Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weeks 43, 44 and 45: 84 miles

Week 43:  Happy Anniversary to me and Greg! :) I was a bit sore this week after the 10 mile road race.  Not race sore, but ROAD sore.  I couldn't even think of when I had run on the roads last.  DUH.  Got on the elliptical one day and then a few runs with my training partner Griffin in our favorite park.  We got her a new vest for hunting season - she gets very excited when I pull it off the hook! Also hooked up with Tat for our usual 6 miler on Friday- gotta keep a few road miles in the plans.  LOG 29.

Week 44:  We had a day off because of Hurricane Sandy on Monday - I didn't go out in the winds with Greg.  I did go out Tuesday and the water in Pisgah was amazing.  Hearing it rushing in the creeks was pretty cool and parts of South Woods Trail was a creek in itself.  Having trouble getting used to the treadmill again.  Only busted out a couple miles midweek, but tried the row machine- that was fun.  I'll keep that one in the toolbox.  Overall, not very exciting.  Work is getting crazy- got a computer virus that wiped out the lectures I was working on for next week- that set me back a bit and then learning an updated system and trying to get organized....forget about it!  LOG 25.

Week 45:  Got the computer figured out- now to find the energy and motivation to re-write a couple lectures.  The students enjoyed a couple in-class "work on your projects" days!  Shouldn't affect running but it does.  I also decided to do a lot more cross training and add strength and cycle classes.  That always helps me get my motivation back...and hopefully a few pounds off.  Went to an awesome cycle class Monday, an "Anything Goes" class tuesday which is a lot of strength circuits. (I need to start doing circuit madness again!)  Weather rolled in wednesday that gave me a headache making it impossible to get in an active recovery.  Paid for that Thursday as I was sore, but got on a couple machines at the YMCA.  Ran early on the roads from the house Friday- my husband motivated me.  He had gone out and so I desided Grif and I would surprise him.  Had a nice run in Pisgah with Griffin Saturday morning before traveling with Soccer- mini-vistas and didn't have to walk.  Legs felt good and snappy with barely any miles on them- go figure.  Then today I did the strength and then cycle class- GOOD WORKOUT.  LOG 10. 

Yep, only 10 miles. Don't worry, I'm ok.  I am not going to worry about miles til January.  Still have to decide on the next marathon (Vermont, Demar, whatever is on the Grand Prix schedule next fall??) - but the next half is New Bedford in March with the goal of a PR.  Looking forward to Lil Rhody this weekend- hopefully can PR there- even if only by a minute!  And I wouldn't be totally surprised if I had a good 5K on Thanksgiving....depends on how many marg's I have at my sister's house the night before I guess.  It's a process...and I love it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

WEEK 42: 26 miles and Granite State 10 Miler

Just didn't feel well this week- if it isn't one thing it's another!  Monday I made myself motion sick on the elliptical trying to multitask and get some reading done!  Ugh!  Had a couple nice runs with Griffin in Pisgah early in the mornings - well it's not dark so it isn't too early.  Had a migraine Wednesday.  Always a pleasure.  Got to a spin class finally on Friday - not sure I put a ton of effort into it but it felt good to get up and out the door early.  Walked with Grif in the woods Saturday. 

Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with a 10-mile road race (my idea!).  Not sure what I was thinking- I guess I just wanted to see just how out of shape I had gotten this fall.  We went to Concord - the weather was perfect for a race.  The entry fee was pretty steep (45 each), but once I saw the shirts I figured oh well- nice shirt and a good workout- and a day trip with my husband!  Priceless!  The course was pretty and pretty challenging.  (Who knew Concord was that pretty?!)  I felt good throughout, but rigged the last mile.  I was roadkill to three people that  I had worked so hard to pass during the 7-9 miles.  Bummer.  But overall I was pleased with the outcome at 1:22:54.  I went in praying I could be near 85 minutes, so was surprised I was well under.  The last mile worried me a little- thought I was going to have to walk but I kept it together. Miles:  8:00, 8:25, 8:40, 8:25, 8:23, 8:20, 8:21, 7:54, 7:45, 8:34 (ouch).  I don't think I couldve finished a half marathon! haha There were some really good hills, but the second half seemed a lot easier.  Greg won- so he won our entry fee back plus 10 dollars!  woo-hoo!  We had planned to go out to lunch, but immediately felt guilty when thinking about Griffin and hightailed it home to take her out in Pisgah.

Alright week- I don't feel as behind as I thought I was and if I can get it together I may end up running a PR at Lil Rhody and Pie and Glove.  Already getting excited for the next half marathon- and then a full.  It's a process, and I love it (and my husband of 1 year!) :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

WEEKS: 38-41

Welp I'm just trying to stay somewhat active at this point - it's not pretty.  The weeks go like this...

Week 38: 29 miles;  Recovered from Pisgah just fine.  Did a lot of short runs mostly with Griffin.  Only lifted once.

Week 39: 20 miles; Barely a fitness jogger at this point.  Hit the treadmill once, went into Pisgah and noted it was a beautiful fall morning with Griffin.  Tried out an out and back on horseshoe road from our house- that went pretty snappy for 5 miles (41:15), I'd call that a tempo workout out of nowhere.  Saw a Bobcat in the Ashuelot River as we were scoping out the Demar race course for Justin and Greg.  Didn't do a long run as I watched Greg at Demar instead. 

Week 40: 31 miles; Lots of treadmill- just trying to squeeze it in during work.  Did a longish run with my friend Ramona from the YMCA up to the beaver pond (9miles)- always cool to check out new trails.  Me and Griffin found a new trail in Pisgah that they have been working on.  The Habitat trail has washed out but it looks like there is another cut across from Old Chesterfield to South Woods- this is a trail Greg has taken me on way in the past but it wasn't worked on, I guess he and Elijiah had used it as a trail now and then.  But now it's a pretty cool little trail and may be useful for snowshoeing should the snow cooperate this year.  You can take it up to the beaver pond too which is a nice spot.  Nice to have a shorter option in Pisgah that isn't an out and back.

Week 41:  Spent a lot of time in Pisgah this week- I love it in there!  It is sooo beautiful.  I sent in our membership to Friends of Pisgah, Inc. today.  Can't believe I hadn't done that over a year ago!  But better late than never.  I hope to get more involved in learning the parks history and keeping it awesome.  Ran 2:13 in there today with Ramona- went on the new "4-H' trail (Greg and Elijiah's name for it...Hidden Hemlock Habitat Hook-up, I think) + South woods+ Nash + Fullam (another beautiful spot this time of year- well all year but you know what I mean) + Old Chesterfiled + Lily Pond + North Ponds + Reservoir and back to Winchester Rd.  FUN!  Tough run but such a great morning and chilly!  Not sure what i'll be doing tomorrow as I'll be watching the great Pinnacle Challenge! 

I guess my goal is to get out of this rut and really get into being a fit person again who is motivated!  Hanging on by a thread- it's a process, and I love it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 37: 34 miles and Pisgah Mtn 23K Trail Race

Having a real hard time getting motivated!  I ran 10 miles on the roads in Keene Tuesday and thought my legs would fall off, but I held marathon pace- barely.  My fitness has suffered as I knew it would this fall with work being so busy.  Life happens.  I was only semi-excited for the Pisgah race.  I didn't run last year because I was sick and Greg brought home a bug just in time for this week.  We've both had a cold for it seems like a month now.  It wasn't bad enough for me to back out of the race though- I thought if anything the hard run may make it better!  My goal going into the race was to be close to my time in 2010 (2:29:54).  I don't feel like I am any where near the fitness I was in then, but I do have a lot more experience on the trails.  In any case, I didn't know what would happen.  I tried to remember to have fun - it is a big family affair - and be glad I can run at all in this beautiful park!

The race started and there were 4 Hammett's in the pack.  Greg took it out followed by Jonny, then Glenny, and then me somewhere in the back of the crowd.  It was a glorious morning!  I just tried to stay relaxed on the roads heading into the park and knew what I was in for on the Reservoir trail this time.  I feel like I climbed it pretty well.  I kept going back and forth with a couple people, tried to latch onto a couple guys and made it to the Ridge trail pretty happy with my effort and feeling pretty good (52:46).  I knew the Ridge trail would be tough and had already calculated that some walking would be in order.  The guys I was near quickly dropped me and I never saw them again.  The thing about the ridge is that the first part isn't the steepest, but it's long.  The footing is so nice it just seems like it should be so runnable - for some I'm sure it is, but I had my mental block on and walked a bit here and there.  At the first look out I was passed by a woman who looked real smooth.  She offered words of encouragement and I tried to keep her in sight.  I did for awhile as we caught a guy who looked like he may have gone out too fast.  The woman dropped us eventually and the man and I got to the Kilburn station together (38:41).  We went back and forth up the Kilburn Road to Davis (8:31).  I finally dropped him on Davis and low and behold I caught a glimpse of the woman from the Ridge ahead...that lasted about 1 minute.  This is where I started to get pretty tired.  I hadn't run over 2 hours in a really looong time and it was starting to catch up with me.  A woman passed me like I was climbing a tree instead of running on Davis.  But onward-  I just kept chugging along.  I got to Hubbard and looked at my watch- I knew from my runs that I can get across Hubbard to my car in less than 20 minutes and the clock was around 2 hours.  Hmm pretty close to be near 2:30.  Up Hubbard and I saw and finally caught the woman who passed me on the Ridge just as we started down the Hill- she said "go for it" and for a few minutes I did. I got to the road and saw the woman who passed me on Davis and for a second thought I could get her.  Then I hit the road and my legs said you'll be lucky to finish.   My car is usually parked right there because of the mean dog in between our house and the trailhead so I don't run this road as often as you might expect.  I made it down the hill and knew the uphill on the pavement would be a killer.  I yelled to Griffin, who was "cheering me on" from inside the house, that I'd be back for her later.  My hips were hurting and fatigued- how did I ever run a marathon?   I did walk on the hill. Ugh.  I stopped to take a big breath and collect my thoughts- my clock said I had 8 minutes to get tot he finish under 2:30.  That was a hard little trek up the road.  My own Road!  But I reached the turn onto 63, heard Greg yelling- with a little surprise to see me this early in his voice?  Finished at 2:28:59.  Good enough for a PR.  I was quite tired.  I really think I should be running that a lot faster.  So next year I am going to train and try to have a HUGE PR.

