Monday, March 26, 2012

WEEK 12: 38 miles and a good long run...

Monday: Bike x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: 0
Wed: Lily-Nash with Griffin + 2 hill sprints; LOG 10
Thurs: Lift + spin class - felt good
Fri: Keene Railtrail to dump from target, 4 pickups; LOG 10
Sat: Spin class
Sun: 18 mile long run- surry damn and Wheelock loop from Tats house- Tat joined me for the last 6; LOG 18 (2:33/8:30 pace)

Not a great week for mileage but it was a great week for my peace of mind and body!  I let myself really recover after the New Bedford debaucle and made a conscious effort to do more crosstraining- mostly in the form of spin class.  I'm focusing on good quality running and took out all my lower mileage days and opted to lift and spin.  Lower mileage, but higher quality.  Being on the trails wednesday was glorious.  Wood frogs, blue heron, and no bears.  Griffin is happy to calm me by wearing a collar of bells- we sound like santa coming through the forest!  The railtrail is always a good workout, but not my favorite.  Spin classes were good and I will try to add another lifting day this week since I won't be doing an especially long run this weekend. 

The long run Sunday is what has put me in the best mood.  I planned a route from Tat's house since she was going to join me for the last 6 miles.  I went up to Surry dam, down 12A and around Darling st and back by Brettwood and back to Tats house by the hospital.  That was exactly 12 miles and I felt great.  Right from the get go I had a spring in my step.  I planned on just trying to lock into goal marathon pace like I did at caumsett.  I didn't set myself up with an easy route either!  I got back to Tat's feeling pretty good and took my second GU- no stomach issues.  We set off for the final loop and I was really tired from 12-14 miles, but then all of a sudden I got a burst of energy and felt strong right to the end.  18 miles in 2:33, 8:30 pace.  It felt great - I still feel good, so I guess I didn't over do it.  I also loved my new sneakers - Asics Gel Neo33.  I do have a black Left big toe nail though- hopefully not something that'll happen everytime I wear them! 

This week I am going to let myself recover fully from the long run (feeling fine right now), hopefully hit the trails Wednesday (if it's not snowing) and a couple spin classes somehow- although that's not looking promising in my schedule right now.  Saturday is the Fast Friends race so that'll be a good workout (and my first race in the "masters" field!).  Nothing too long Sunday.  Next attempt at a long run will be a week from Friday.  Hopefully it'll be a little warmer so I can see if I can keep pace in a little heat!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

WEEK 11: 49 miles and New Bedford 10 miler

Monday: 7 in Pisgah "with" Greg, Fyffe, and Griffin.  Got left at the top waiting by myself!  Log 7
Tuesday: TM with pickups + core; Log 6
Wednesday: Railtrail in Winchester waiting for my car; LOG 7
Thursday: Progression run on TM; LOG 5
Friday: Wheelock loop from Tats's: LOG 6
Saturday:  Pisgah to Lily Pond OAB; Log 3
Sunday: 2 mile warmup; New Bedford "half marathon"; LOG 15

Crap week.  Not sure I gained a thing.  I got the miles but I'm thinking I need to stop just chasing miles and make sure I'm getting longer more quality running in.  That was made evident by my effort at New Bedford.  I'm calling it a 10 miler because at 10 miles I was at 8:05 13.1 miles I ended with an 8:24 pace overall...ouch.  I was just tired, went out too fast, and didn't run smart.  Bad move not to wear a watch.  I didn't because I didn't want to start berating myself for a couple slow miles like I usually do, in the end it may have helped me not go out so fast had I been wearing a watch.  Need to change the self-talk and use the watch right.  There are clocks on course but I didn't realize it took me a full minute to get to the start mat and "my" time was a 1:01 off... I was only subtracting 20-30 seconds. I really did feel good the first 6 miles and thought I was going to come close to my PR, but the wind at 7-8 got to me even though I was expecting it. I fueled and took water, but just couldn't get my feet to turnover.  I get more disappointed the more I think about it.  I went in not expecting to PR or even try but other than that didn't really have a plan.  Another big mistake.  Should always have a plan for a longer race like this.  Next year...this will be a goal race and I will try for a PR then.  For the next 10 weeks I need to get my self together and focus on Vermont City.  Now i'm really nervous.  Bouncing a few ideas around in my head about how to go about it, I feel like I'm running out of time.  It's a process, and I love it...

Monday, March 12, 2012

WEEK 10: 35 miles and Spring Ahead 3-miler

Monday: elliptical x 35min
Tuesday: Core + a struggle on the TM; LOG 4
Wed: Pisgah OCR with Griffin.  Muddy/Icy; LOG 6
Thursday: 0 Stomach bug
Friday: 6 easy with Tat...starting to get rid of the bug; LOG 6
Saturday: Spring ahead 3-miler with Greg in Concord; 22:12; LOG 7
Sunday: 12 on putney roads while Greg and Fyffe were out and about as well; LOG 12

Ahhh I have been struggling for 5 weeks and Saturday was the first day in a very loooong time that I felt like a runner again.  My legs felt like they were with me instead of totally against me.  Not sure why.  I did stop the calcium supplements...conincidence?  I will try to work them in a couple times a week only.  Or am I just finally healthy following the head cold and a stomach bug this week?  I had a stomach bug midweek- not a violent onslaught like I've been hearing others have had- but rather a steady state of motion sickness (a couple barfs) for 3 days.  Enough of a disturbance to lose a couple pounds!  I was really starting to get stressed, so I hope that this is a turnaround. 

