Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WEEK 51: 45 miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin, Greg and Fyffe; Log 8
Tuesday: AM: Lift + TM rolling hills for 4 miles.  PM: Pisgah with Griffin.  LOG 12 (more miles than Greg today - he should've done the dishes!)
Wednesday:  TM 5x 2min @7.5 with 1 min recovery + 5 x 2 min @ 8.0 with 1 min recovery.  LOG 6
Thursday: Lift (good circuit) + 4 miles easy on TM; Log 4
Friday: off. Drove to NY.
Saturday: 4 miles in Corning + 5 striders; chilly morning; Log 4
Sunday: 11 mile loop at home on back roads....HILLY! and WINDY!  DOGS! 1:45; Log 11.

Another good week of lots of miles by my standards!  I still feel pretty good.  Even had a day where I got more miles than Greg!  :)  The run at home is particularly difficult, but worth it since I won't have another long run until next monday.  Looking forward to the 10K this weekend and coming up with new goals for next year.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 50: 44 miles

Monday: Keene Roads; LOG 6
Tuesday: Lift + Pisgah: Fullum-Nash-SW with Griffin.  Didn't fuel well.  LOG 8
Wed: OCR with Griffin + 12 Hill Sprints (10-12secs), Grffin thinks those are fun!  Very sore legs. LOG 7
Thursday: Treadmill 5 miles- 4th mile at 8 min pace.  Felt good, too sore to lift in the morning.  LOG 5
Friday: Spin, hard class.
Saturday: Chilly run in Pisgah with Griff. LOG 7
Sunday: Keene Railtrail from Target to Dump Bridge. 3x5min pickups. 10.41mi/1:36/ 9:13 pace. LOG 11.

Another strong week.  I feel pretty good about it.  Sure does help when my work schedule dies down.  Hopefully I'll get into a rhythm so I can keep up this mileage when things pick up again.  Not sure why I was so sore after Tuesday's lift, but ouch!  I meant to lift later in the week but never did- I'll pay for that tomorrow I suppose.  Sunday's run was a cold one! Felt pretty good on the pickups.  I kept splits for crossings that I could look up on the map my run.  Learning how to pace myself is going to be difficult.  (I'm not allowed to have a Garmin in the house).  I'll just keep having to compare what I do and keep better records.  Next week will be weird with traveling home but the weather looks cooperative and I am planning on another 40+ week!  Then a down week (25-30miles) and a 10K race.  It's a process, and I love it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

WEEK 49: 41 miles and the Jingle Bell 5K

Mon: Westport Road and railtrail in Winchester while waiting for my car.  Scary new dog- had to yell. Cute cows - might  go back and steal one.  LOG 6

Tues: AM lift/ PM Fullum-South Woods "with" greg, Grif, and George.  Griffin never caught me.  Got REAL dark and scary!  LOG 8

Wed: Old Chesterfield Road in Pisgah with Griffin.  Ran down to parking area and came back- did 10 x 10s hill sprints on way back and then on Horseshoe hill.  Started to rain- nice morning.  LOG 6

Thurs: AM lift/ AM2 3 mi TM in my new Brooks Raveena.  LOG 3

Friday: Spin class at KSC- BRUTAL class.  Probably did too much before a 5k. LOG 0

Sat: Jingle Bell 5K in Concord.  22:56/ 7:15, 7:45, 7:15+; LOG 6

Sun: Keene Railtrail Target to Rt 12 Overpass.  Just shy of 12 miles; 1:45/ 56 out/51 back; LOG 12

Great week.  I feel good.  The 5K was fun.  I didn't run it as fast as last year but I was trying to make sure I didn't go out too fast.   7:15 first mile should be about right for now.  Probably shouldve kicked it up a notch at the end but I wussed out a little.  Had a good feeling about being strong and efficient at times.  It was fun to pass some women on the big hill in mile 2 and then a couple more on the downhill and hold them all off on the flat 3rd mile.  Even caught a couple people in the last mile. 6th female overall and won my age group, but that would've meant more had I run faster than last year. (Got a nice bag and water bottle though). Justin and Greg went 1-2.  Boj and Sontag also ran well.  Cooled down with Sontag- nice to not do that alone.  Talked about Vermont City....getting excited and nervous already. 

Long run Sunday felt good even though I'm exhausted from all the running around/driving this weekend.  Hopefully a good night sleep and an easy schedule at work this week will lead me to another good week.  My plan is to string together 3 weeks at 40 miles and then have a drop down week which will include the New Years Eve 10K.  Then get back to 40's for 3 weeks and a drop down week.  Then change the cycle to 40-45-50 so I can get a couple high mileage weeks before New Bedford in March.  That would be good.  All depends on staying healthy and running smart.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, December 5, 2011

WEEK 48: 34 miles

Mon: Freidsam with Grif; LOG 4
Tue: Pisgah "with" Grif and Greg.  Got too dark to do much. LOG 4
Wed: KSC to ELM with 6x10s hill sprints. LOG 5
Thu: AM lift/ PM 3 miles TM.  LOG 3
Fri: TM Speedladder with no recovery; 6.6 - 7.5/5min-1 min and back down.  LOG 6
Sat: Chapman-Jordan loop with Ramona - brutal!  1:29 LOG 10
Sun: off

Not a bad week considering I had a migraine for most of the beginning of it.  Added some hill sprints - they were fun.  The speedladder went well on Friday too.  Building.  It's a process and I love it!