I was psyched to hear Greg had won and gotten the course record; Jonny had a great race and I think Glenny did better than he had expected.  So it was a good day for the Hammett's.  The rest of the day was spent cheering in other runners from our yard on Winchester Road.  Boj had a good 50K.  Our friend James Calloway ran his first 50K on his 50th Birthday that day!

Overall I was pleased.  Next "big" race will be Lil Rhody with even more Hammett's in the line-up.  Fall is the best!  Just gotta get motivated to have a PR there....any day now.   It's a process and I love it!

Thanks to Pard for getting quite a few good pictures!  More on the Pisgah website (link on the right)

Greg wins and captures Course Record!
Me finishing...a PR's and PR!

Hanging in the yard waiting for the 50K finishers....

Weeks 34- 36

Week 34:  22 miles.  Work really caught up with me this week- just being on my feet all the time tires my legs and makes me tired in general.  I got a couple good runs in Pisgah though- including one in which I saw and talked to a Barred Owl!  He let me talk to him for almost 30seconds before getting bored and flying away.  Big eyes!  I was getting a little creeped out as he just stared at me- but I guess if he said something I would've been more creeped out.  Lots of hawks calling in the woods these days too.

Week 35: 26 miles.  Eh just a couple medium runs in Freidsam and then South Woods with Griffin.  Finally some chilly mornings.

Week 36: 35 miles.  6 days in a row of running- haven't done that in awhile!  It's not that I'm feeling bad- just lazy.  Plantar fascitis has been pretty much controlled at this point.  Lifted a couple times...okay once.  South Woods to Mini-Vistas run on Sunday with Grif.  Gotta say I felt pretty good on it, but only 1:50 of time in the trails.  Would need a little more for a good Pisgah race. Probably too little too late. Oh well, It's a process and I love it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

WEEK 32 and 33

I've made a decision not to run Cape Cod this fall.  Just too busy with work and it was already making me a stressed anxious you know what.  So I'm just going to try to be fit and get diesel this fall- like I was supposed to this past summer!  I won't worry about mileage too much- just try to keep it over 30 and if I get close to 40 great!  I will focus on the Pisgah 23K- I didn't get to run it last year because I was sick.  And I'd like to run a faster time than last year at Lil Rhody too.  So I have goals- just not as lofty as I had planned.  I still can't wait to do another marathon and I'll plan on Vermont City and perhaps Demar some year soon.  
I did a semi-long run Tuesday (15) on the roads (well, 10 on the rail trail) and it went ok.  During my marathon training I was sure to take 2 days rest (active rest) after a run of 15 miles or more.  I didn't do that this week and ran 5 Wednesday and then did a track workout Thursday.  I've had fun with the track workouts (after the fact) and I think they helped me with the Yankee Candle 5K- not a PR but better than last year and better than I expected.  Went in pretty tired and didn't have any kick at the end and I think that was because of my lack of rest after Tuesday's run.  I paid for it that weekend.  I got pretty unmotivated when work started- I get anxious about getting stuff done so running takes a back seat.  But I went to a great cycle class Thursday night and am motivated again.  It will fluctuate as the semester and workload happens!

My foot has also been fluctuating in it's healing.  Right now it seems pretty good.  Strange thing is that it's better now that I have minimalist shoes for walking around.  I was finding that my feet just ached in my structure triax and the addition of inserts was torture.  So I'd wear my five-fingers (won them at a seminar) and my foot would relax and feel better.  I was sore after my run in Pisgah today (2+ hours) and now that I've been wearing my new New Balance minimalist sneakers around my foot again feels better.  I am also trying to make sure to massage at night.  I will need to get some new road shoes I think too.  The lighter ones are just more comfortable now.  

I ran in Pisgah Friday morning with Griffin.  We did Vistas and it was awesome. No deer flys!  Pictures are on the Pisgah Blog.  The rest of the weekend is up in the air as I am about to face the onslaught of preseason athletics at Keene State.  I'll try to keep my "running ahead" run log up to date even if I don't post much here.  It's a process and I love it!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 31: 51 miles

Mon: Freidsam with Grif + Circuit.  LOG 5
Tue: Railtrail of Keene Log 12, 1:46
Wed: Freidsam 5, 44:35. Felt good.
Thu: Track workout 200-400-600-800-1000-800-600-400-200; 7:45 pace. LOG 10
Fri: Freidsam with grif, LOG 4.
Sat: Kilburn with Greg and Grif, LOG 8.
Sunday: Freidsam from house with Grif. LOG 7.

Big week finally.  Got in a "long run" of 12 miles on the railtrail.  Felt good, even the foot has been feeling good.  Wednesday was my best run of the summer in Freidsam at 44:35.  Did another track workout - again felt ridiculously slow, but again I got through it.  It was pretty hot but I am doing better in the heat now than I did at Vermont City.  On Saturday we kayaked in Stoddard- good core workout.  We're thinking about getting a couple!  On Sunday I ran the Freidsam loop but left from the house to add on some miles.  It was HOT.  Poor Grif was pretty warm on our way back on the road.  Overall a solid week, starting to feel stronger.  Passed 1000 miles (1043) and am still considering Cape Cod for a fall marathon- the next couple weeks will be a better indicator.  With work starting -and therefore a full schedule- maybe I'll be better about getting in the lift and core workouts that I am so lazy about right now, then again I may not have time to get very many miles.  I am planning on running 15 tomorrow- might be slow, but I want to cover some bigger chunks of mileage if not for Cape Cod then for getting ready for Pisgah.  The foot has been pretty good even with the increase in mileage.  I've stayed away from hill sprints and plyo's for now, but will start adding them soon.  I still get shooting/searing pains in the foot at night, but its ok during a run- that's really what matters right?!  Ice calms it, so onward with adding miles. This week I feel like I need another big week as work looms and a couple low mileage weeks are sure to result.  We are running a flat 5K Saturday that I would have liked to really focus on, but I think miles are more important and will go into it tired and use it as a workout.  It'll still be fun- maybe I'll surprise myself.   It's a process, and I love it!

Week 30: 38 miles

Monday: AM: TRX class + 2mi TM.  PM: 3 miles with Emily in Saxton's River. LOG 5
Tuesday: Kilburn with Grif. LOG 8
Wed: Hike Bear Mtn
Thu: Track workout. LOG 10
Friday: 2 mi roads from home, core
Saturday: 5 mile Trail race + 3. LOG 8
Sunday: Freidsam from home with Grif. LOG 5.

Pretty hot week.  I was trying to get over 40 miles this week but it didn't quite happen.  Finally made it to the track for my first track workout of the summer.  I did 12 x 400 at 8 min pace (2:00) with 200m recovery and then did 4 x 200 at 46s also with 200 recovery.  Nothing like a track workout to really make you see how slow you are.  I'm not sure how I ever run under 8 min pace when I can barely do a quarter at that pace.  I was having a tough day but I got through it.
On Saturday we did the Run for hte Beavers Trail Race in Rhode Island.  Really cool course- a five mile loop.  I registered for the 10 miler but just couldn't talk myself into the second loop- or rather talked myself out of the second loop before the halfway.  I was jsut not feeling it and was afraid I'd turn my ankle or something if I pushed it.  My foot was pretty sore too.  Besides when I came around in 51 minutes I figured Greggie would be coming around from his second loop in about 10 minutes.  I decided to stay and watch him win it.  And he did.  Sunday I still wasn't feeling great and could only eek out 5 miles in Freidsam with Griffin fo 38 miles for the week.  Almost at 1000 miles for the year.  Next week for sure.  It's a process and I love it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weeks 23-29: 164 miles and Summer

My big plans of getting fit and diesel this summer haven't exactly come about.  I got back to running after the marathon after a week or two of lots of spin classes.  I joined the YMCA, started some drills, plyos, and hill sprints and my foot decided it was not liking that.  So I have spent most of the last 6 weeks battling plantar fascitis.  I've been able to run a little and cycle and hike, but haven't been able to take advantage of the classes at the YMCA.  I guess I will just add the extras as I get better.  A brief summary of the summer so far...

Week 23: 17 miles and Newton 10K.  Went to the 10K with Greg just to get a run in- it was slow and my legs were still pretty tired from the marathon or perhaps the daily- sometimes double- cycle classes I've been taking.  But it was a nice day- we barefoot run a little afterward in a nice field.

Week 24: 33 miles. Lots of Kilburn miles and core.

Week 25: 18 miles.  The foot started acting up midweek a day after a bout of hill sprints.  I hate running in the heat anyway.

Week 26: 7 miles.  Lots of spin classes all week and then a 7 mile run in Kilburn Sunday.

Week 27: 18 miles.  Went to Rhode Island and ran on the Cliff Walk and through Newport for a few miles.  Foot felt like it could be pushed a bit.  Did not run Four on the Fourth because I wasn't feeling well.  Oh well, next year.  It was fun to watch.  At the end of the week we hiked Caribou Mtn in the White Mtns of Maine.  Very nice hike- cool waterfalls.  The first blueberries of the summer spotted in Kilburn while running with Griffin.

Week 28:  29 miles.  I guess it always feels like you lose more time due to injury than you really do, but the foot isn't perfect yet- just to the point where I can run through it now- like I was pretty much all year anyway.  Spent a lot of time in Freidsam Park with Griffin since Greg was away at a running camp.

Week 29: 42 miles.  Biggest mileage since before the marathon.  I got a lot of miles, but mostly shorter stuff without a day off and doubling added up.  Still haven't had a good long run.  Tried the 10 mile loop from our house to and around spofford lake.  This is not an easy loop- pretty, but NOT easy and not one I'll be doing on a weekly basis.  Tough run.  Speaking of tough runs...we did the Dublin 5K Saturday.  Also a route that time doesn't tell you much unless you are comparing it to yourself.  That will be interesting for next year.  I did the final mile (hill) twice and had a good workout day.  Got to run with Emily Monday night in Saxton's River and ran with Tat a couple times in Keene.  It is fun to have people to run with!

