Thank you running for giving me…..

1. Passion
2. A chance to meet some of the most awesome and inspiring people on the planet.
3. Something in common with every other human being on the planet who happens to also run
4. Friendship.
5. A reason to buy a new pair of sneakers every 3 months.
6. Courage.
7. An opportunity to see the sunrise.
8. A good reason to always have a ponytail.
9. The experience of conquering the big hills.
10. The chance to fly down the big hills.
11. The feeling of camaraderie when I see another runner.
12. Endorphins.
13. The feeling of accomplishment.
14. A strong heart.
15. The chance to find my limits.
16. The chance to exceed my limits.
17. A chance to play.
18. A chance to inspire and be inspired.
19. Time to be alone.
20. So many wildlife sightings I would never have otherwise seen.
21. The lesson that you really do get out what you put in.
22. The ability to suffer and to endure pain.
23. A chance to compete.
24. A chance to be unconnected (no cell phone, no email).
25. The sweetest runner guy to admire.
26. The ability to eat more M&M's and drink a good beer without guilt.
27. Time to think.
28. The chance to explore.
29. Discipline.
30. The chance to see my friends succeed and to know first-hand what it took.
31. The chance to feel fast.
32. So many cool shirts.
33. The chance to feel so alive.
34. An excuse to eat cookies and cream power bars
35. Strength and Endurance.
36. Happiness.
37. A goal.
38. Confidence.
39. Treatment when I feel sad.
40. The chance to crunch through the forest in the fall.
41. A reason to be out in the rain.
42. The knowledge of how many miles (to the nearest tenth) every landmark is from my house.
43. A chance to learn better patience.
44. Focus.
45. Challenges.
46. A chance to participate in something bigger than myself.
47. A chance to feel nervous before a race.
48. A better outlook on life.
49. Something I can always be thankful for.
50. The Runner's High.