Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52: 7 miles and the end of my first year as a runner

Monday: Nice big snowstorm!!!  Rode the trainer for 25 minutes; played in the snow and shoveled a lot....
Tuesday: Bike trainer x 25 minutes, light core; just wasn't feeling well
Wednesday:  TM 7 miles; Good workout although not very encouraging for an upcoming 10K
Thursday: Snowshoe hike in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin- beautiful out there! 
Add 7 miles to 2010.

2010 miles = 1327
24 Races


My goals for 2010 were:
1. Half Marathon sub-1:50 CHECK! 1:45@ New Bedford, 3/21/10
2. Trails, Trails, Trails (with confidence)
3. Miles, Miles, Miles (more miles)
4. Stay healthy and balanced... HAVE FUN!

I'm happy to say I met all of my goals....
1.  The New Bedford half marathon (March) is still the highlight of my year.  It was such a surprise especially because I was injured with bursitis at the time.  I really surprised myself with the effort and finally realized I could get stronger and faster.  I did have a pretty intense winter of workouts. I would have liked to run a faster race later in the year, but I was trying a little of everything and still feel pretty good about the fact that I can just go to a half and run under 2 hours without trying (Lowell). 
2. Trails- LOVE THEM.  I finally got out there and can say I am comfortable on them- especially when accompanied by my favorite wolf- Griffin.  I think I can really improve here.  Plus, Pisgah State Park will always be special since that was my way to get Greg's attention...Gee, which trails should I run on (as if I can't read a map!).  He didn't know there were cougars in there!  :)
3.  I am happy with the number of miles.  I have never kept track.
4.  "Stay healthy" is relative. I really only missed about 3 weeks due to bursitis back in March and I have my issues, but don't we all?  I definitely had fun!

This year was especially fun since I had a PR at every distance!  Granted I hadn't run most of them other than the half marathon or occasional 5K.  In those distances I improved immensely.  Like I have said before, I never thought I could run a single 8 minute mile and now I intend to have PR's at sub 8 minute pace in every distance in 2011.

2010 PR's
5K: 22:43 (7:19 pace), Concord Jingle Bell Run (Dec 2010)
5-Mile/8K: 38:37 (7:45 pace), Corning Glassfest 8K (May 2010)
10K: 50:55 (8:13 pace), Log Cabin NMC, Fitchburg (Jan 2010)
8-Miler: 1:08:20 (8:33 pace), Lil Rhody Trail Race (Nov 2010)
10-Miler: 1:20:18 (8:02 pace), Foxboro, MA (Feb 2010)
Half Marathon: 1:45:55 (8:06 pace), New Bedford (Mar 2010) was a very good year for me professionally, personally, and as a beginner runner.  It amazes me how running has brought so many awesome people (and doggies) into my life. I have learned a lot about myself and feel healthy and happy going into 2011.  Other than that, a year-end summary feels too stressful right now - so I'll work it out over the next few weeks as I figure out what I want to do in 2011.  I wouldn't want to over-analyze, but don't we all do that too?   It's an ever-changing process, and I love it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

WEEK 51: 19 miles

Monday:  Spin + 2 mile tiny tempo treadmill run + core
Tuesday: Circuit Madness + TM 5 miles; good workout- worked on turnover, might be sore tomorrow!
Wednesday:  Spin + 3 mile TM- working on turnover; good workout, a little sore!
Thursday: off - headache
Friday: Drive to NY; Run at home with Boomer, 4 miles
Saturday: Run at home with Boomer, 5 miles - good hills; All I got for Christmas is obeast!
Sunday: drive back to NH;
Miles: 19

Pretty lackluster, but running with Boomer is always entertaining.  For a big dog he does a good job and I feel like he really turns it on up the hills just to to make me work!  Spin classes have been good for me.  I haven't been taking advantage of time that could be used for a quick run or ride on the trainer.  I also still haven't decided which race I will do for New Year's.  Westfield is very flat so I might want to take advantage of that and try to get a 10K PR while I can- even though I don't feel like I'm very fit right now.  Otherwise I could see how much I've improved on the course i ran last New Year's - but that is not an easy course at all- lots of hills.  We'll see. 

I am excited to get the snow shoes out and make my track around the yard and explore Pisgah on them!  Playing in the snow was fun - even the shoveling.  Maybe I'll get organized for the new year?  Gotta set some goals and plan some races!  It's a process...and I love it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

WEEK 50: 26 miles and South Woods Loop

Monday: long day at work, but that's a weak excuse
Tuesday: lazy and soft
Wednesday: Spin + 5 miles TM (incl. 3x .25 mile pickups and 3 x 200m pickups to 8.0mph + 1.0% grade); Good workout finally!
Thursday: Pisgah with Grffin, 7 miles; Beautiful day with light snow...only our tracks on South Woods trail.
Friday: didn't sleep well enough to get up at 4:15am for spin class, off
Saturday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt better on my feet on the trails, beautiful day in the park- good to see that there were at least a few other people out there enjoying it.
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin, 7 miles; felt really good and more relaxed on the trail.
Miles so far this week: 26

Not a great week, but not terrible.  I have a lot of non-running projects on my mind, so it's amazing I'm not so preoccupied that I don't run at all.  It helped that I completely blocked Christmas out of my head- and will pay for it this week.  Anyway, Griffin was my running buddy all week.  We ran the South Woods Loop 3 times-it took that long to get my trail running feet back! The frost heaves are brutal!  I have so much more of Pisgah to explore, but each new trail to me just makes it more and more awesome. 

This week I'll just try to get miles in whenever and some strength work! Maybe when i figure out my spring races that will motivate me to get more organized with my workouts.  It's a process, and I love it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WEEK 49: 19 miles

Monday: 5 miles plus light lift
Tuesday: Bike trainer x 35 minutes
Wednesday: 3 miles TM (8 x 30s 7.5)
Thursday: lazy
Friday: 3 miles and light lift
Saturday: off (greg's meet in RI)
Sunday: Pisgah with Greg and Griffin, 8 miles

Miles so far: 19
Miles last week: 38

yikes. In a bit of a rut. It's a process, and i love it?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

WEEK 48: 38 miles and an unlikely 5K PR

Monday: 30 minutes of lethagic elliptical....still don't feel very good (stomach bug), maybe tomorrow.
Tuesday: 6 miles rail trail, feel MUCH better
Wednesday:  3 miles, circuit, 2 miles with speed play; stomach still not quite right, but log 5 miles

Thursday 7 slow miles with Griffin on the Ashuelot Railtrail.  Loud river and lots of little cascading creeks after yesterdays rain! 
Friday: 6 miles railtrail- slow and sore 
Saturday: 5K in Concord; 22:43/7:19 pace (new PR); log 8 miles
Sunday: 6 miles solo on Railtrail.  Nice morning, but kinda lonely!
Miles so far: 38
Previous week: 11

I know, I know, why not go 2 more miles and get the 40?!  Just too much to do today, including getting to the store to get food for the boys as they return from a run in Pisgah!  I felt good about the week, so I'm not worried about it.  Saturday I went with Greg and Boj to Concord for the Jungle Bell 5K run for Arthritis.  Friday night I almost backed out since my run that day was so bad and my hamstring was hurting, but I bit my lip and decided to see how I felt in the morning.  Obviously, I felt OK and decided I needed the workout anyway.  We left pretty early for a race that started at wait...10am.  It was nice to get there early and use the facilities as many times as we wanted to!  It was a crisp, kinda windy morning, but the big news was that the course had been changed from the notoriously flat 5K.  On the warm-up I went out a mile and came back- flat, but when the boys got back from running the course I heard that mile 2 was in fact a bit hilly.  Oh well, I wasn't too worried I felt good on my warm-up and kept it to myself so as not to jinx it!  As the race started there were a couple turns and I could see Greg way out in front from the get go.  I didn't wear my watch but I felt like I was probably running what I did in Corning- if not faster.  Mile 2 was in fact a bit hilly...and windy, but I felt good and passed a few people and recovered well on the downhill.  I got to mile 3 which was flat, but windy.  I started to feel like I must have a PR coming and when I turned the corner for the finish I saw it was a bit closer than I thought! I almost wish I had my splits, but it was probably best I didn't wear my watch and wil do that again- it's pretty obvious I have no kick at the end- I don't need a watch to tell me that!  I ended up at 22:43 (7:19 pace).  A 6 second PR is PR nonetheless and on that course I can't complain- 3rd in my age group.  Best of all I felt strong and know what I need to work on to be faster.  My cool down was another out and back to mile 1 or so and by 11am I could log 8 miles.  Good day.