Overall I am at 954 miles for the year- a couple hundred miles ahead of last year!  Should reach 1000 this week.  The foot is manageable now- not perfect, but what runner feels perfect?  I'll try to add the "extra's" as  I can (plyos, hills, etc.)  - carefully.  I'm running out of summer at this point and just need to get on track before work starts kicking my butt.  It took me awhile to get used to not having a lot to do - it was a tough adjustment- just ask Greg.  I hated Summer- but you don't know what you got til its gone- in this case- almost gone.  I'll try to make the best out of the last 2 weeks.  I am still toying with the idea of the Cape Cod marathon, but the reality of work may end that quest.  I will at least hope to be in better shape for Pisgah 23K.  I didn't run last year due to sickness, so it'll be fun to be back assuming I stay healthy.  This weekend a 10 mile trail race in RI and i'll begin to build the long run back up over the next couple weeks.  Just trying to go with the flow!  It's a process and I love it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 22: 0 miles and recovery

This week I was sure to recover and not let the excitement of finishing my first marathon drive me to do something stupid.  I was sore for a couple days- mostly quads and my upper back neck.  Plantar Fascia was a little sore too, but feels better with time off.  I wasn't a complete sloth - by Wednesday I joined the YMCA in Keene and started in on some cycling/spin classes.  I've taken 6 in as many days.  FUN!  I felt a little pep in my step return on Friday, but the weather helped me maintain my resolve to rest further.  The spin classes have been awesome and Sunday was an added 45 minutes of core afterward- I can barely stand up straight as my anterior torso muscles are really sore today!  This week I'l get back at it slowly- maybe 25 miles and I did decide to run the 10K in Newton on Sunday- the money goes to Ovarian Cancer research so I figured I might as well join in - might get a surprise Pr out of it!

Cape Cod Marathon is back in the plan - depending on what work does to my miles come August.  But for the summer- get super fit and lean using classes at the Y and get back to running! It's a process and I love it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vermont City Marathon

Wow that was a blast.  Of course I'm getting more and more excited as the pain gets less and less, but still can't wait to do another one!  I'm getting ahead of myself....

Saturday Greg and I drove up to Burlington.  Nice drive and good weather.  We got the expo, checked in, got our goodie bags, and went to the invited runner room so Greg could check in with them and get directions to our accommodations.  We were staying at the dorms at Champlain College with the Fyffe's and Ferenc and Emily.  It was a nice dorm and an easy walk to city center.  Took it easy Saturday, ran a little bit after walking with Emily and Jess.  Went to the expo while Greg, Josh, and Justin went to their meeting.  Got some cheese samples, coffee, and bought the marathon poster.  We all got together again and went to dinner at the Brewery (Chicken sandwich and fries and a beer (and water)).  Early to bed of course....didn't sleep all that well.

Sunday morning we got up really early and headed to Dunkin Donuts. Car almost got towed...for real.  Got back to change and then drove into burlington to park.  Easy.  Headed to the invited athlete "staging area" with Greg, Justin, and Ferenc.  Nerves started setting in- could only eat half my bagel and drink some juice.  Weather looked like it was going to be okay.  Got a shuttle to the start...heaven forbid the invited athletes walk too much before the race. :)  Got to the start and used the portopotty a couple times without much wait and warmed up a little.  Beautiful morning!  I saw the pace teams assemble so I went to line up with my 3:45 group.  Legs felt pretty good.  Waited for the start.  Damn had to pee again.  No way I could do that.  Chatted a bit with a couple people around me, almost started to cry as it got closer to the start, and decided I could pee my pants if I had too because I wasn't going to stop for a potty break.

Start.  Glad I resolved to stay near the pace leaders.  I didn't stay behind them because they were planning 8:35 pace and I really wanted to stick to 8:30 pace.  It worked out well because there was a big group with them and I didn't like that.  So I stayed a little ahead but in control.  Stomach started to rumble like I was going to have GI issues but it must have been nerves. Kept my core engaged more than usual to try to stop the urge to pee!  It worked, eventually I forgot I had to go.  Missed the first mile marker- asked someone if we past it yet at 9:30 on my watch.. She thought we had.  whew.  Got to the second and was at 17:00.  perfect.  Felt good.

Got through the city and then out to the beltway.  Luckily there was cloud cover because this is completely exposed.  It's an out and back so it's fun to see the leaders (Matty P) and all the boys.   This is the only time I could see them.  Then when I went around the turn around I could see all those behind me.  Lots of people in this race!  Miles 3 and 4 were a little fast 8:07 pace, but I got it back to 8:30 pace quick.  The 3:45 pace leaders were about a quarter mile behind me so I wasn't going too fast.

Coming off the beltway back into the city is a blast! About this time we are at 10 miles.  Still on pace, but notice that my quads are mixing cement.  Hmm never experienced that before.  We start going out the second "loop" through some neighborhoods, foot is a little sore, but mostly I'm worried about my quads.  I was good about water and taking a couple gels up to this point.  Knew the half was coming...only half?  I got to the half marathon right on pace at 1:51 and some change.  But I wasn't liking the way I was feeling anymore.  I noticed the sun was out in full force now.  We went through a little park and the breeze felt good to me and the view was spectacular.  I tried to focus on those good things because I was suddenly not feeling so good.  Surprisingly someone started to yell for me...MacNight and Goupil!  That was pretty fun and encouraged me for a couple hundred yards. haha.  I knew we were coming back into the city and had to go up Battery St hill....long.  I could hear the famous drums, but by now I was flat out hot.  I tried to muster some strength for this hill during which you hit mile 16 I think.  Welp I was hurting I couldn't deny it any longer.  Right about then 3:45 pace leaders seemingly fly past me...bye bye 3:45.  I had nothing to respond with.  Bad timing.  As I was going uphill, it began to all go downhill for me.  Pretty even 8:30 pace until mile 15: 9:02....Mile 16: 9:44...crap.  And that was all she wrote.

I didn't know what to do and this is where inexperience probably played a big role (not to mention lack of proper training).  I knew I was going to hurt but I thought I'd get to at least 20 or even 22 before I had to think of mantra's and motivate myself.  But all I could think was I had 10 more miles and the cement that had been mixing in my quads was quickly hardening.  I got to the top of the hill and tried to put the pace leaders in my sight, but just couldn't.  I wanted water...cold water.  At this point people started reading the bibs and a couple people seemed to enjoy yelling "fiesty" for me.  That was cool.  I don't get called that much these days and it was fun to hear.

We headed out on our last loop and I had no idea how I was going to finish.  I got to 18 and couldn't figure out how many miles I had left.  I also didn't know what to focus on.  I remember reading an article about what to do when you hit the wall, but couldn't remember what it said.  I couldn't think of a single tune to put in my head.  Couldn't remember the mantra a friend had emailed me.  Nothing.  My mind was scattered and my body tattered! Every time I wanted to chat with someone- or ask someone to stop and hold me- they would have headphones on...bummer.  The spectators and volunteers were awesome and encouraging...and lying through their teeth while still saying "you look strong"!

I got to 20 and at least I could figure out I had 6 more miles.  More neighborhoods with lots of turns.  The thought of another gel made me nauseous, so I decided the ice pops that the people in the neighborhood had would be great!  And they were!  I drank lots of water, started going through sprinklers, and eating oranges and ice pops.  Every time I got cool I got on pace for a couple minutes (ok seconds) but it didn't last.   It wasn't even that bad- probably 75 degrees and not too humid, but I either just don't do well in any amount of heat or I need to be more fit to battle through it...probably a combination of the two.

Somewhere there's a steep downhill into the park area during which my hamstring cramped a tad, but I was healthy...just tired.  Real tired. To put it into perspective....  My fastest mile during the second half was mile 21 at 9:26. ouch.  I had 3 miles (20, 22, 24) just over 10 minute pace. The last 6 miles were a battle to just get to the next water station.  I started drinking gatorade as my stomach was growling.  Mile 23.  Really?  3 more?  At least this is the bike path, so there was shade, but this relief was too little too late.  I didn't think I could do it and realized Greg was going to have to wait way longer than expected.  Finally the crowds started to build again and I could see the city.  I missed the mile 26 mark so had no idea how far my torture would continue.

Finally a couple turns and I could see grass...I knew we ended on grass!  YAY!  At this point I could hear Macnight yelling for me that I'd be under 4 hours and I saw Greg up on my right.  Somehow I got to the finish mat. Under 4 hours, gotta be happy as that's a benchmark a lot of people use.  Can't wait to see that picture because I'm quite sure my plan of smiling more didn't pan out!  I was hurting, but as soon as I was done I felt great.  Greg asked what I needed and I think I said I just needed to cry!  He told me I never had to do another marathon, but that thought didn't even occur to me, I knew I was going to do another.  Probably many.  He had access to COLD water, that felt and tasted great.  I was told it was about 80 when I finished.  That's quite hot for me.  I grabbed a chocolate milk and we made our way out of the crowds and back to the elite staging area.  Whew.  That was tough.

IT helped to move around and it was fun to hear that Matty P won, Ferenc did awesome (4th place, 1st Vermonter).  Greg was about 15 minutes slower than his plan too (2:44).  But we all gathered up in our group and headed back to the rooms for awhile, out to dinner, and had a great night in an awesome city! Fun times.

