Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 43: 14 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 3 mi TM
Wednesday: 8 mi with Griffin and Greg- beautiful fall day in Pisgah running with my husband! :)
Thursday: Lift at KSC
Friday TM 3 miles
Weekend: 0

Not a great week, maybe it was marital bliss or plain old exhaustion - hard to say!  The weekend was spent working and driving to the cape for Gregs marathon.  The weather was brutal- not only for his race, but for my plans to get some miles in on my own during it.  I  had fun driving to a couple points to see my husband though! He did awesome.  Makes me think how fun it'd be to watch Vermont City! (jk- kinda).  I'm still pretty exhausetd and don't feel like I'll get caught up on home chores and school work until Christams but I'll try.  I already had a good run this morning so next week should be way better.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

WEEK 42: 16 miles and I'm a Hammett!

I forgot my log but I think it goes like this...

Monday: spin + 2 miles + core
Tuesday:  Lift at KSC + 3 miles TM
Wednesday: 4 miles TM
Thursday: off
Friday: South woods loop with Griffin before heading to the Woodbound Inn; LOG 7 miles
Saturday: 1 mile in the trails at Woodbound with Grfiin (she was not impressed); walked down the aisle!
Sunday: Total exhaustion that continues today...

Back at it this week...It's a process and I love it! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

WEEKS 35-41: 115 miles, lots of excuses, and a new plan

Week 35: 25 miles, but may be more I literally could not rememebr what I did on friday that week.  no clue.

Week 36: 8 miles + 2 spin classes. 

Week 37: 10 miles + 2 spin classes; another good one (lol).  Also missed the Pisgah race this week due to being sick. That was a bummer, not that I would've done better than last year, but it's just a fun day.

Week 38:  25 miles+ 3 spin classes and some circuit madness (here we go); monday after the missed pisgah race I went into Pisgah and had the best run I've had in a REALLY long time.  My ankle didn't hurt, the weather was perfect, no bugs, I couldn't stop talking about it. 

Week 39: 16 miles + 3 spin classes and more circuit madness.

Week 40:  8 miles + 4 spin classes and lifting 3 times. 

Week 41: 23 miles + 2 spin classes and lifting- lots- getting huge.

A sporatic end to a dismal summer and even less  intense fall.  Lots of reasons, excuses, explanations- whatever you want to call them. 

First - getting engaged.  Now you wouldn't think that would cut into my running but it sure did change some of my focus! Spending a morning looking for a dress takes out a couple hours usually devoted to a run in the woods.  I kept it together for awhile until I sprained my ankle in the beginning of July (second excuse).  Although I finished the run it happened during, it was pretty sore until the week of the pisgah race - yah 9 weeks.  I finally had a breakthrough run where I could tweak it and it was fine instead of tweaking it for the next 2 miles on every step.  Granted I didn't take care of it as an athletic trainer should but we are our own worst patients and I am a runner which makes me a bad patient to begin with - so two things working against me there.  I still have days with it but last week I was bombing down hills (much to Greg's dismay and horror) like I used to!  Third, new job.  I started as clinical faculty in August at Keene State.  Meaning, I am still an athletic trainer with the crappy hours that includes and added on a teaching load as well (and a little to my paycheck as well too don't worry).  Going in I thought I was teaching a freshman course, but it was changed to an upper level clinical therapeutic rehabilitation class.  It's still overwhelming.  I spend 10-12 hours a day in my office and at practices/games and haven't even had time to blog!  Next semester should be a relief. Fourth, after an engagement comes a wedding!  And it's THIS SATURDAY!  We are ready and excited (and I am thrilled to have a couple days off of work!) ;)  I was good about getting much of the planning done in July and August as I knew I would be overwhelmed at work.  So it's coming and I think we are all set. 

The good things to come out of this hiatus of sorts, I started back up with spin classes.  Yes, the 5:30am ones.  It helps that Greg gets up with me (thank you honey!)- otherwise I wouldn't do it.  I've also started taking advantage of the gym at KSC.  They have classes at better times and I can go get on a treadmill or go run a loop outside right after class.  The asst. strength and conditioning coach decided to workout with me for the 3 weeks prior to the wedding and that has got me lifting heavy (well, heavier than usual for me).  It has helped my ankle and maybe even my hamstring a little. 

So from here...I've decided to get strong this next 2 months and start building a base.  It has to include spin classes and lifting/core and a little weight loss- or at least more leanness.  Basically I have to get back to the little things that got me a 12 minute PR  for a half marathon back in 2009 in four months.  I also made a big decision to run Vermont City as my first full marathon in May.  Greg decided he is doing it so I figured it's probably as good a time as any for me.  (Although it sounds more fun to be his "handler" and get to be in the elite tent and portopotties!)  But I'll take my place with the rest of the scrub joggers and just try to get it done.  In the meantime, I am hoping for a good Lil Rhody in November and get to test out the 5K wheels on Thanksgiving at home.  Lil Rhody will be my first race as a "Hammett" - we'll see if this pays off! ;)  Then my focus will be New Bedford.  The goal is sub 1:45... closer to the 1:40 maybe.  That will be in the midst of marathon training and I think it falls nicely into the schedule although I haven't planned it all out quite yet.  Got this shindig this weekend that is taking up some of my time! :)

Welp there it is.  I said it. Full marathon.  Who gets engaged,  a new job, gets married, turns 40, and tries to run her first marathon all within a year?  That'd be me.  I guess it gives me something to blog about.  It's a process and I love it!