The race was fun.  I love going to little races with my husband!  And since I haven't had any good workouts in awhile I guess it's good to add these shorter races to replace them.  We got there early and warmed up on the course.  It was pretty flat with one hill.  Nothing exciting to report, I just felt good.  Didn't run particualrly fast, but good enough to win a package of oreos and a gift card.  I'll take it.  I also got out my Addidas Mana shoes- light with a slightly lower heel drop.  I've been a little intrigued with "natural running" after watching the video James posted (below).  Not that I want to be a barefoot runner, but I want to continue to work on my form and core strength.  After my miles on Sunday I did a couple hill sprints (not a steep hill) and even ran a couple minutes barefoot on the street.  It is a cool feeling or maybe its the great weather.  I won't mess with things too much in the midst of marathon training, but my already too big of a shoe collection may get bigger as I try some different shoes out....sorry honey!  Anyway, this is the video I think I will consult a few more times...

I made the decision during my nausea and growing frustration at 5 low mileage weeks, that I need to "train through"  New Bedford HM.  I realize this sounds funny, if not ridiculous,  coming from the midpack, but for my peace of mind I'm not going to be upset if I don't PR Sunday because I am not going to cut my mileage this week.  In fact I should be at or above 50, if I have a good time at NB then great.  I even decided not to wear a watch.  Maybe I can pickup a half this fall after Pisgah. 

So I have a plan for the next coming weeks- bigger mileage, more core and drills, and no stressing out.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

WEEK 9: 32 miles and Caumsett 25K

Monday: elliptical x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: Core + % mi TM + 1 mile indoor trk; LOG 6
Wednesday: TM+ trk; LOG 7
Thursday: 0: snowday!
Friday: Legs hurt!  Elliptical 20 minutes
Saturday: Caumsett State Park, course preview; LOG 3
Sunday: Caumsett 25K 2:11:59/8:30 pace; LOG 16

Not a good week as far as miles go.  It's hard to explain but my legs just HURT.  This is week 3 of that nonsense.  The first couple I could explain away because of sickness.  I had started taking Calcium and Vit D a couple weeks ago, but am going to stop and see if that is the culprit.  I can't take a multivitamin for some reason - just messes with me, so maybe I just have to space out the calcium and vit D too.  Anywho...

We went to NY (long island) on Saturday after a underwhelming week of running and a snowstorm!  I was nervous about how I would feel and the warmup on the course Saturday did not put me at ease.  My legs didn't feel good.  I spent that night massaging, foam rolling, and icing (even went into the tepid hot tub at the hotel).  Ate well and hydrated and even got a great night of sleep without a cat walking over me every 2 hours!  It was all I could do I guess.  We left for the race Sunday and I was trying to be positive because I really wanted to have fun- had to be more fun than doing a long run by myself on the streets of Keene so I wanted to take advantage of it. 

The race venue is pretty awesome.  The setting is an old estate turned into a state park that I find intriguing - the mansion was right out of the Great Gatsby novel and the buildings and grounds are amazing even though they aren't open to the public and are a bit run down at this point. Anyway, the 50K started an hour before the 25K so I had plenty of time to think about my was 2:15.  The 5K loop is pretty flat with just enough rolling hills to change the muscles working in your legs for a bit.  The little out and back is tough but just adds to the scenery of who's behind you and ahead of you.  The weather was supposed to be warmer than it ended up being, but I was dressed perfectly yet again.  I didn't do much of a warmup, but it was fun watching the first hour of the 50K play out.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel, but I decided to pretend they'd be fine and planned out my race.  My plan was to do each 5K starting at 8:45 pace and work my way up to 8:15 pace.  That didn't quite happen but I am pleased nonetheless.  We started and my legs felt ok.  So I went with it.  Here are my splits...

1st 5K: 26:15 / 8:28 pace....this felt ok to me so I changed my plan and just tried to maintain...

2nd 5K: 26:26 /8:30 pace...still felt ok and got a little pat on the buns from my husband as he lapped me!

3rd 5K: 26:39 /8:35 pace...hmmm felt like I had gone faster but did walk to drink some gatorade...

4th 5K:  26:15 /8:28pace...ok recovered a little, still felt pretty good, started passing people that had been around me for awhile...

5th 5K:  26:20 /8:29pace...again thought I had gone a little faster but I did do the gatorade thing right at the beginning of this lap and I guess made up for it. 

Even splits!  I'm not even sure I tried to be that even so can't say I learned anything about pacing myself!  Also not sure I could do 11 more miles at that pace, but that's the plan.  Lots of long runs coming my way.     It was fun to have the boys lap me so I could see what was going on in the race while running!  Went from 72nd place to 62nd overall, 13th female.  I was pretty happy.  I guess I'm encouraged for the marathon, but a little discouraged for the half marathon coming up in two weeks.  

I'm a bit sore today- wanted to sneak in a couple miles so I could take a couple off a longer run this week, but that wasn't going to happen.  Opted for the elliptical instead for 35 minutes.  Sat in the cold whirlpool for about 15 minutes, hopefully that'll help calm things down.  I'll experiment with the calcium and vit D supplements.  

Gotta run through it tomorrow- need a big week this week!!!!  Then a little lower mileage to at least try to run a good race at New Bedford.  I have to remember I wasn't really pushing myself at Caumsett like I hope to be at New Bedford. Goal is sub1:45, but I am not going to wear a watch and just go with it. My last race in the open category - I'll be a master for the Fast Friends race on March 31st!!!  After that it's all about Vermont City.  I have long runs mapped out already.  Getting a little nervous!  It's a process and I love it!!