I didn't meet my goal but I still don't think it was unrealistic.  I never struggled aerobically, I got hot.  Maybe if I had been in better shape I would have battled through that aspect better, but had it been 50 degrees I would've faired much better.  I will do it at some point.  I want to do this race again for sure, but am not sure I can wait an entire year to do another marathon.  I would like to plan one for the fall, but makes me nervous that'll I'll end up as under trained as I was this time because of work and teaching more.  I'll play it by ear...yah right, I'm already researching and planning my options!  :)  My slight disappointment has given way to complete satisfaction the more people are encouraging and the more the realization sets in that I ran a marathon.  Kinda crept up on me!  Here's the unofficial breakdown...

bib 1692   JEN HAMMETT   Marathon » finished 03:57:47

Overall: 884th of 2418
Female: 25nd2 of 1085
F40-44 38th of 152

10K  52:42  8:29 pace
10 mile 1:24 8:29 pace
Half marathon 1:51 8:32 pace
20 mile 2:57  8:52 pace (ouch)
Finish  3:57:47  9:05 pace

We got back to NH after a nice breakfast by the water.  Good to see Griffin and Zoe.  Soreness is mostly in my quads and some chaffing on my thighs, but no blisters and in general came out unscathed.  I'm psyched to recover, work on getting fit, doing a couple races here and there this summer, hit the trails, and figure out when I can tackle this beast called the marathon again.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 21: 17 mile taper and VCM = 44 miles

This is what the week leading up tot he marathon looked like.  I was a bit crabby so did a couple short runs toward the end of the week that I hadn't planned on just to feel better. Wish I had gotten in a couple spin classes, I think my legs would've felt better during the week, but the classes offered at my gym have an instructor I cannot stand and since I was already crabby I didn't see that working out so well.  I was surprised how awful  I felt even though my weeks haven't been that packed full of miles!

Monday: TM progression run, legs felt great. LOG 6
Tues: off
Wed: TM 4 miles
Thu: 3 mi TM
Fri: Pisgah with Grif, LOG 3
Sat: 1+ in Burlington
Sun: VCM LOG 27 miles

Monday, May 21, 2012

WEEK 20: 23 miles and Bedford 12K

Mon - core/strength
Tues: 30 min elliptical + core; massage!
Wed: Pisgah OAB with Griffin on Old Chesterfield Road; LOG 5
Thu: Keen Railbed; LOG 10
Fri: 0
Saturday: Bedford 12K, 58:33/7:52 pace; LOG 8
Sunday: core

I intended to do a little run on Sunday to have a little more mileage this week, but that never happened.  Cleaned the house and enjoyed a quiet Sunday with no racing and just hung out at home with my husband.  We seem to have a bunch of new life in our yard- baby cardinal (so cute), baby robin (huge!), and baby phoebe's by our front door (hungry! saw a parent grab a moth right out of the air!).  I was pretty distracted with watching them all day.  Greg found a turtle in the yard while he was mowing (no he didn't hit it) and I saw another on the road while walking Grif (have also seen a couple dead baby ones. wah.).  I wish I could see into the nest of the Blue Herons on the pond- I bet there's babies there too.  Anyway, enough about nature.

Saturday's race was fun.  I looked at it like a good tempo run and that's what I did.  It's a rolling course with lots of shade.  I had done this race when I first began running 3 years ago and ran 1:07.  Was pretty sure I'd PR. We started at 9am and it was probably about 70 degrees?  Really sunny. No humidity (that's key).  The miles clicked by quickly and I just tried to stay comfortable but working hard and concentrated on keeping my turnover quick.  Last mile and an older guy says "we're doing alright! Just stay relaxed and we'll be done in no time". And he was right, I just stayed relaxed and got to the last hill to the track and felt pretty good.  Even passed a couple people on the track.  Even had a smile for the finish as Greg cheered me on.  (That's my new thing, I'm going to try to smile more while running...I did it during this race and I gotta say it does help a little!  I know I smile in the woods when I am running with Griffin, so why not?)  I finished at 58:31- 9 minutes faster then 3 years ago.  And my miles were steady (7:36, 7:45, 8:02, 7:54, 7:52, 7:45, 8:10, 3:23 (.45mile)= 58:33(my watch)).  I'm not sure if the 7th mile was marked a little long or I just fell off pace- I didn't feel like I did, but whatever.  17th in my age group/28th female master.  Not too bad for a Grand Prix race.  I feel like I should be more consistently closer to and under 7:45 pace if not 7:30.  I'll work on that this coming year.  Greg had a one second PR.  He's pretty excited to get this marathon over with too. Hmmm just noticed on coolrunning my time is now 58:35...could have sworn it said 58:32 when Greg looked at it last night.  haha

So here we are, my last post before the marathon...this week, rest, hydrate and try not to do anything stupid.  "Hay is in the barn."  I'm excited.  I get more excited when I see a cool weather report, but after yesterdays report being high 71/low 45 it has now crept upwards...I have a bad feeling it will continue to do so.  BUT it is what it is and I'm trying not to stress about it (unless checking the weather every 2 hours on three different websites is considered stressing).  It's exactly like checking the weather for our wedding!  If it ends up being the same we're in good shape.  Anyway, I don't feel like I've had enough big mileage weeks, but I have to try to muster some confidence and just have fun with it.  I have plenty of things I want to work on afterwards!  After all, it's a process, and I love it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 19: 52 Miles and heat

Monday: 22 miles in Keene; 3:11/8:40 pace
Tuesday: 0
Wed: 30 min elliptical
Thu: Treadmill progression run; LOG 6
Friday: Pisgah with Grif - Lily trail completely flooded; LOG 9
Saturday: Spin class, 50 minutes
Sunday: 15 in Keene; 2:07/8:30 pace

Good week, wish I had had a couple more of these under my shoes!  My legs feel good today even - tired, but good.  My longest run at 22 miles on Monday didn't go as smoothly as the last one- I think I already wrote about that in my last post.  But I did recover and decided to do another semi-long run this week.  Yesterday I started my run and it was about 60 degrees; it was about 75 when I finished.  I am going to suffer if it's hot in vermont.  And this wasn't even humid heat.  Oh well, I held on to my pace, but it was a struggle.  Maybe it helped me acclimate and it won't bother me so much if it is warm!  That's what I will tell myself.  Other than that a pretty noneventful week.  I'm getting pretty psyched.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 18: 35 miles and Chesterfield 5K

Monday: off
Tuesday: TM Progression run; LOG 7
Wednesday: Pisgah with Griffin; LOG 10
Thursday: spin
Friday: TM workout- tough, very warm; LOG 10
Saturday: Chesterfield 5K, ridiculous course; 25:23 or something

Not the big week I needed - again.  I should just start opening with that like I end with "its a process..."!  I don't have the mileage to back up a stellar first marathon, but it is what it is and there isn't much I can do about it at this point.  Just have to take it as a lesson for the next one!  I guess it's a good sign I'm already thinking I'll do another and even have my eye on Cape Cod in October.  That's positive.

Anyway, Saturday we did the Chesterfield 5K for Greg's school.  This runs right by the house (twice) so Griffin gets all in a tizzy, but at least I can run up our road without worrying about Pumba for once (they send out notices to have the dogs inside).  After this race I'm slightly glad for Pumba and not having to tackle that hill every time I want to run!  It is rough, but would be a good workout if I could add it to my run everyday.  I saved 4 newts on the way up, but still saw some crushed ones on the way back down ;(.  I can't remember my time ( I swore I would when I reset my watch), but it was definitely over 8 min pace.  The Mitchell's cows are funny because they were mooing on the way back while looking out the doorway of the barn, kinda like they were cheering. Cute.  I did get a win and Greg got a new course record. Fun morning.

Did my last long run this morning - I guess I would've had a bigger week had I not had to work on Sunday and did my long run then. In any case, it wasn't as encouraging as the last one.  22 miles and ended with an overall 8:40 pace although I was slowly chipping away a solid 8:25 pace through 15.  I couldn't tell if I started suffering because I was tired, hungry, warm, or just feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have anyone to join me for some of the route like usual.  I honestly think it was the latter, which will be good because that shouldn't happen during the marathon...although I can feel quite sorry for myself during any race.  I guess we'll see.  I fell apart at 16 miles and picked it up on and off over the last 3 but really just wanted some Dr. Pepper.  I might have to see if someone can have some Dr. Pepper for me on the sidelines in Vermont!  It was warm, but not at all humid and really nice running weather.

This week, recover from today's run - already sat in the cold whirlpool.  Get some more miles and spin classes.  Maybe lift a weight?  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, April 30, 2012

WEEK 17: 34 miles and James Joyce

Monday: off
Tuesday: 4 mi TM + lift; LOG 4
Wed: Pisgah trails (Lily-Nash-SW + Mini Vistas) with Griffin; LOG 14
Thursday: spin class
Friday: Roads with Tat joining me for the last 3...tough morning; LOG 8
Saturday: ellipitcal + core
Sunday: James Joyce 10K 48:32/7:49 pace; LOG 8

Not the high mileage week I had hoped for.  I guess the long trail run Sunday and then Wednesday pooped me out.  Friday I had planned 15 on the roads, but it just wasn't meant to be...a pit stop in the woods and the wind and generally feeling like crap put an early stop to that plan.  Would have only done 5 had Tat not come out to meet me for the last 3. Blah.  and then another blah day Saturday.  Just tired I guess.

Sunday we decided to go tot he James Joyce 10K.  I didn't have any expectations except to use it as a good workout.  I was having some serious stomach issues during my warmup and 2 stints in the portopotty didn't put me at ease.  I was really nervous I was going to have an accident on the course, but went anyway- it was 40 bucks afterall.  It was a really nice day, bit windy, but I started the race and didn't feel my stomach like I expected.  Not that I felt good, I didn't.  Just felt rickety?  Couldn't get into a comfortable stride and I had started so far back I thought my first mile was going to be 9 minute pace.  Well clearly I haven't gotten any better at judging pace because I came through mile 1 at 7:40.  It's the fastest mile on the course and I wasn't feeling taxed cardiovascularly so I just locked in for fear of straining any more would cause a stomach issue.  Apparently I did lock in; the remainder of the miles went like this...7:50, 7:50, 7:54, 7:51, 7:54, and 1:30 for the last .2 miles (7:30 pace- that's all I got for a "kick" even with my cute husband yelling for me to do so...sorry honey!)  So I may not know what pace I am going but I can lock in on one!  Greg had a PR day and I wish I had dug in a little harder to get one too as I was only 20 seconds off.  I was 13/161 40-44 year old females.  Pretty big race with almost 2000 runners, but well organized and a nice venue.  It's a tough course but I really like the rolling hills - the wind I could do without.  :) Maybe next year!