This week, a couple more strength days and keep chasing miles.  It's a process, and I love it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WEEK 47: 11 miles and Pie and Glove 5K and pictures

Monday: 35 minutes elliptical and light upper and core
Tuesday: 2 pathetic miles + elliptical because the run was so lethargic
Wednesday: 5 miles railtrail with Greg and Griffin early before traveling to NY; pretty good run- probably at my race pace the first half...
Thursday: PIE AND GLOVE 5K, Corning, NY; snowy! 22:49, log 4 miles
Friday: Travel, ugh
Saturday: sick
Sunday: sick

Clearly not the miles I wanted to aquire after finally getting in the mid-thirties last week, but I'm not feeling well today and will have time to make up for it this week I hope.  The 5K in Corning, NY went well.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't PR by a larger margin, but it was a fun race.  It began to flurry right as we got there and it made for a nice atmosphere.  As the race started I was running pretty comfortably and thought I was probably going about an 8-8:30 pace.  I quickly decided I was ok with it and just kept steady.  I was really surprised to hit the first mile at 7:20.  I felt like I was running the same pace as Greg and I did the day before on the railtrail.  Mile 2: the same (7:21) and as we turned into the wind and snow furries I thought maybe I could get close to my goal.  I did, 22:49, a couple second PR (7:22 pace).  The problem is that I didn't push myself and I need to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  "Do more 5K's" Greg says, so as he wishes that will be at the top of my agenda for a few months.  He got beat out by a Dartmouth kid in the end, but did still win a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. 

This week, just get back at it.  A 5K in concord on saturday is tentatively planned.  Still don't feel organized, but it's a process, and I love it!

Here is a short article on the race in the local paper....
Pie and Glove 5K, Corning Leader

Here are some pictures from that day and a bunch from that camera I was waiting to get developed!

kate and jen

greg and jen

greg's pie...yes we are aware this is a TERRIBLE picture, but oh well.

After Baystate Marathon

All smiles after Baystate Marathon

Bringing it in at Baystate

The boys at Lil Rhody Runaround

Greg and Pard at Lil Rhody Runaround

Found Goupil at Madame Sheri Forest

Ashuelot-Hinsdale Railt Trail

Ashuelot Covered Bridge from railtrail

view from road section of Madame Sherri Forest Trail Race

Monday, November 22, 2010

WEEK 46: 35 miles and Lil Rhody Runaround

Monday: plyopower, TM 2 x 1 mile and 2 x .5 mile HMP (8 min/mile) with quater mile rests at 6.5, light upper and core...log 5 miles GOOD WORKOUT
Tuesday: Struggled for every one, but log 5 miles; not too sreo from plyopower, just a little tired from yesterdays workout.

Wednesday: 45 min elliptical, good cross training.
Thursday: 10 slow, stiff miles along westport road. Lots of cute cows though!
Friday: 3 mile TM, lackluster effort, new mizuno sneaks -pretty tight but light. will save for spring.

Saturday: 4 miles rail-trail with greg and griffin; brisk morning, added a couple strides...
Sunday: LIL RHODY 8 Mile Trail Race, RI

I wasn't feeling real confident going into the race on Sunday and really had no expectations. I've been a little off in reading how I'm feeling when it comes to running and fitness lately.  Sunday morning, Greg and I still woke pre-dawn and headed to the beach with Griffin and Jimmy for coffee and the sunrise (pictures eventually). That made for an early breakfast and gave us something to do while waiting for the later than usual 11am start.

At 9:45 we headed to Burlingame State Park for the race, which is an 8-mile course around Watchaug Pond (a little over a mile on roads).  We got registered and hung out with his friends and family waiting for the start (again, pictures eventually).  A perfect day for running - brisk and sunny.  Still at this point I had little expectation or idea of what I could do.  I figured under 80 should be a no brainer, but I wasn't sure, and would shoot for 75 minutes for a 9:30 pace.  Greg kept saying this was a fast trail race and FLAT compared to the trail races I have done all fall, but I was still skeptical.  Finally, at 11am we were gathered at the start and were off.  The downhill start was tricky when someone took a spill and was almost trampled.  I had Glenny in my sights for about 10 seconds. 

I didn't have much plan of attack except to get to the singletrack trail in a group that wouldn't be too slow.  I'm done feeling sorry for people who get stuck behind me, so really worked hard not to get stuck in the back.  I made it to the first trails confidently and think I was in a good spot- only one or two erratic runners passed me and I could keep up with those ahead.  We shifted grouping a little through the campground and I got ahead of more people as we went into the trails again.  LOTS of tripping and wiping out in there!  Now I know what I sound like to Greg when I am running behind him in Pisgah!  I did not falter however, and after a mile and a half or so I realized Pard (Greg's Dad) was just ahead and picked off a couple people so I could settled in behind him.  I knew he knew all the little steps around any obstructions and followed intently.  I planned to do that the rest of the way, but he stopped for some water just at the halfway and I went on ahead figuring he would catch up again (my stomach wanted no part of a water break).  At the "half" I thought I was doing ok at 34 minutes.  I forgot to throw the Mrs. Hammett's my gloves as they apparently directed traffic at the road and took pictures (below).

I had heard the second half might take a little longer than the first, so when I started to poop out a little bit I got discouraged.  I wish I had taken in a few more calories right before the start as we had such an early breakfast or I wish I would toughen up a little bit!  I settled in behind a girl that was going my speed. I felt bad being right behind her, but knew if I passed her she'd just have to pass me again.  I'm not very good at navigating yet so I chickened out and stayed right where I was.  There was some gnarly, rooty trail with slick leaf cover,  but no steep hills.  It really was a pretty flat course (whew). 

We made it to the road and I felt it was only fair that I pass this girl early and give her something to chase since I had just spent 3 miles on her shoulders.  I went ahead while telling her she did a great job in there.  We drove this part of the raod on the way in to the race, but I still had a hard time judging the distance and how tired I'd get!  The first part was downhill, then a SLIGHT uphill that almost stopped me dead in my tracks.  I panicked that I'd be a huge jackass when that girl passed me, but I held it together and made to the downhill finish still ahead.  I crossed at 1:08:20 (8:33 pace), covering the second half in the same time as the first.  Greg won overall and Pard came in only a minute behind me to win his age group.  Jonny, Glenny, and Justin were all happy (Boj was not) and it was fun to hear everyone's account of their race (I can't wait to read the blogs!). 

I was happy too.  Happy not to get my butt kicked by some ridiculous mountain like I have been all fall!  But also liked to think about the fact that this time last year I couldn't have run an 8:30 pace on roads- not even a 5K.  I was 8th in my age group and around 21st female.  Next year will be faster as I get better at trail running and running in general.  I'll have to try to take on that role of navigating more often, but as my first season of trail running comes to a close, I think I did alright overall.  I got a couple blood blisters on my big toes, but really feel good considering all the things that have been bugging me this month.  We hung out for a bit so Greg could bonk on his cooldown and then headed home for "Thanksgiving" with the Hammett's.  It was a great post-race meal! 

