. PM: 2 mile walk into Kilburn Pond for a quick dip with Kate, Cori, Greg, and Griffin.

Sunday: 4 on the Fourth with Kate, Cori and the Keenyans; 30:10

This week: 25 miles

4 on the 4th pictures in Keene, NH  Me, Kate, Cori    and   Karen, Me

Another not so stellar week of "training", hopefully just a phase and I'll get my butt back in gear once my social schedule slows down!  I'm ok with the 4 on the 4th race, 7:32ish pace is still improvement but i didn't really ever feel like i got into a groove during the race.  I started WAY too far back at the start and it really hurt me.  Never saw the first mile marker so was getting really discouraged when i thought I was running over 9 min pace!  Hit 2 miles in 14:45, then something like 7:50/7:35; i shouldn't have started my watch until I reached the starting line- it took literally 25 seconds before I started running. Rookie mistake.

Karen beat me-  the streak is over! =)  I never even saw her.  My sister did really well, it might inspire her to do more.  She's the type that will be kicking may ass pretty quickly with a little work.  Sometimes I feel like I have to work a little harder than most people for the littlest improvements, but I bet everyone feels like that at some point.  And really, I haven't been working nearly as hard as i did in the winter months and early spring.  I knew this change in schedule would change things, I just have to deal with it better plus be happy with the pretty big improvements I have made thus far, it will be harder and harder to improve and harder to be patient...but I digress.  Cori won her age group and did what she wanted to do...Ted was very impressed she was from Washington....  

This week will be tough too (clearly, since I am just updating my blog on Tuesday night), but starting July 11 I should get back on track. I'll have exactly one month of summer left at that point! YIKES!!!  I'm planning for the Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler in Narragansett, RI on July 23 with Greg and, I think, his older brother.  I hope to get a lot of speedwork in before then and get back to the basics with core and strengthening. It's a process.....and I love it!