I really need to go out with the pacer at Vermont City or I'm going to blow up early.  I am still feeling confident I can run 8:30 pace and come in at 3:45ish. Also feel like I should be able to do a half marathon at the 7:50 pace- that's next years project.  First gotta get through the next 4 weeks and the marathon!  Trying to stay confident but this week wasn't at all the confidence builder I had hoped for.  I guess it's normal to have the high's and lows like this...that's been the hardest part of this training.

This week I am taking care of Griffin's running needs so we will be in the woods Tuesday and Wednesday.  She doesn't like the rain, but she doesn't like days off more!  So rain or shine we'll be out there tomorrow.  Since I have to work all day Sunday (KSC women's lacrosse LEC championship game in Plymouth) my last long run will be next Monday instead of Sunday. Supposed to be mid 60's so that will be a good test.  I almost wish it was the marathon itself!  It's a process and I am loving it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

WEEK 16: 40 miles and feeling better

Mon: 0
Tues: lift plus 3 miles on TM
Wed: Chapman/Jordan Hills loop from KSC, 1:28; LOG 10
Thu: Spin plus core
Fri: Pisgah with Greg and Griffin after lots of yardwork; LOG 7
Sat: Spin at TFZ- tired legs
Sun:  Long run in Pisgah with Griffin, 2:50; LOG 20

Finally back to running.  The 3 miles I did after having over a week off due to sickness felt legs were fresh and I can't wait to taper for the marathon! My legs were tired Friday when trying to run after a morning of yardwork.  The big day of the week was Sunday.  It was pretty gross out and I had planned 18 miles on the roads in Keene.  That morning I had no motivation to head out on my own and had talked myself down to 10 miles if that...Greg suggested running with Griffin in the woods and that was a great idea. I had planned on doing mini-vistas and then go right into Lily-Nash-South Woods after a water break at the top of Winchester road.  At the end of the mini vistas loop I realized my mistake of doing it in that order...bombing down Hubbard Hill is way more fun at the end of a run than climbing out of South Woods!  SO halfway through our second loop on Lily Pond Trail I started thinking maybe I'd add on another Mini-Vistas loop!  I made the mistake of leaving my water bottle at the top of Winchester, but instead of going to get it and risk changing my mind, I turned left coming out of South Woods and went right on to Reservoir Road to Baker Pond- and up and over Hubbard.  Bombing down Hubbard at the end of almost 3 hours in the woods was as fun as I thought it would be...yah I was a little thirsty, but it was worth it.  Griffin had fun, she always seemed surprised when she realized we were heading back into the woods instead of home.  She was definitely tired, but I am rejuvenated and feel like I am back on track.  Just gotta get some warm weather runs in...doesn't look like this week....It's a process and I love it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 15: yikes

Monday: recovery bike for 35 minutes and some core
Tuesday: too busy at work all day to do a thing
Wed- Saturday: SICK; Sinus crap
Sunday: 10 miles in Pisgah with Griffin...pretty warm out.

Oh man,  a self-confidence building 21 miler followed by a week of 10 miles and being sick?!  How am I supposed to process this?  Even today I didn't do anything because I just wasn't motivated and can't quite breath- and have to work all day.  Needless to say my confidence took a hit this week.  I did have a left hip flexor issue that didn't get better even with the week off, but I don't think it'll be a huge deal yet.  I just want to run.  Hopefully I can manage a decent week this week and an outstanding one next week!  Gotta run in some heat so I'm not so scared of it in Vermont.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

WEEK 14: 31 miles and a long run

Monday: off
Tues: bike 30 minutes + core
Wed: Pisgah with Griffin- beautiful day; LOG 10
Thurs: Spin class 60 min + core
Fri: 21 miles at Goal Marathon Pace, 2:58/8:28pace; LOG 21
Sat: off - on feet all day with 5K/work
Sun: much needed pedicure while Greg and Griffin ran in MA

Not a high mileage week, but a good week none-the-less.  I'm really taking the recovery piece seriously.  Took Mon and Tues light because of the 14 miler on Sunday.  The bike and spin classes are great.  Then the 21 miles on Friday.  This run went really well.  I am again encouraged with the effort.  It was a windy day and the route isn't easy, so I think I am setting myself up well for the marathon.  Tat joined me for the last 6 again and that helps keep me going.  The hardest miles seem to be the two after picking her up and then I seem to refocus and get back into it.  My last two miles were at 8:20 pace so I was glad to see I can push a little - when I really just want to be done.  The entire run took me 2:58:00 for an 8:28 pace.  That's just where I want to be. 

I've read lots of things about how long runs should be slower than "race pace" and/or they shouldn't exceed 2.5 hours and on and on.  It can be confusing but I feel like I'll go into Vermont a lot more confident knowing I felt like I could've continued 5.2 more miles on Friday and had a pretty good marathon.  I wouldn't want to be schlepping around at 9 or 10 minute pace for 3-4 hours in training- I don't think that would help my psyche!  Plus I'm really trying to work on my form and efficiency- I find that hard to do if I'm purposely running "slower" - and lets be honest 8:30 pace is slow enough!  Maybe if I was trying to run a sub-3 hour marathon that kind of training advice makes sense, but I'm doing it this way and if it blows up in my face I'll try something else next time.  I think the key if you are doing the long runs is recovery and I'll take a lot of recovery after this one. 

I didn't really have any aches and pains during the run (well, I'm sure I did but I can only remember the splinter in my big toe at mile 13 which I removed after a shower), but I woke up Saturday with my left Psoas (hip flexor) completely shut down.  Had to lift my leg into the car and couldn't lift my knee up to save my life.  Standing around while helping with the Sports Med 5K and then for a lacrosse game couldn't have helped.  I woke up Sunday and it was working a little better although still sore and today it's better still so I'm not as worried.  Just going to be sure to recover because I know running will test it for sure.  Otherwise feel good!  Almost wish that was my last long run before Vermont City, but I know I need to get some medium and perhaps a longer run in warmer weather!  It'd be great if Burlington was going to be 40 degrees on race day, but that's unlikely and I know I don't do well in heat.  That may be a problem.  I had no GI issues on this run which was also encouraging.  I know that can change in an instant on any run, but the GU and water is working so I won't change that at this point.  Just have to practice on opening those damn packets on the run! 

This week, recover as if it was a race.  I also have a cold brewing, so I'll try not to get run down and sick again.  Today I just biked and worked on the hip flexor.  I have a lot going on at work tomorrow anyway so running probably won't fit.  Won't have a high mileage week, but a couple medium runs and depending on how they go a 14-15 miler Sunday.  Unless I can find a race.  Couple spin classes (I'm too easy on myself on the bike on my own) planned too.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, April 2, 2012

WEEK 13: 38 miles and Fast Friends Race

Monday: My Birthday.  20 min bike and hip/core strength
Tuesday: Lift + elliptical 25 minutes
Wednesday: Pisgah with my favorite wolf, Lily -Nash- South Woods; LOG 10
Thursday: 0
Friday: Keene rail trail with Tat, legs still sore from lift; Log 7
Saturday: Fast Friends 4.5 mile race; 34:37/7:42 pace; LOG 7
Sunday: Surry Damn + wheelock at Goal Marathon pace; 1:57:30; Log 14

I was still pretty happy with my 18-mile effort on Sunday and really wanted to recover.  Took Monday and Tuesday easy.  Unfortunately I over did it with the lift on Tuesday and my legs were terribly sore for the rest of the week.  Running Wed and Friday was torture and uncomfortable because of it and I didn't have much faith that I'd feel good Saturday.  Luckily I was wrong.  I felt pretty good Saturday morning.

We headed out to the race that's in it's third year but I had never run.  The first year I was injured (achilles bursitis). But went anyway to "volunteer" (to be honest I wanted to see if I could get the chance at talking to a certain cute runner-boy - I did a little bit :) (blushing)).  The second year I had "the flu" after 4 martinis bought by the before mentioned runner-boy for my birthday.  So this year I was gonna run!  I did some foam roller and magic stick and my legs miraculously felt better.  I wore my new addidas tempo- which I wasn't liking walking around but liked immediately upon picking up the pace!  It was a chilly morning, but perfect for running.  Lots of cute dogs around too.  We started and my plan was to stay comfortable and not go out too fast.
Mile 1: It's a deceptive incline to the bottom of ash hill.  7:38.  perfect, not too fast and maybe I can pick it up later. 
Mile 2: Not so decpetive giant hill.  Although not as bad as a thought as I hadn't been on this road in a long time.  I tried to stay comfortable and not completely breakdown.  I didn't get passed and felt ok.  I came over the top and hit the downhill hard- love that!  I passed a person or two on this section, trying to take advantage of catching my breath.  7:52.  I'll take that- it's a big hill.
Mile 3: Rolling hills, passed another person.  7:46 (I think, I didn't write down 4 mile splits so doing math I came up with the last one but not sure which mile it is)
Mile 4: More rolling hills on a lonely stretch of road.  I couldn't hear anyone behind me but started to get the feeling someone was coming.  Wanted to ask the people on the course how close the next person was, but didn't and didn't look back either.  Best I don't know.  Still stayed comfortable but was working somewhat hard.  7:43?
Last .5: I had been waiting to see this stretch of road.  Came around the last little set of turns to see Eric Macnight (winner) -he says a couple encouraging things and then a few seconds later he's yelling for his girlfriend (Kimber) and telling her "Jens' right here"...Oh man!  That made my knees weak and put a rumble in my tummy- I don't have the stomach for competition!  I just wanted to roll in comfortably, I figured I was top 5!  I wasn't sure how much of a gap I had but I decided to try to up the tempo a bit.  I came around into the parking lot- had to avoid a car- and felt I was going to get to the finish before Kimber caught me.  I did - Whew.  3:38 (7:20 pace).  Overall: 34:37 for 7:42 pace; 3rd female overall and 1st MASTER female!