This week we head to NY for another Thanksgiving with my family and a 5K in Corning, NY.  I don't know what to expect for a time there either.  I think last year I ran a 26 or 27 something....yikes.  My last 5K was at Yankee Candle in mid-august and ran 22:51.  I think the courses are similar, so I guess that's my goal.  I hope Greg wins a pie since I don't have time to bake anything to take home for Thanksgiving (no pressure)!  It's hard to plan through the holidays, but this time last year is when I really started to make improvements.  I hope I can do it again, you know what's coming - "it's a process, and I love it!"  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here are the halfway pictures Gina took and the start I stole from the race website...lots of orange out there in hunting season! Results are here:

Greg, notice the orange hat flying through the air on the right.

Jonny, black gloves in the air

Glenny, about to throw his gloves




Sunday, November 14, 2010

WEEK 45: 22 miles

Monday: unmotivated
Tuesday: 3 miles, still unmotivated and crabby....getting sick?
Wednesday: AM1: circuit, not exactly "madness" but a good overall workout. TM intervals 5 x 7.5mph + 3 x 8 mph 45 sec: 45sec rest at 6.3 (1%); 2 miles
AM2: 5 mile KSC road loop; 44 minutes
Log 7 miles, feeling better...
Thursday: home improvement project
Friday: 5 mile Keene route, back to
Saturday: unmotivated and swim meet...0
Sunday: 7 miles with Griffin on Ashuelot-Hinsdale Railtrail

YICK, but today I ran with Griffin for the first time in awhile.  She always looks so joyful it's hard not to follow suit.  The run was good- first half way better than the second.  Kinda pooped right out at 50 minutes....gee I wonder why?  It was super nice out, but suddenly I am averse to feeling any discomfort and am finding it hard to push myself.  Pretty much the definition of unmotivated!  Hope it passes before I am back to a 10 minute mile race pace.  I don't have high hopes for Lil Rhody being a "good race" for me, but I know it's going to be a fun day with Greg's family and friends regardless.  It's sometimes a tough process, but I love it....

Monday, November 8, 2010

WEEK 44: 23 miles

Monday  5+miles Keene Loop, 45 minutes, windy, saw a blue heron!
Tuesday 6+ miles (53min), Keene loop plus an extra loop...windy!
Wednesday  lazy
Thursday Short Circuit, log 2 miles Friday 7 miles TM/62 minutes- hills, pickups, felt good.
Saturday Plyoppower + 3 miles TM
Sunday 0
Miles: 23
Previous week: 27

Yikes, the week kind of got away from me.  Not many miles, but a couple good workouts.  Work got in the way of running 7 on Sunday to get 30 miles- and I wanted to hang with friends instead- I admit it.  Also my calves were (are) so sore from plyopower I'm not sure I couldve run a step as I was barely walking. Anyway, I guess i'm not focused on miles right now- just winging it for awhile- gotta get fitter, leaner, and faster this winter. It's a process...and I love it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

WEEK 43: 27 miles and Madame Sherri Forest "is this the Trail?" Race

Monday: Circuit + 3mi TM (10 min pyramid and 8 x 30 sec intervals)
Tuesday: RUN 5mi KSC -Baker -Eastern loop
Wednesday: off - tiny bit of hip strength
Thursday: Circuit Madness
RUN 2.5 miles TM with 4 .25 mi pickups to 7.5
CIRCUIT 1:back lunges x 20, pigeon reach x 20, center box squat jumps x 15, bench tucks x 15, Thru x 2;
RUN 1 mile- mid .5 mi pickup to 7.5
CIRCUIT 2: SB overhead press/chest press x 15 each, split squat with tricep press x 16, SB dead bug x30, SB hamstring curls x 15, crunches; 2 x thru
RUN 2.5 miles TM (2 x .5 mi and 1 x .25 pickups to 7.5mph); Good fricken workout, Log 6 miles
Friday: 5 mile KSC-eastern ave route
Saturday: worked then cooked all day
Sunday: Madame Sherri Trail Race; Log 8 miles

Well, I doubled my miles from last week- ok that wasn't very hard.  Still not getting the miles I would/should have but I'm ok with it right now.  It's kind of nice not to stress about getting in that "long run" each week and I think the short stuff has been good for my fitness and "injuries".  Getting in a couple days of circuit madness has been good also.

So the race ("run") this weekend.  I had never been in Madame Sherri Forest and had only learned of its existence a couple weeks ago.  It ended up that Greg, Glen, Fyffe, Ference, and Goupil came to run, so of course it would be an eventful day!  I decided to do the 7 mile instead of  the 5K because… why not?  Plus Greg made me because he paid for my registration. JUST KIDDING!

It was a crisp morning and even some rain while the director was giving "directions".  I had a sense of foreboding right from the start.  Oh well, off we went.  I was caught behind a mom and daughter for the first mile so quickly lost Glenn's screaming yellow shirt from sight.  After almost missing the very first turn (luckily the race director was right behind me) the course goes up Daniels Mtn (I think).  At the top I caught up to a woman in bright blue and we questioned which way to go from there and think we decided correctly.  We descended down the back of the mountain while 2 guys and then Goupil pass us halfway down...wait a minute, they should have been way ahead!  I told Goupil to go catch Glenny in the yellow and stick with him (he never did).  At that point I decided I was going to stick with this woman (Elizabeth)  as long as I could because I was scared to get lost.  We got to the road section and then headed back up Daniels Mtn (?).  This ascent gave me flashbacks of Monroe.  I hiked quite a bit, but so did Liz and we again questioned our way at the top.  We must have chosen correctly because a couple miles later we found a sign pointing the 7 milers on a turn. 

We went where told (Ann Stokes Loop) and I felt a big blister on my foot.  I let Elizabeth get ahead, although I could see her blue shirt every now and then through the trees.  I got to a couple little bridges and headed up a bank...wrong.  I quickly realized I was no longer on a trail and I couldn't see a blue shirt.  DRATS!  I could still see the bridges so I just angled down the hill and suddenly found myself on trail again.  Whew.  I followed this trail to an intersection and had no idea which way to go.  I stood there a little while and saw a hiker.  I asked him if he saw any runners and he said yes...yay!  I started running again in the direction he gave me and saw little Ellie through the trees!  Jeez, I didn't think I had taken that long for the boys to bring out the dogs, but when I got to the group they explained they were going out to find Goupil!  Yikes!  I chatted for a couple minutes and kissed the doggies and decided I better go officially finish.  I did and thanked Elizabeth for navigating the entire run.  I was really lucky she was there or the dogs would have been for me!  (Goupil was about the 2 hour mark)

Greg, Justin, and Ferenc stuck together to win and I was happy to have finished in 1:20ish.  The footing was tough with all the leaves and the climbs were pretty tough.  Overall, a good workout.  I am super excited for the FLAT Lil Rhody!

THIS WEEK: just keep doing what I'm doing with the gym workouts and road runs.  Maybe get in a longer run this weekend.  My work schedule will once again be changing, which means a change in when and how long I have to run - might start having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn again. It's a process...and I love it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

WEEK 42: 13 miles and Groton Forest Trail run

Monday: rest
Tuesday:  30 min Elliptical, 1 mile TM run (just cuz), tiny bit of core
Wednesday:  20 min elliptical, 2 mi TM, core, some upper
Thursday :10 min elliptical, 3 miles TM
Friday: 3 miles roads (5K route baker-optical)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: GROTON TOWN FOREST 3.4 Mi Trail Race

Pretty low key week.  I probably needed it.  Greg, Boj, and I ended up going to the Groton Town Forest trail races.  They ran the 9.5 miler and I wimped out and did the 3.4 miler - best decision I've made in awhile!  I was pretty tired from a restless night of dog-sitting and snoozed in the car until noon while the boys warmed up.  At 12:30 the 9.5 mile race takes off and then the JV race 10 minutes later.  It was a really fun course.  Lots of steep, short hills- but you always get a breather at the top- steep downhills, but also short- not the entire side of the mountain like Monroe- and a twisty-turny single track in between. I went out pretty hard, felt good (except for that "GI issue" I get sometimes), and got a good 30 minute workout out of it.  Even got a t-shirt and gloves for my effort.  I can't express how thankful I am I didn't run the 9.5 miler.  Maybe I am learning something... I ran back to the car to get the camera and got back in time to see Greg and Boj finish (still using up the film on the disposable).  By then it was cold and rainy and I'm sure they were glad they didn't have to wait for me to finish the longer race too!

