2011 and 2012 RACES

Jan 7: Wntr Chiller Ptrboro 3.3mi/24:44(7:30)
Feb 12: Brr-lingame 15K Trail Race: 1:25:16/9:10 pace
Feb 26: DHJones 10mi: 1:22:14/8:14 pace
Mar 4: Camusett 25K: 2:11:59/8:30pace
Mar 10: Spring Ahead 3mi, Concord; 22:12
Mar 18: New Bedford HM: 1:50/8:24 pace
Mar 31: Fast Friends 4.5 miler 34:37/7:42pace
Apr 29: James Joyce 10K: 48:32/7:49 pace
May 5: Chesterfield 5K; 25:23/8something
May 19: Bedford 12K; 58:33/7:52
May 27: VT City Marathon 3:57/9:05 pace
Jun 10: Newton 10K 50:17/ 8:10 pace
Jul 21: Dublin 5k 25:44 ouch
Jul 28: Run for the Beavers, RI 5mile Trails; 51?
Aug 11: Yankee Candle 5K 23:23/7:30pace
Sept 16: Pisgah Mtn 23K 2:28:59 PR
Oct 21: Granite St 10 Mi 1:22:54/ 8:17
Nov: Lil Rhody 8-miler 1:10:13
Nov: Pie and Glove 5K 23:05 /7:30pac
Dec 2: Pearl Harbor Masters 5+miler: 41:15
Dec 8: Jinglebell 5k Concord:23:41

1st: Westfield Boys and Girls Club 10K, Westfield, MA; 48:11/7:46 pace* PR

12th: Bradford Valentine 6K, 28:07/7:36 pace
27th: DH Jones 10-miler,  Amherst, MA   sick

20th: New Bedford Half Marathon, 1:51:43/8:38 pace SUCK
26th: Fast Friends 4.5 miler, Swanzey, NH

1st: James Joyce 10K, Dedham, MA; 49:21/7:57 pace
8th: Nashua 6K
14th: westmoreland 4-miler; 32:00, first win
21st: Northfield Mtn 10.2K; 59:26 Tough race, but fun

5th: Rhody 5K
19th: Greylock Trail 5K; 27:51, was leading but missed a turn, caught a lot of people who went by though.

4th: Four on the 4th, Keene.  29:58; pretty hot morning. 
17th: Stowe 8-mile, VT; DNF
29th: Blessing fo the Fleet, RI;

6th: Monadnock Half Marathon

Pisgah Mountain Trail 23K