Good fun.  My legs felt good.  I did a short cooldown and had to take off to work, so I didn't even get to enjoy it much!  Kind of a bummer, but it gets the write up in the sunday paper...I'm not even mentioned in the list of local participants let alone that I won my age group and was third overall (granted the first two had quite a large gap on me).  Would've been nice to be mentioned with my new last name and god knows winning my age group may never happen again!  So I was pretty bummed about that.  It gets weirder.  So I go to look at all the pictures- I'm still looking for a good running picture of me so I don't have to use wedding photos on my blog- welp you guessed it...none of Jen Hammett.  It'd be somewhat comical if I wasn't doubting my own existance!  Oh well.  I went to work and then headed to Andy and Tat's for a fun gathering with lots of food and friends.  I know I was there!

Sunday.  I decided to do a longish run since my legs were feeling so good.  I parked at the hospital for my trek to Surry damn, come back through so I can refuel at my car and go out Wheelock Park to a 6 mile loop.  I was tired but  felt good about being able to maintain a good run.  Started out at 8:45 pace and slowly but surely worked my way down to a final 6 miles at 8:20 pace.  Overall 14 miles in 1:57:30 - 8:30 pace.  I'm again encouraged and looking forward to the 21 miler I have planned for Friday.  It's supposed to be a little warmer- which will be a good test- and Tat has agreed to once again join me for the final 6 mile loop- that is such a huge help. 

This week, welp I've blogged away my only time to get on the bike today- oops.  But I'm surprisingly not sore and my legs feel good.  So I guess I didn't over do it.  Got some trails and spin classes planed, but the focus is on Friday's long run.  I'm excited!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

WEEK 12: 38 miles and a good long run...

Monday: Bike x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: 0
Wed: Lily-Nash with Griffin + 2 hill sprints; LOG 10
Thurs: Lift + spin class - felt good
Fri: Keene Railtrail to dump from target, 4 pickups; LOG 10
Sat: Spin class
Sun: 18 mile long run- surry damn and Wheelock loop from Tats house- Tat joined me for the last 6; LOG 18 (2:33/8:30 pace)

Not a great week for mileage but it was a great week for my peace of mind and body!  I let myself really recover after the New Bedford debaucle and made a conscious effort to do more crosstraining- mostly in the form of spin class.  I'm focusing on good quality running and took out all my lower mileage days and opted to lift and spin.  Lower mileage, but higher quality.  Being on the trails wednesday was glorious.  Wood frogs, blue heron, and no bears.  Griffin is happy to calm me by wearing a collar of bells- we sound like santa coming through the forest!  The railtrail is always a good workout, but not my favorite.  Spin classes were good and I will try to add another lifting day this week since I won't be doing an especially long run this weekend. 

The long run Sunday is what has put me in the best mood.  I planned a route from Tat's house since she was going to join me for the last 6 miles.  I went up to Surry dam, down 12A and around Darling st and back by Brettwood and back to Tats house by the hospital.  That was exactly 12 miles and I felt great.  Right from the get go I had a spring in my step.  I planned on just trying to lock into goal marathon pace like I did at caumsett.  I didn't set myself up with an easy route either!  I got back to Tat's feeling pretty good and took my second GU- no stomach issues.  We set off for the final loop and I was really tired from 12-14 miles, but then all of a sudden I got a burst of energy and felt strong right to the end.  18 miles in 2:33, 8:30 pace.  It felt great - I still feel good, so I guess I didn't over do it.  I also loved my new sneakers - Asics Gel Neo33.  I do have a black Left big toe nail though- hopefully not something that'll happen everytime I wear them! 

This week I am going to let myself recover fully from the long run (feeling fine right now), hopefully hit the trails Wednesday (if it's not snowing) and a couple spin classes somehow- although that's not looking promising in my schedule right now.  Saturday is the Fast Friends race so that'll be a good workout (and my first race in the "masters" field!).  Nothing too long Sunday.  Next attempt at a long run will be a week from Friday.  Hopefully it'll be a little warmer so I can see if I can keep pace in a little heat!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

WEEK 11: 49 miles and New Bedford 10 miler

Monday: 7 in Pisgah "with" Greg, Fyffe, and Griffin.  Got left at the top waiting by myself!  Log 7
Tuesday: TM with pickups + core; Log 6
Wednesday: Railtrail in Winchester waiting for my car; LOG 7
Thursday: Progression run on TM; LOG 5
Friday: Wheelock loop from Tats's: LOG 6
Saturday:  Pisgah to Lily Pond OAB; Log 3
Sunday: 2 mile warmup; New Bedford "half marathon"; LOG 15

Crap week.  Not sure I gained a thing.  I got the miles but I'm thinking I need to stop just chasing miles and make sure I'm getting longer more quality running in.  That was made evident by my effort at New Bedford.  I'm calling it a 10 miler because at 10 miles I was at 8:05 13.1 miles I ended with an 8:24 pace overall...ouch.  I was just tired, went out too fast, and didn't run smart.  Bad move not to wear a watch.  I didn't because I didn't want to start berating myself for a couple slow miles like I usually do, in the end it may have helped me not go out so fast had I been wearing a watch.  Need to change the self-talk and use the watch right.  There are clocks on course but I didn't realize it took me a full minute to get to the start mat and "my" time was a 1:01 off... I was only subtracting 20-30 seconds. I really did feel good the first 6 miles and thought I was going to come close to my PR, but the wind at 7-8 got to me even though I was expecting it. I fueled and took water, but just couldn't get my feet to turnover.  I get more disappointed the more I think about it.  I went in not expecting to PR or even try but other than that didn't really have a plan.  Another big mistake.  Should always have a plan for a longer race like this.  Next year...this will be a goal race and I will try for a PR then.  For the next 10 weeks I need to get my self together and focus on Vermont City.  Now i'm really nervous.  Bouncing a few ideas around in my head about how to go about it, I feel like I'm running out of time.  It's a process, and I love it...

Monday, March 12, 2012

WEEK 10: 35 miles and Spring Ahead 3-miler

Monday: elliptical x 35min
Tuesday: Core + a struggle on the TM; LOG 4
Wed: Pisgah OCR with Griffin.  Muddy/Icy; LOG 6
Thursday: 0 Stomach bug
Friday: 6 easy with Tat...starting to get rid of the bug; LOG 6
Saturday: Spring ahead 3-miler with Greg in Concord; 22:12; LOG 7
Sunday: 12 on putney roads while Greg and Fyffe were out and about as well; LOG 12

Ahhh I have been struggling for 5 weeks and Saturday was the first day in a very loooong time that I felt like a runner again.  My legs felt like they were with me instead of totally against me.  Not sure why.  I did stop the calcium supplements...conincidence?  I will try to work them in a couple times a week only.  Or am I just finally healthy following the head cold and a stomach bug this week?  I had a stomach bug midweek- not a violent onslaught like I've been hearing others have had- but rather a steady state of motion sickness (a couple barfs) for 3 days.  Enough of a disturbance to lose a couple pounds!  I was really starting to get stressed, so I hope that this is a turnaround. 

The race was fun.  I love going to little races with my husband!  And since I haven't had any good workouts in awhile I guess it's good to add these shorter races to replace them.  We got there early and warmed up on the course.  It was pretty flat with one hill.  Nothing exciting to report, I just felt good.  Didn't run particualrly fast, but good enough to win a package of oreos and a gift card.  I'll take it.  I also got out my Addidas Mana shoes- light with a slightly lower heel drop.  I've been a little intrigued with "natural running" after watching the video James posted (below).  Not that I want to be a barefoot runner, but I want to continue to work on my form and core strength.  After my miles on Sunday I did a couple hill sprints (not a steep hill) and even ran a couple minutes barefoot on the street.  It is a cool feeling or maybe its the great weather.  I won't mess with things too much in the midst of marathon training, but my already too big of a shoe collection may get bigger as I try some different shoes out....sorry honey!  Anyway, this is the video I think I will consult a few more times...

I made the decision during my nausea and growing frustration at 5 low mileage weeks, that I need to "train through"  New Bedford HM.  I realize this sounds funny, if not ridiculous,  coming from the midpack, but for my peace of mind I'm not going to be upset if I don't PR Sunday because I am not going to cut my mileage this week.  In fact I should be at or above 50, if I have a good time at NB then great.  I even decided not to wear a watch.  Maybe I can pickup a half this fall after Pisgah. 

So I have a plan for the next coming weeks- bigger mileage, more core and drills, and no stressing out.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

WEEK 9: 32 miles and Caumsett 25K

Monday: elliptical x 30 minutes + core
Tuesday: Core + % mi TM + 1 mile indoor trk; LOG 6
Wednesday: TM+ trk; LOG 7
Thursday: 0: snowday!
Friday: Legs hurt!  Elliptical 20 minutes
Saturday: Caumsett State Park, course preview; LOG 3
Sunday: Caumsett 25K 2:11:59/8:30 pace; LOG 16

Not a good week as far as miles go.  It's hard to explain but my legs just HURT.  This is week 3 of that nonsense.  The first couple I could explain away because of sickness.  I had started taking Calcium and Vit D a couple weeks ago, but am going to stop and see if that is the culprit.  I can't take a multivitamin for some reason - just messes with me, so maybe I just have to space out the calcium and vit D too.  Anywho...

We went to NY (long island) on Saturday after a underwhelming week of running and a snowstorm!  I was nervous about how I would feel and the warmup on the course Saturday did not put me at ease.  My legs didn't feel good.  I spent that night massaging, foam rolling, and icing (even went into the tepid hot tub at the hotel).  Ate well and hydrated and even got a great night of sleep without a cat walking over me every 2 hours!  It was all I could do I guess.  We left for the race Sunday and I was trying to be positive because I really wanted to have fun- had to be more fun than doing a long run by myself on the streets of Keene so I wanted to take advantage of it. 