This week- get back into the gym and get some high intensity workouts in without disturbing all my aches and pains- got one in this morning already.  I think my focus is to lose a little weight (a plate of pumpkin whoopie pies made by my officemate is creeping up behind me as I type) and work on the shorter races (I'll grow out of that "gotta go to the bathroom right now" urge in the middle of hard efforts right?).  As of right now we aren't racing Hairy Gorilla next weekend.  I might do the local trail race in Madame Sherri Forest (7 miler or 5k) with Glen and Greg might go run in Putney with the boys.  Either way, it's a process, and I love it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WEEK 41: 28 miles and Baystate HM

Monday off; Cold Whirlpool for my aching feet!
Tuesday AM: lift/core; AM2: 3 mile roads; still kinda beat up, but seems like it'll all pass by sunday! Fingers crossed!
Wednesday AM: random strength/core;  AM2: 5 miles road - (Baker -Eastern-bikepath-water-eastern-optical-baker) Good route. No ITband pain- just a hint of it here and there. 
Thursday 7 mi roads - wesport to fosgate and back. Just need to rest a couple days I think.
Friday off, rest my aching feet!
Saturday off
BAYSTATE HALF MARATHON: 1:58 official time- 1:56 my watch because I stopped it when I waited on the bridge to see if I could see Greg in the marathon

Well, not exactly a good week of miles or a good race, but not all is lost.  I admit I was still very beat up from the trail race and only ran Baystate because I had registered weeks ago.  At 4:30AM (not early enough) I drove to Lowell, MA with Greg, Justin, and George and it was fun to hear them talk pre-race strategy.  I felt good running around while getting our numbers and shirts (cool shirts) and thought maybe I'd have a better day than I expected.  Even as the race started I felt good.
The first two miles were too slow- 8:30's.  So I picked it up a bit once the crowds thinned out.  Next two miles were 7:43/7:47 and I thought I might have something going for a good 10-miler.  Then the IT Band started to hurt.  I was surprised because I ran 7 on thursday without it hurting at all.  It wasn't terrible, so I pushed through for a couple more miles right around 8 min pace and still thought I could piece something together. Then there's a part of the course where the road is off camber and I could no longer keep the IT Band manageable.  I think if the road had been tilted in the other direction it would have healed me completely! Anyway, I decided not to get upset and to just run and enjoy the beautiful weather- it was too late to drop out.  I thought I still had time to see Greg on the bridge where the half and full marathons pass each other running in the opposite direction, but I had slowed to much.  That bummed me out a little.  I stopped and waited for 2 minutes just to be sure. Then decided I better get going so I beat him to the finish!  I continued to take my time and at 10 miles thought maybe i'd try to pick it up and at least finish strong.  My aches and pains didn't want to hear about it- by then my feet had joined the ITband party- apparently they were enjoying the beautiful weather too!  So I conceded and made my way to the finish...slowly.  Too bad because my fitness felt good- not even sure I sweat much or got my heart rate up.  Overall, I liked the course and could picture myself running much better there.  Oh well, I'm over it. 

I finished, got my bag, and got to the top of the stadium where you could see over the last bit of the course.  I watched Greg motor in and even yelled loud enough for him to hear me!  I got a couple pictures (almost forgot because I was so excited) but used a disposable camera because I didn't want to leave my good one in the bag check, so it'll be awhile before I use that film up and send them off to be developed.  Anyway, he had a great race - finshed a strong 2:34 (that's my man!) and, more surprisingly to many, liked it!  That made my day and at least I got a run in and a cool shirt. 

I'm pretty banged up, but not knocked out.  It's part of the process, and I still love it.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

WEEK 40: 35 Miles and Monroe-Dunbar Trail Race

AM: Strength + elliptical; AM2: 5 mi TM/45 min, speed and hill play...good workout

AM: Strength + elliptical; AM2: 5 mi TM/45 min, more speed than hill play...good workout #2

Spin + 2 miles TM + core and some strength (hip/pulldowns)

4 miles ashuelot Road loop + 4x hill sprints; feel pretty good, IT band still lingering, log 5 miles

Pisgah run with Griffin, keep passing LilyPond Trail! North Ponds over to Baker-hubbard...IT Band got bad with downhill- uh oh. Might be a problem Sunday, but it was a beautiful day! Log 7 miles.



Monroe 10.5 mile Trail Race; Holy crap that was a hard 1:58:30!   Log 11 miles

Miles: 35

Good week until I got my ass kicked at the trail race, but I digress.  I think the light strength sessions in the early AM followed by a run a little later (after a class or meeting) early in the week were really good for my body.  I felt strong and flexible and my usual morning sore/stiffness didn't exist.  I would have had a 40 mile week if I had run with Donna in Pisgah on Friday- but she had to cancel because of a meeting.  I went out on my own and had to cut it short because of my IT Band anyway.  That was the biggest worry going into  the trail race, downhills especially seem to fire it up.

So, the Monroe -Dunbar Trail Race.  Greg and I headed out on a beautiful, chilly Sunday morning to Monroe.  Very pretty drive, but very winding and soon I was car sick.  No, it wasn't Greg's driving- well, not until he was annoyed we couldn't find the race and then was driving like a crazy person.  We did get there in time and got warmed up...well he did- apparently I took too long getting my shoes tied! haha

What a beautiful morning!  At 10am we were off and Greg had warned me that after we run along the river the trail goes uphill and I would probably have to hike.  sweet.  He was right- I hiked for a LONG TIME!  I tried not to lose my cool and ran when I could.  Finally we came out to a fire road and I felt pretty good- the car ride nausea had worn off.  The course turned onto another single-track and I felt my IT Band a little bit on this downhill.  "Luckily" another uphill came and my IT Band stopped hurting.  I passed a couple people on this climb and thought I was doing well until I realized we were still going up.  Holy cow I was tired.  I "hiked" a couple more times and obviously wasn't the only one hurting as a guy who passed me while I tied my shoe asked "when do we start going down?"  No idea, dude.  I thought it was never going to end- everytime I looked ahead of me the people were above me somehow!  I didn't look at my watch much but remember thinking at 1:15 that Greg was probably done and I just got up the hill!  Pretty close. 

The trail finally started to go'd think that'd be good news, but it was bitter-sweet.  This was some serious downhill stuff.  I tried to bomb down as fast as I could- a couple people got out of my way- more scared I'd fall into them than awed by my graceful descent.  At least I was covering some ground now. 

I was on my own for a bit and started to worry I was not on course, but a woman I had passed on the uphill came up behind me and I let her pass so I could follow someone.  I stayed with her for awhile.  We got to the first creek crossing and I didn't stop at the water station because I didn't want to lose her!  We got across- that was fun by the way- and there were rolling hills to follow.  At another major descent she pulled away and I was babying my right IT Band unsuccessfully as my left foot was hurting.  This is where I started to get frustrated just a tad.  Every little hill was like a kick in the chest and I really just wanted to be done. Another creek crossing reminded me that this was "FUN"!  FINALLY, I got across the road and to the last little bit of the course that is through huge tall pine trees (Greg will fill in what type exactly).  Time 1:58:30, felt like 4 hours and damn I was thirsty!  Greg won overall (yay!).