The race venue is pretty awesome.  The setting is an old estate turned into a state park that I find intriguing - the mansion was right out of the Great Gatsby novel and the buildings and grounds are amazing even though they aren't open to the public and are a bit run down at this point. Anyway, the 50K started an hour before the 25K so I had plenty of time to think about my was 2:15.  The 5K loop is pretty flat with just enough rolling hills to change the muscles working in your legs for a bit.  The little out and back is tough but just adds to the scenery of who's behind you and ahead of you.  The weather was supposed to be warmer than it ended up being, but I was dressed perfectly yet again.  I didn't do much of a warmup, but it was fun watching the first hour of the 50K play out.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel, but I decided to pretend they'd be fine and planned out my race.  My plan was to do each 5K starting at 8:45 pace and work my way up to 8:15 pace.  That didn't quite happen but I am pleased nonetheless.  We started and my legs felt ok.  So I went with it.  Here are my splits...

1st 5K: 26:15 / 8:28 pace....this felt ok to me so I changed my plan and just tried to maintain...

2nd 5K: 26:26 /8:30 pace...still felt ok and got a little pat on the buns from my husband as he lapped me!

3rd 5K: 26:39 /8:35 pace...hmmm felt like I had gone faster but did walk to drink some gatorade...

4th 5K:  26:15 /8:28pace...ok recovered a little, still felt pretty good, started passing people that had been around me for awhile...

5th 5K:  26:20 /8:29pace...again thought I had gone a little faster but I did do the gatorade thing right at the beginning of this lap and I guess made up for it. 

Even splits!  I'm not even sure I tried to be that even so can't say I learned anything about pacing myself!  Also not sure I could do 11 more miles at that pace, but that's the plan.  Lots of long runs coming my way.     It was fun to have the boys lap me so I could see what was going on in the race while running!  Went from 72nd place to 62nd overall, 13th female.  I was pretty happy.  I guess I'm encouraged for the marathon, but a little discouraged for the half marathon coming up in two weeks.  

I'm a bit sore today- wanted to sneak in a couple miles so I could take a couple off a longer run this week, but that wasn't going to happen.  Opted for the elliptical instead for 35 minutes.  Sat in the cold whirlpool for about 15 minutes, hopefully that'll help calm things down.  I'll experiment with the calcium and vit D supplements.  

Gotta run through it tomorrow- need a big week this week!!!!  Then a little lower mileage to at least try to run a good race at New Bedford.  I have to remember I wasn't really pushing myself at Caumsett like I hope to be at New Bedford. Goal is sub1:45, but I am not going to wear a watch and just go with it. My last race in the open category - I'll be a master for the Fast Friends race on March 31st!!!  After that it's all about Vermont City.  I have long runs mapped out already.  Getting a little nervous!  It's a process and I love it!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

WEEK 8: 33 miles and DH Jones 10-miler

Monday: off
Tuesday: Lift + 2 miles TM; dead legs; log 2
Wed: Pisgah with Griffin and Greg- trails just ok.  Mini-vistas; Log 6
Thursday: Surry Dam with Tat; Legs dead tired and flat out painful- torture; Log 7
Friday: Treadmill, felt a little better; Log 6
Saturday: off- stood outside in the freezing cold watching two games of lax at Tufts; Log 0
Sunday: DH Jones 10-miler; 1:22:13/8:14pace Log 12

Not a great week.  My legs were pretty sore and dead on every run until Friday and even that day wasn't an awesome run.  I guess I didn't recover from the 15 on Sunday well.  Just haven't felt overall good since being sick.  I still had high hopes for a 10-mile PR on Sunday though...

We got down to Amherst early and I really felt ready to go as far as eating, going to the bathroom, having a nice warm-up, and being dressed perfectly.  It was windy but sunny and a perfect temp for running.  I ran this race 2 years ago and ran 1:20, so my goal was anything below that.  I didn't want to go out too fast and I knew the course was hilly- so work the downhills.  The race started normally enough, and off I went.
Mile 1: 7:56. perfect. 
Mile 2 is downhill and I "worked it" to a 7:09...oops, but it was downhill afterall. 
Mile 3 back up and into the Right Piriformis started to hurt because of the wind pushing me over to that side...8:33. eh ok I can recover that...
Mile 4 still going up.  Now I was pissed and walked...8:57,  I'm lucky it wasn't 12 minutes
Mile 5 onto the dirt road and I think some downhill recovery...8:21.  Gotta go faster than that to recover the almost 9 minute mile!
Mile 6 I was wallowing in self pity about why I was SUCH A WUSS but pulled off an 8:06. Hmmm maybe I can at least feel good about the finish
Mile 7 7:45, felt good in small bursts...hold on.
Mile 8 Dead squirrel.  At least I'm not that poor little guy!  8:17. 
Mile 9 I know what's coming ...just suck it up...8:15
Mile 10...I didn't suck it up...the hilll here was way longer than I remember...Caught a couple people on the downhill finish but then felt like I was running in sand around the parking lot....8:49.
Finished: 1:22:14/ 8:14 pace

Not a great day, but I'm not that upset.  Well, two things upset me: First, I wimped out on the hills, plain and simple.  I even work on that when training.  Second, I'm mad at myself for not realizing at 5 miles I was less than a minute off my goal of 1:20 and shouldve really concentrated to go after a negative split. I was too busy beating myself up.  Dumb.  I do this for fun right?!  I changed my attitude and recovered a little bit those last miles.  While struggling up the hill on mile 9 I told a girl who passed me "good work"" - that's a good attitude right?!  (I passed her on the downhill...even better) I finished at 1:22:14, a couple minutes slower than I had hoped. I shook it off fast and tried not to be too disappointed when asked.  Greg waited for me to finish before going on his cool down - that always makes me feel like the luckiest girl at any race!  :)

Anyway, I was reading my post of this race report from 2 years ago and had to laugh at how happy I was to be a "solid 8-minute miler"!  So while being a little slower does stink, at least I'm out there and it's an activity I can enjoy with my husband...and Griffin and friends.  It's all about perspective.  Sure, I still would like to be more like a solid 7:45 minute miler (ok 7 minute miler) at these races, but it is what it is and I can just keep working on it and see if I get any better.  More importantly I plan on being a sub 4-hour marathoner!  That's definitely possible with more work and an attitude adjustment.  I think my perspective got a little screwed up once I started dating Greg and hanging out with the ridiculously fast boys!  I have to remember it's fun to be a part of in any way, shape, or speed.  I'm still just getting started!
Going into New Bedford...the goal is still sub 1:45 (7:59 pace).  No reason that can't happen, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't.  This weekend in Caumsett I think I will work on pacing a little bit..a couple slower 5K's and work up to faster ones.  It should be a fun weekend.  No pressure.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

WEEK 7: 41 miles and healthy

Monday-Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: Treadmill; LOG 7
Thursday: Chapman-Jordan loop+; LOG 10
Friday: lift AM + Surry Dam with Tat; LOG 9
Saturday: headache
Sunday: Long run solo- surry dam plus wheelock KHS loop; LOG 15

I'm glad to have gotten at least 40 miles this week although I was aiming for 50.  Being sick usually ruins two weeks of mileage totals.  I feel much better now but have a couple races coming up so won't load up on the mileage quite yet.  Feel like I'm in a good place for long runs.  After the Camusett 25K I will try to add on to the 15 mile long runs- they haven't been too taxing and I feel like I can add on without killing myself.  That should put me in good shape for marathon training.  Very curious how the 10-miler is going to be this Sunday, especially after a long day at work on my feet scheduled for Saturday.  In any case, will either get me excited for or scared for New Bedford.  Approaching the 25K as a training run- practice in learning how to pace myself so to speak.  Should be fun.  This week- more core/strength and maybe hit the trails.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

WEEK 6: 33 miles, sick, and Burlingame 15K

Monday: Chapman/Jordan Road from KSC; Log 8
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: Core/hip strength + 5 miles on TM (tough- getting sick?); LOG 5
Thursday: Bretwood Bridge from KSC with Tat- rickety! Definitely getting sick! LOG 10
Friday: 0
Saturday: 0
Sunday: BRRR-Lingame 15K: 1:25:16/9:10 pace; LOG 10

Tough week.  Wednesday I could tell I was getting sick as I struggled to get 5 miles.  I was sweating profusely and just not having fun.  I tried to blame it on the heat inside so headed out Thursday in the cold.  That wasn't much better, I felt very rickety and could feel all the little inflammations and "injuries" my healthy body can keep at bay.  Friday I gave up and then Saturday too.

Sunday I really wanted to run the 15K trail race in RI.  Saturday I felt pretty awful but all we did was drive to RI and eat and go to bed early, so I was determined to wake up "better". And I did.  It was a chilly brusk day- but the sun was amazing.  The "snowstorm" didn't materialize so the footing was going to be good too.  So why not- it could either run the rest of this cold out of me or make it worse.  I took the chance.  I even planned to do an extra loop afterward to try to salvage the weeks mileage. 

We went to Burlingame State Park (which is HUGE) to run a two loop course.  The trails are pretty fun - twisty- and pretty flat- a couple rolling spots.  I tucked in a group behind Pard and just went with it.  I felt bad for the people around me as I was hacking up post nasal drip and trying to blow my nose conspicuously (I'm sure I wasn't successful).  We got to the open road part and I went ahead to try to catch the girl in orange who lead our pack through the single track.  She was running really steady. I kept her within striking distance for a lot of the rest of the loop and some of the beginning of the second.  Then I started feeling really thirsty and craving red gatorade.  This was a late race for me and we had eaten breakfast a LONG time ago.  I was beginning to feel it.  I saw someone had dropped their water bottle for themselves on their way thru the second  (No I didn't take any).  As I felt sorry for myself I lost the girl in orange...rather, she lost me.  This is where I was kind of on my own and experimented blowing snot rockets while on the run. FUN!  I made note to be sure to wipe myself down before coming to the finish!  I heard people coming up behind me and decided I should just run a little harder- it wasn't like I was going very fast- I've put in the miles, why was I being such a wuss?  The postnasal drip I had been swallowing for 6 miles must have some caloric value!  Somehow I convinced myself and I was able to muster a little strength to recatch the girl in orange.  I got to her just after all the bridges and thought for a little while I could even pass her, but I was getting real worn out.  I was sick afterall.  So just before the last turn I did a quick check to make sure I didn't have snot all over me and finsihed somewhat feeling good.  I didn't negative split...not even close (41:45/43:32), but I wasn't sore like I had been earlier in the week and was just tired and very hungry.  Really I felt pretty good- like I had run the cold out of me.  We bagged the extra loop idea as we got cold and heard they were picking up the flags.   Greg won.  That was good for him after a week of sickness too.  It's fun to go to another state and know so many people there!  It was a fun day.  I love trail racing (especailly with my husband! ;)) awwww.

This week I will try to get back to over 40 miles. The week isn't starting great though as I didn't run today because I just don't feel great.  The congestion is gone,  but still not healthy.  I also have to get back to lifting some weights!  I have been wimpy about that all of a sudden.  Hopefully once this virus is done bothering me I will get on track and I'll feel like a runner again.  Looking forward to some early spring road races...hopefully it won't finally snow!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

WEEK 5: 46 Miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin to Snowbrook. LOG 10.
Tuesday: TM 10 x 1/2 mile at goal HMP (7.6mph/7:53 pace) with 1-2 minutes rest. LOG 8.
Wednesday:  off
Thursday: Pisgah with Griffin- too icy.  LOG 6.
Friday: KSC to SurryDam + 3 miles - some with Tat - (2:11/8:45 pace) LOG 15.
Saturday: mini-hike to Beals knob - never been there before!
Sunday:  From Tat's to bridge past Bretwood. Chilly.  LOG 7

Another pretty good week.  Everyone around me is sick so I am not going to plan a down week in case I finally start getting sick and am forced to take some time off.  I'm going to set up a couple strength circuits to do weekly.  Otherwise I think I am right where I need to be with running.  Wish the trails would open up for real- they are a bit icy right now and the nice weather during the day is a tease when you can't get into the woods!  I have loops in Keene I like, but am excited to get back to trails a couple times a week.  Not much else to say.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4: 50 miles!

Monday: TM + indoor track for 15 miles.  All under 9 minute pace with a couple pickups to 8 minute pace.  Felt pretty good - kinda fun to see who comes and goes from the gym in that amount of time! LOG 15
Tuesday: Light strength + 2 miles TM.  Tired but not sore.  LOG 2
Wednesday: Pisgah with Griffin OAB on Old Chesterfield Road.  Really nice morning.  LOG 7
Thursday:  Lift. LOG 0.
Friday: Tempo workout: 2 miles/1.5 mi/1mi/ .5 mi @ 7.8 mph(7:40pace) with .25 jog in between.  Good workout.  LOG 8.
Saturday: Surry dam OAB with Ramona.  Tried to add on 3 more in wheelock but too icy.  LOG 11.
Sunday: Old Chesterfield Road with Griffin - wore ice stabilizers on my sneakers and they worked great.  LOG 7.

So I am feeling pretty good and excited to have my first 50 mile week.  Sure I have aches and pains, but no more than when I was running 30 miles or less so it's clearly not the running that's causing them! Right?! I am not very good about doing all the little extra things to take care of that kind of thing- I should know better. I have been better with the foam roller and that has helped alot. 

My schedule is not set as the lifting class just isn't going to fit in all the time like it has been.  Will start doing that on my own again.  It was just easier to have someone figure out the lift - I tend to obsess and get overwhelmed with the possibilities. 

The treadmill is good for me and I enjoy it.  I'm not sure if it would be the same if it was in our house and there wasn't the constant coming and going of people around and the view of the campus.  We are still considering getting one for those days you just can't get out...I wonder what Griffin will think about that?  She'll probably disassemble it the first day she's left alone with it...and then blame Zoe.  It would be good to have though.  The ice thingys on my sneakers were pretty fun to use this week.  I thought they would be annoying but I really didn't notice them too much. 

I'm having trouble mapping out my week of running right now.  Now that I've hit 50 I feel stress to do it every week, but I think if I can keep the weekly total to at least 45 I should be good with that.  We may do a race on Sunday before "the big game" so I'm not sure where to put my long run.  We'll see how I feel anyway as my throat is sore.  Lots to consider!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

WEEK 3: 35 miles

Monday: 5 easy
Tuesday: Lift + 3 x 7.8mph mile (7:40 pace), struggled; LOG 5
Wednesday: TM hills woorkout; LOG 7
Thursday: TM 2 x 1.5 mile 7:40 pace, .25 recovery jog. LOG 5
Firday: Core + Easy; LOG 4
Saturday: Log 3
Sunday: LOG 5.

Not the week I intended.  Not racing Saturday started the decline in my weekend plans.  Sunday was even worse when I just couldn't decide where I wanted to run because of the snowy roads.  Once I decided and got out there it was frustrating as cars -even if no other cars were coming in the other direction- wouldn't move over and I kept having to basically stop and move into the snow (Rt 12A).  This happened a few times before I got onto the golfcourse road (East Surry) and that road -while traffic was less- was covered and I just didn't feel like struggling for every step of a planned 15 miler.  So I got back around to my car and called it a day...there may have been some balling in frustration when it seemed as if my car opener thingy wasn't going to work- it did after I threw it a few times across the parking lot and into the can see I was not having a good day.  But I've already made up for it today as I did 15 miles INSIDE!  10 on my favorite treadmill (yah, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and call it a dreadmilll), one on the indoor track, 3 more on a very bouncy treadmill, and the last one on the track = 15 miles.  All right around if not under 9 minute pace- perfect for the marathon.  I love the treadmill and don't care who knows it! :)   I don't plan on doing many more long runs on it- that was a bit brutal, but with so much going on around me and people I know stopping to chat while I run, I was just fine.  Glad to know I can I guess.  Long run done and I am even encouraged- and it's early in marathon training! It's a process and I love it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

WEEK 2: 45 miles

Monday: Pisgah with Grif- our usual loop. 66min/LOG 7
Tuesday: lift + TM 3x 1 mile at 7.8mph (Tempo pace according to JD= 7:40 pace):.25 mi recovery. LOG 5
Wednesday: Pisgah with Griffin again + 5 x 15s hill sprints. LOG 8
Thursday: Lift plus Tempo workout like Tuesday. LOG 5
Friday: 3 miles before spin class. LOG 3
Saturday: 6 x 1/2 mile at 8.0mph with 1 min recovery.  A little fast or needed more recovery. LOG 5
Sunday:  OAB from KSC to Surry Dam; BRRRRRRRRRR. LOG 12.

Another solid week - is it really just week 2?  Turning up the speed on the treadmill is helping on the roads I think.  And of course I love the hill sprints!  Sunday was COLD, but I was glad to get out on the roads.  Not much else to say- just chugging along!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

WEEK 1: 46 miles and a good start

Monday: Railtrail 7 miles + 5 more with Tat - wheelock/maple loop.  LOG 12
Tuesday: Core + 3 TM. LOG 3
Wed: From KSC to pickup Tat, Wheelock/Maple Loop. LOG 9
Thursday: Lift + 3 TM; LOG 3
Friday: Spin- good class.
Saturday: Winter Chiller #1 with Greg in Peterboro.  24:44/3.3 miles/7:30 pace; LOG 9
Sunday: Surry Dam OAB with Ramona; tired legs- sore hip; LOG 10

Good start to the new year!  Helps that the winter has been kind, but I wouldn't mind seeing some snow- as long as its easily packed to run on!  Didn't do much "speed" work other than the race.  That was a good 9 miles for me.  The race was on a tough course and then I did it in reverse trying not to go too slow.  My warmup was way too fast.  This Winter Chiller series will be good for my training.  Greg won  Ben and Jerry's and promptly gave it away!  Argh!  Got in a nice run in Pisgah this morning and my legs felt good.  So I'll keep adding the miles and try to stay around 45.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

WEEK 52: 23 miles

Well this was supposed to be a "low" mileage week...not quite that low.  I got up for the race New Years Eve and it was icy so I didn't make the trip...unfortunately I didn't make up for it either.  I did half of a cardio video then went outside to run a couple miles and finally did after turning around twice to just bag it.  Oh well one of those days and the next day wasn't much better.  I wouldn't say I was hung over but I wasn't 100% when I went to the Milleneum mile with Greg so didn't do much there either.  Looked fun though- maybe next year.  Anyway, here's the week:

Monday: off
Tuesday: Pisgah iwth Grif. Log 7
Wednesday: TM 8x1:45 @ 8.1.  LOG 6
Thursday: Treadmill 1 minute increases from 6-7.5; 4 minutes at 7.5 and then back down with some hill play.  LOG 5
Friday: Core + 2 mile TM. LOG 2
Saturday: 1/2 Cardio Challenge + outside run.  LOG 2.
Sunday: 1 mile running back tot the car with Greg after he ran Milleneum Mile.

2011 Summary. 
I ended up ok with numbers- probably because I had a good last month.  I keep forgetting that I did injure my ankle pretty severly in July and it took a bigger toll on my running than I realized at the time.  It still has it's moments.  Anyway, I ended up with 1283 miles for the year which works out ot average 3.5 miles/day, 107 miles /month, and 24.6 mile per week. 
My 2011 goals were:
1. Half Marathon sub 1:45
2. Pisgah 23K sub 2:20
3. 5K sub 22:00 (7:05 pace)
4. Average 30mi/wk (25mi/wk in 2010)
5. Get to 1000 miles sooner...(2010 wk 38)
6. More races...24 in 2010
7. Keep a better paper log
8. Get tougher!
I pretty much failed to reach any of my 2011 goals.  But I did get married and he still loves me! :) I do keep a better log!  Don't feel like I'm much tougher, but I guess I still have time to work on that. 

So this year I will repeat many of the above goals:
2012 Goals
1. PR at every distance: Sub 1:45 Half Marathon, Pisgah, 5K
2. 1500 year total miles
3. Finish Vermont City Marathon (sub 4 hours)
4. Continue lifting 2x week
5.  Do more fall trail races -like in 2010

The marathon will help me reach the  mileage goals and probably the PR's along the way.  I have a good log and plan going already.  We'll see what happens- gotta stay healthy- gotta get lean.  It's a process and I love it!  Happy New Year!