We ate meatball subs, drank cokes, and sat in the sun.  That was a really hard course.  I wasn't expecting it to be harder than Pisgah, but because the downhills are so terrifying and the uphill so long and brutal it really was for me.  At Pisgah I only walked a little on the ridge.  Crazy.  It was fun though and maybe by next fall I''ll consider doing it again. Not bad for my fourth trail race.

This week I have to treat these nagging injuries i.e. Right IT Band, Left mid-foot sprain.  I don't think they will be as cooperative on 13.1 miles of flat road.  I know that sounds strange, but in the trails I'm thinking more about where to put my foot and how to avoid that tree rather than how much I'm hurting; on the road I can feel everything and mull it over. Today, my legs feel good!  But my feet, oh yah, right foot heel spur too, are making me walk as though I am sore.  Just got out of a cold whirlpool and will go from there.  I will take today off from activity as I am already at the office and have a pile of stuff to do, but I would like to repeat the lifting/running scheme of early last week tomorrow and wednesday.  I am looking forward to Baystate- more as support for Greg and to hang with the Keenyans who are running the full.  My goal is still sub 1:50, but if I feel strong and am not hurting I won't rule out something closer to 1:45.  It's a process...and I love it!

A stop at Hogback Mtn on the way home after the race....I guess I was kinda zonked!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

WEEK 39:18 miles

circuit madness + 3 miles; whoa fitness is way down or just tired from the hike yesterday. Going to pretend its the latter for now. Still dealing with ITband, feet feel ok.

6miles TM (speed/hill play) + a little sore, kind of a struggle with LBP, but ITBand didn't hurt- probably because I didn't run long enough.


TM 3miles...this week sucks.


Pisgah run with Griffin; 6 miles

Not much to summarize!  A migraine hit midweek and didn't release it's grips until saturday.  Then I spent Saturday in what I call a "migraine hangover", where I spend the day in a daze, hoping it's really gone, and scared it's going to come back, so not much getting done that day either.  Sunday I had planned a long run, but really just got out into the crisp fall morning in beautiful Pisgah with my favorite wolf and ran around a bit.  It just felt great not to have a headache, puts things into perspective and makes me appreciate being able to run as much as I do.  I had forgotten about my It Band, but unfortunately was reminded about 3 miles into the run.  Oh well, at least now I feel like I have the energy to get after that and take care of it. 

I feel like I have made all the gains I am going to make this year.   Got 12 minutes off my half marathon and my 5k under 8 min/mile pace so I am happy.  Can't seem to get into a groove this fall so I am going to just go with it and enjoy the beautiful fall running.  Greg and I have some cool trail races planned and the goal for me at Baystate is sub 1:50.  I will start my work for next season, mainly dropping some pounds and finding sneakers I love (trail and road).  It's a process and I love it....

Monday, September 27, 2010

WEEK 38: 23 miles and over 1000 miles this year...

Stationary bike x 35 minutes, core, Cold-Whirlpool

OFF - too busy blogging!

Spin + 3mi TM + core; felt good except some R ITBAND pain after 2.5 get after that.

Spin + 3mi TM; uh-oh R ITBand- holy crap that hurts!

AM: 3.5mi back ashuelot rd, ITBand at 3...
AM2: 6.5 miles KSC railtrail, still feeling wonky, ITBand ok to 6 miles tho....LOG 10miles for the day

7 miles in Pisgah with Griffin (Horseshoe-Lily Pond-No. Ponds-Reservoir)
Hike Mt. Monadnock with Greg, Mark, and Mary.
Miles: 23
Previous week: 22

Another low mileage week so not much to talk about.  Still trying to resolve foot (heel spur) and now IT Band issues post-Pisgah and neutral shoe experiment.  Shouldn't take long I hope.  Made it up Mondanock without too much of a problem.

This week, get back in the gym for some weightlifting and get more miles!  Friday was a good "double" even if the runs were only a couple hours apart.   I should do that more often....although already missed this morning. oops.  It's so dark out!  Anyway, long run thursday morning and a 5K saturday and another long run sunday should be a good base to work around.

Looking forward to fall trail races...Monroe, Baystate HM (Road), Groton, Hairy Gorilla, Lil Rhody...I love the fall!!!!! It's a process...and I love it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pisgah Mtn 23K Trail Run and 9 seconds to spare

Finally, after a year of waiting, it was the day to run in the Pisgah Mtn 23K race.  I had worked registration and finish line last year when a friend (Sontag) told me about this race and that he was running the 50K.  I had to see what it was all about and by the end of the day knew I had to be a part of it as a runner this year - and set up a website for them!  (Plus I met a very cute runner-man that day- I knew I had to get to know him somehow...)

This week was ho-hum, but brewing with anticipation.  I had run the course 3 weeks ago (just the trails) in 2:15 so set my goal at 2:30 (remember that).  I decided I needed to take the roads into the park slowly and conceded that I would walk part of Pisgah Ridge.  So, with a beautiful day unfolding and a little nausea in my belly, we were off. 

I took the roads slowly (about 1.8 miles to the trails)...too fact when I entered the park I felt as if I was sweeping the course already.   My legs felt good, my bottom did not.  I spent the next 8 miles trying to speed up but was abruptly stopped by the urge to have a bowel movement!  Even the downhills were interrupted by this sensation because I couldn't really relax and just go with it - or it would have just gone.  Oh well, maybe it was nerves or something I ate, in any case it cost me a few minutes for sure and I am not seasoned enough to know if it wouldve been better to just pull off the trail and take my first dump in the woods or just run a little slower!  I guess we'll never know- I'm sure you think you know too much already. 

Anyway, I got to the bottom of Pisgah Ridge via Reservoir Trail in 1:09 (I think...I can't find my watch) and was surprised how quickly this spot came up - in my head anyway.  I stopped, had some water (maybe that would help my tummy), and a GU.  I was feeling better and knew I had some climbing to do, but I do love this trail along the water.  I tried to focus on that as I knew what was coming.  I did walk some of the ridge but really not as much as I thought I might have to.  A man came thru and I tried to stay with him.  He was real smooth on the downhill and would lose me, but I seemed to catch up on the flat and uphill.  That made me feel better.  This part of the park is always new to me no matter how much I run it.  There were hills I swear were not there before and it's always seems so long to get to Kilburn. 

Finally, we came to the Kilburn aid station and I stopped for water and another GU.  Steve stopped too.  This is a part of my training runs that I don't particularly like- the uphill road to Kilburn parking.  Luckily, Steve was chatty and took my mind off it and I felt good - my stomach felt better and I could pick it up a little.  Of course this is also when I noticed I had strained my hip flexor and tweeked my knee, but not bad enough to stop.  We got up to the parking and chatted up Davis and he dropped me for awhile after the downhill in there.  I had only run this section a couple times this summer but knew I was looking for a junction sign to indicate Winchester Road- and man was I thirsty!  Well I saw a sign and my watch said 2 hours so I briefly had visions of a 2:20 finish, but this was not the right sign and I reached Winchester Rd at 2:18....crap.  I could see Steve turn onto the road and I took off down the trail to catch him.  Surprisingly I did, past him with some words of encouragement from him, and almost felt good hitting the dirt road and then pavement (about 1.2 miles of road to finish).  I knew there was a hill just past Gregs house and it did slow me, but I didn't walk.  Somehow this section is a blur and I came through the finishers shoot at 2:29:51.  Goal achieved.

I was happy.  I headed down to Kilburn with Erin (who didn't run, but she would have proabably won had she done it) to see how the 50K was panning out.  We met Sontag and Rockstar on the road and the leaders came through...including that cute runner-man I did get to know this year.  He was hurting so I wasn't hurt when he SNAPPED at me for my time- who knew he'd want to chat?!  But he did say (ok, yell) good job and had a brutal few miles left of his own race.  We went back to Glenn and Gina's as they headed into Davis Hill to the finish.  Afterward, we all hung out in the yard to watch the rest of the finishers.  It is such a fun day -I always love to hear how the race unfolded for everyone- thank goodness for blogs too! 

I will post results when they become available...and check out other race reports on the Pisgah site- I'll post them as I find them!

Next year, sub 2:20 for me.  I felt strong, but have to get a little more experience with pushing through the aches and pains (and bathroom issues).  Also, be more aggressive on the road, won't hang out at the water stops for 45 seconds each, and have more trail races under my feet.  Then one day maybe the 50K?!  We'll see.  It's a process...and I love it!

WEEK 37: 22 miles and Pisgah Mtn Trail Race

Spin (not a good class, ZZzzzzz, had to do my own thing), core, a tiny bit of upper strength...


4  mile railtrail

Spin - pretty good class. Was too anxious about figuring out if I smelled like skunk and how to rid Gregs house of it to go running! Even my watch stinks!

4 miles KSC Railtrail, just didn't feel like running! Bad timing for indifference! Returned the Pegasus- just cannot wear a neutral shoe. Medial post me! Wore old Triax today and feet feel better already.

pre-race dinner at Glenn and Gina's


Lower mileage than planned, but I just wasn't feeling it.  Trying to switch to a neutral shoe was really uncomfortable and I am still paying for it.  Can't wait to get my medial posts back!  Of course the focus was Pisgah and by the end of the week I suddenly felt unprepared and very nervous.  But I knew I had a lot of friends running and it was going to be a fun day no matter what.

This week, recover as fast as possible and get a plan together for Baystate in 4 weeks.  Lots of speedwork and back to some more spin classes.  Gotta drop a few pounds I think.  Feel strong though and could have a good race if all goes well.  It's a process....and I love it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WEEK 36: 32 Miles and a trail 5K

7 miles in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin, South Woods loop from Horseshoe, not railtrail but "flat for pisgah" (YAH RIGHT, GREG!). Felt tired but good.

Spin + core; GREAT spin class, 75 minutes

Elliptical + core+upper+TM; log 3 miles

Yes, I had planned a longer run but I barely got out the door! I haven't taken a day off since the half, my body is annoyed and plantar fascia's on fire. You know it's bad when you check out the river to see if there's enough rocks to make it across and take a mile off your loop! Log 4 miles...kicking and screaming the whole way.

Railtrail, KSC to Sawyer's crossing bridge, positive split. Gettin' tired....log 6.

Jaffrey Firefighters 5K, fun course: railtrail then 1.5ish miles in childrens forest and back on railtrail. 24:15. 2 mile warmup and the course in reverse cooldown...log 8 miles

Pisgah with Griffin, 4 unorganized miles....

I'm feeling pretty strong, but not exactly fast.  I kinda got creeped out on the Kilburn Loop today and turned around halfway down one side and came back around and down the other side a little.  Just couldn't get into it...maybe it was the dark, chilly morning or the big splash in the water.  Griffin seemed ok so I don't know why I was worried.  In any case, I puttered around a little, hit some of the hills (legs felt good) and called it a day.

Saturday morning I raced at the 1st Jaffrey Fire Department 5K.  It was a really neat course that used rail trail and 1.5 miles of  single-track in the Children's Forest.  I was happy with my time- 24:15- and raced smarter in that I didn't blast out at 7 minute pace....although I didn't get my splits. I let things settle and all of a sudden I was passing people who went out too fast and after 3/4 mile I didn't get passed the rest of the way.  The trail part was fun- I gained a lot of ground on the leaders, but ran out of real estate- especially when we got back to the flat railtrail.  I almost got caught in the forest, but it was right at the top of a climb and I dropped him on the downhill and didn't hear him again.  Small race and not very competitive times, but fun to win my age group and be able to pay better attention to the people around me.  I had done a 2 mile warm-up and then Karen and I did the course in reverse afterward, so it was an especially good day for mileage and a good workout. 

I am excited for Pisgah on Sunday! I am going to rest more this week than I probably need to. I will do some spin classes and short runs during the week. My goal is still sub 2:30. Then I need to concentrate on Baystate! Overall, the legs feel good (except for the constant right hamstring pain) and the feet feel quick (probably because my plantar fascia are on fire).  I guess that's running.  It's a process...and I love it!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

WEEK 35: 35 miles and Elijiah's Race

Previous weeks miles: 32

4 miles Ashuelot RailTrail with Griffin.  Wasn't too sore, but tired.

Spin class plus lots of core and a little strength, felt good.  Was going to do treadmill but got too hungry.

10 miles to Coombs Bridge on roads, felt really good even with no water/gels; 9:45 pace on the way out and 9:10 on the way back (includes verry brook hill), Good workout, the new Pegasus felt good except for some plantar fascia tightening in the left foot- will build a slight arch for it at work today.  That happens in the Lunar Swifts too.

Migraine hangover.  But I did go to spin class (wouldve been a really good class had I felt better) and did 2 miles on TM (again, had planned more but didn't feel great).  Oh well, adjust.

Treadmill Speedladder to 6 miles.  Felt good.

Woke up and decided to run the Swanzey Half Marathon instead of Pisgah race course; worked the KSC Alumni meet and the day got away from me...0 miles, played fetch with Griffin...she did the running around, but not nearly enough for her liking.

Elijiah's Race - Swanzey Covered Bridges Half Marathon; 1:48:22...21 minutes faster than in 2008.

Still all over the place with training and planning workouts, I don't know why I can't get organized.  Nonetheless I did get 35 quality miles.  Sunday's race was a last minute decision.  I had planned to run the Pisgah race course again, but decided I had seen enough last sunday!  It made me nervous for the race!

Anyway, I figured I'd get a good workout and just see where I am at with that distance.  I wasn't going for a goal other than sub 1:50 and went out "fast" to see if I could hang on...well, I couldn't.  I am not a 7 minute miler...may never be, but it was fun to try.  So after mile 1 at 7:06 I dropped to my more manageable 8 somethings on the sandy railtrail and went from there.  It went ok, I got real tired in spots but would then have a burst of energy.  I could really tell when my running form was efficient and when it was not. I went back and forth with a guy from about mile 4 all the way to the end.  I'd pass him on the downhills and he'd catch me on the flats.  We kinda worked together a bit.  The water stations were fun for me because my former Monadnock High School athletes and now KSC XC teams were manning them.  It was nice to have personalized cheering when they recognized me!  I didn't keep my mile splits after the first couple, but my 10-mile time was around what I ran in RI a few weeks ago (1:22) and that means the last 3 were pretty slow as I finished at 1:48:22. Twenty minutes faster than 2 years ago and I like that I could decide to go run it on a whim, so I am getting stronger.  I was 4th in my age group (I did let one 30 something get by at the end, but caught another on the way).  Karen was 1st in her age group and ran 1:50! It was a beautiful fall-like day and it was fun to chit-chat with everyone afterward.  It was a good decision to do the race. 

Two-weeks to the Pisagh Race! This week I will get out on the Kilburn loop a couple times and want to get in a spin class or two too.  It's a process...and I love it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

WEEK 34: 32 Miles and Pisgah 23K Race Course



8 mile loop in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin (South Woods trail - pretty!)

5 miles on rail trail from KSC atheltic fields to Sawyers Crossing...feel very heavy, slow, and UNFIT. Finally the beautiful weather is back though.

Circuit Madness: 3 cycles + 2 miles. Got pretty hungry and pooped, but a good workout. Felt good to have some time in the gym.

4 mile Ashuelot Road loop, early.

Pisgah Run with Griffin; log 13 miles

Not a bad week considering I worked over 60 hours at KSC.  Even made it to the gym for some strength training one day.  The biggest run was the Pisgah 23K race course.  I started at the Horseshoe trailhead with Griffin (Greg hit the roads) on Sunday morning.  I wasn't as prepared as I should have been i.e. I didn't hydrate or eat great Saturday and should've been to bed a lot earlier.  I knew it was going to be a hard run, but it kind of blew my mind how hard it really is!  And I want to do the 50K someday?!?!  I didn't do the roads of the course- to make it shorter and to avoid the dog on winchester road.  I was excited to have new trail sneakers- Mizuno Wave Ascend- I like them.  As far as the run, the Pisgah Ridge will be my slowest part (along with most people, I guess).  It is a hard climb and pretty technical on top of that.  Once I get through there I will be tired but relieved.  I was getting discouraged during the run because I had to walk so much of the ridge, but when I realized I finished in around 2:10 I was pleased.  Add on 2.5 miles of roads and some "race excitement" and I may finish in under 2:30 on race day.  I guess that's my goal...for this year.  I am so tired right now I don't know what else to say.

This week, a couple days of light strength training, hopefully a spin class or two, and I really need to get some speedwork in there somewhere too.  I think I will do the course again next Sunday the same way, maybe with someone?!  Work will settle down this week to where I will have a set schedule and time to plan all of these things in.  It's a process...and I love it....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WEEK 33: 29 miles and back to work...

Miles: 29

Railtrail "with" Greg and Griffin. 5 miles/ 46 min

Kilburn to Pisgah Ridge (last lookout) with Griffin (boy, was she bored!). Ate too big of a lunch, felt like I was going to barf if I tried to work the hills and then worried about losing my lunch out the "other end" when trying to work the downhill...more an exercise in sphincter management than a training run! Oh well, log it...7 miles.

Circuit Madness:  3 circuits of 3 sets and 2 miles TM at end (didn't have time for the running in between cicuits). Log 2.

4 miles my road, beautiful morning.  Right Hamstring is really bothersome right now, just when i am running out of time to go get a massage, dumb that I didn't do that before my summer came to a screeching halt.

Kilburn Loop with Griffin, counter-clockwise, 66 minutes to-from parking lot...BEAUTIFUL fall-like morning...Log 8 miles

Off; first day of 3-a-day sessions at KSC so I wasn't planning on much free time.  I did end up having an hour during the beautiful day where I could have run, but didn't have my stuff (or a locker yet) - I'll be prepared from now on.

Is it Sunday?  Went out with the idea of running Burt Hill, then heard some what sounded like wild dogs so aborted that mission.  Changed to 2 mile warm-up and some hill repeats in front of my house.....did the 2 mile warm-up.  ho-hum.  Ran with a young kitty today though- for about 30 yards it ran right next to me in the road- hilarious. 

AM#2:  3.25 mile run from KSC campus down Baker street and back, in the rain.  Felt good to get out and be active instead of just watching others be active.  Way better intensity than this morning...about 8:30 pace.  Log 3 just to be even.

Week Summary
Overall a blah week.  I knew I should have tried to get higher mileage in because this coming week is going to be ridiculous at work.  Looking forward to running the 23K course, minus the roads, in Pisgah Wednesday morning (don't forget I get Griffin, and maybe even you, Greg!). I feel a little lost in what to do for the Pisgah race and then Baystate as far as training. Will figure it out once my schedule becomes more set. Possible 5K in Concord Sunday?  We'll see, might just want to chill and run at home on my first day off in 13 days.  Either way I will need some chromium replacement.  It's a process...and I love it.

My friend, Karen, with Meb and Bill Rodgers when she was down at the Falmouth race this past weekend...pretty cool!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WEEK 32: 27 miles, 5K PR, and the best goodie bag....

Miles so far: 27 ....Previous week: 37

Kilburn walk with Greg and dogs; surprisingly NOT sore!

Pisgah with the girls, Greg, and his Dad, log 4 miles

Circuit Madness AM
Circuit 1: Drive Thur with Db's x 15, T-hops x 10 each side, 45* lunges x 15, Lat pull downs (wide/Narrow/Rev) x 15 each, SLR off bench x 15; Go thru circuit x 2 then TM 2 miles
Circuit 2: Step-ups with Drive Thru x 15 each, Good mornings with upright row x 15, wide squat with tricep press, SL squats x 15 each, knee crunches off bench, Go thru Circuit x 2 then 2 miles TM....Log 4 miles

Pisgah: Davis Hill Trail -Baker-Pisgah Ridge- to Kilburn....pretty weak effort, just wasn't into it even though the weather was perfect. I was alone and got creeped out today maybe because it was getting stormy out. Saw a Big coyote- he was watching me come up the trail and ran when I stopped after seeing a ghost. Cool, but scary. Log 6 miles

Kilburn loop with Greg, Griffin, Lenna, and Ellie; a good run - I felt like it was going to be real slow as I felt tired and was struggling to keep up, but timewise it was a minute faster than usual. (1:06) I really like that run. Log 8 miles.

Deerfield 5K: 22:50/7:23 pace, Log 5 miles

Rail Trail?

Pretty good week, got a bunch of different workouts in.  Still happy about the 18 miles last sunday and how quickly I recovered - or at least wasn't sore monday.  A lot of caffeine in the form of mixed drinks and dance party active recovery at Glenn and Gina's pre-wedding party Sunday night must have been the trick!

Saturday I went to South Deerfield to run a 5K at the Yankee Candle Flagship store complex.  Greg went to the Bridge of Flowers 10K but it was 40 bucks and a hard course, so I decided to do my own thing.  I was happy with my decision for a few reasons.  First, I needed to start doing more 5K's- I think my last was Thanksgiving and my unofficial time was 26+ minutes.  Second, the goodie bag was awesome!  I got a t-shirt, water bottle, candle (strawberry), chapstick, air freshener, and a red dress pin.  Third, it was for a good cause- the red dress pin represents the American Heart Association and it's cause to raise money and awareness for heart disease in women.  Oh, and Fourth, it was only 20 bucks.

What a beautiful day!!!!  I got there plenty early, registered and warmed up only for about a mile plus dynamics.  Seriously, what a beautiful day.  It was a small crowd and no race course map so I just followed the pack.  We were off at 9am.  I felt pretty good and at 1 mile my split said 7:07...Geez I didn't know I felt that good, I was ready to start slowing down.  Mile 2 went through a school complex and turned us around to go back the way we came.  At  mile 2, 6:59.....what?????  Ok maybe the markers are a bit off, I felt like I was holding steady but really doubt that I was getting faster!  Mile 3 felt long as I was getting tired by then. I mistakenly tried to get "comfortable", but that just leads to slowing down.  My mile 3 split was around 8 and :43 for the .1.  Hmmm I was fading but I don't think that badly, so maybe the markers were a little off.  I finished at 22:51 for a 7:23 pace. I was 27th overall (so was Greg at Bridge of Flowers!) and 5th female.  Small race and a fun, nice atmosphere. The winning time was "slow", but that lead pack missed the first turn and probably added a full quarter mile or more to their race.  Luckily I was right at the turn when they started correcting everyone.  I want Greg to run it next year because the winner gets a year's supply of Yankee Candles!  (When Fyffe heard that it bacame a race!)

Anyway, I'm really happy with my time and it gives me confidence to run more 5K's.  I think they could help a lot with my half marathon training and learning to judge my pace better.  I'm looking forward to the next one already- not sure when as I start work this week and will have to look at my schedule.  Summer is over, but I am looking foward to the fall! I need to set up my training plan for the Baystate Half Marathon and include the Pisgah 23K. Might add 5 miles a little later today on the rail trail with Greg. It's a process....and I love it...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

WEEK 31: 37 miles and a long run

AM: Mt. Pleasant, ME;
PM: 5 miles on the roads in harrison Maine. Most uncomfortable boring run ever with Greg and Griffin. I think they felt the same way. Plus Subway an hour before was not a good idea. oh well, log it.

Speckled Mtn, ME;
(See previous post for the overview of the maine hikes and pictures....)

PM: Spin class. Good endurance ride- I needed that.

AM: Kilburn loop with Glenn- clockwise, while Greg and Girffin went counterclockwise. 58 minutes to crossroads. Paced myself way better in the beginning so I could make it up the hill coming back up the west side- didn't have to walk (although got real slow). Rain and thunder. The hill on the road coming back to the parking lot is what kills me, but 6 minutes this time. Good morning. Log 8 miles.

PM: 3 miles on Treadmill- mostly for stress relief

Circuit Madness- finally some strength training again.

Circuit # 1
BW step-ups with knee drive x 24, squat jumps onto bench x 12, Good Mornings with upright row x 12, straight leg raises off bench x 15; go through circuit x 2 and run 1 mile on treadmill.
Circuit #2
Squat with MB squeeze x 12, split squat jumps x 12, back lunges x 12, Knee tuck off bench x 15; Got thru circuit x 2 and hten run 1 mile.
Circuit #3
Single leg elevated bridge on BOSU x 12 each leg, SB overhead press into chest press x 15 each, drop lunges with lateral raise x 12 then as jump x 12; Go thru circuit x 2 then run 1 mile.
Log 3 miles.

Felt really good.  Only went through each circuit x 2 instead of usual 3 because I don't want to be too sore for the long run Sunday.  Kinda wish I just went through all cicuits at the end- next time.  Tomorrow spin class and then 20 on sunday! woo-hoo!

Spin: pretty lethagic effort, had to grab a GU in the middle of class!

LONG RUN with Ramona, 18 miles on rail-trail in Keene from Target.  1:32 first 9 miles/ 1:23 back.

Miles: 37
Previous week: 30

Another weird week of summer and trying to stay on some sort of schedule.  Lots of hiking Monday and Tuesday, which is in the post below, and thursday was a good run in Pisgah.  I had contacted my friend Ramona, who is training for a full marathon, to see if she was doing any long runs I could jump into.  Luckily she was today and it fit in my schedule and this morning we did 18 miles on the flat railtrail.  I was a little nervous because I hadn't exactly been good with nutrition the day before (unless beers and pizza are good) and really haven't run 18 miles since last fall and not more than 10 in months.  I thought maybe I'd turn around at 7 and let her go on, but as the run progressed I felt really good and decided to do the 9 miles out and back.  The first nine were real slow and I let her set the pace, it was her training after all, so I think it was about 10 minute miles (1:32).  There is a slight uphill grade to the dump, but it felt easy and goes by faster when theres someone to talk to!  Almost at the turnaround we picked up a friend that Ramona knows and they got chatting and running.  By the time we turned around at 9 miles I decided to step it up a little and leave them behind.  I think I did good at keeping myself comfortable but working and not hitting race pace effort.  I just wanted to finish in less than 3 hours overall. Miles 9 thru 16 I picked it up and when I got to the dump I really took advantage of the slight downhill grade from there.  I wasn't sure where I was but I slowed down with about 2 left but not so much that I thought it would take me to 3 hours.  I hit the Target parking lot at 2:55 and still felt strong and the pavement felt good.  I did well with the Gu's (1 every 30 minutes after an hour for 3 Gu's total) and wore my hydration pack (a spot on my back burned like a fire in the shower!).  In any case, I was happy with the effort and encouraged.  I probably should be doing a fall full marathon since it looks as if I have topped out on the speed improvements for the year! 

The focus is still unfocused until I get into my new job and figure out what my schedule is going to be like.  I will be over at KSC as an athletic trainer, which means Sunday work - aka less racing.  I'll just have to choose more carefully and try ot get that time off.  As it is now, I will ask for Pisgah, Baystate, and Lil Rhody race days off and will fit in others as I can. 

Another focus will be getting this 8 pounds off that have crept onto me this summer (I know, I, beer.....). No wonder why my speed improvements have come to a screeching halt...but that could be another blog entirely! 

There's a lot going on this week as will be attending Glenn and Gina's 3-day festival wedding!  It will be a good time and I never have to worry about finding time to run as long as Greg is around!  I will be sure to get another day in at the gym for some more circuit madness and just see how things go I guess.  I might run the Bridge of Flowers 10K saturday to get a workout in (greg is racing), but the $40 + registration annoys me, so we'll see.  It's a process...and I love it...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pleasant and Speckled Mountains in Maine....

On monday, Greg, Griffin, and I drove to Maine to visit with my family at my brothers cabin.  On monday we stopped at Pleasent Mountain in Bridgton, ME on the way to the cabin.  My plan was that we could make this a trail run.  The trails are on the backside of the Shawnee Peak Ski Area and Moose Pond is at the base.  There is a good trail map online and we (okay, I) decided we would tackle Ledges Trail.  It was pretty hot and humid, and steeper than I had imagined, so the running only lasted a few minutes! oh well I had good intentions, but it really is silly to think I could keep up with Greg!  He didn't want to run ahead and was fine with time on his feet, so we hiked it like normal people.  It was a good climb and nice views along the way as well as at the top.  There are a few trails and it probably would make a good running mountain. 

Greg pondering how pleasant it is on Pleasant Mountain.....

On Tuesday, we went to the White Mountains - there's just a relatively small section of the WMNF in Maine.  I have been dying to explore the White Moutnains since moving here 3 years ago!  We went to Speckled Mountain, not far from the NH border, and it looks like there are so many good hikes in that area. This one we planned (okay, I planned) as a hike and "time on our feet". We also took Boomer, my brothers family dog- he and Giffin got along fabulously.  Anyway, we got to the trailhead and it was a little over 4 miles to the top.  I had planned a loop, but left my itinerary in NH (SO UNLIKE ME).  So we opted to just do an out and back on the Bickford Brook Trail starting from Brickett Place onf Route 113 (with an little excursion to "the slides").  This trail was way more "trail run" as compared to Pleasant Mtn (at least for me).  Next time that will be the plan for sure.  It was such a gentle climb that it was surprising we were climbing a mountain.  I guess some of the other trails are a bit steeper.  The dogs did great (we were a little worried about Boomer...he's a big boy).  We got to the top and it started to rain and there wasn't a view to be seen.  The mist blowing in was kinda cool, but I wouldve liked it to blow out again so we could see more- apparently you can see Mt. Washington.  Oh well, just gives us reason to go back and run it!  Not much wildlife except for Boreal Chickadees and moose poop! On the way back, the dogs and Greg zonked out in the car...not steep, but a long hike!

Me and the dogs at the can see the lack of view....

Greg heading down the "slides"...pretty cool place, the pictures don't do it justice of course....

Greg "power hiking"...I have video, but he might break up with me if I post it!

On Wednesday, we walked to the "common area" in the cabin development.  It was pretty neat and I wish we had known about it monday when we were running a miserable 5 miles on the roads!  Not an extensive trail system but a nice area and trail laps would have been better than the road we ran on- plus a dip in the river would have been nice.  (Crooked River) 

Greg, Josh, and Hailey on the other side of the river

Hailey, Boomer, and Griffin-patiently waiting for her to throw something

Not sure where Josh is trying to go....Boomer clearly gave up....

The family on the beach area...Hailey, John, Sue, Mom....Greg is in the back there somewhere....

That's the trip in a nutshell!  Didn't get in as much of the running I had so thoughtfully planned, but it was nice to hang out with the family- won't get to do that again til Thanksgiving.  We left in time to get back for Wednesday night track workout for Greg and spin class for me.  Griffin needed some sleep! Back at it....