Sunday, August 19, 2012

WEEK 32 and 33

I've made a decision not to run Cape Cod this fall.  Just too busy with work and it was already making me a stressed anxious you know what.  So I'm just going to try to be fit and get diesel this fall- like I was supposed to this past summer!  I won't worry about mileage too much- just try to keep it over 30 and if I get close to 40 great!  I will focus on the Pisgah 23K- I didn't get to run it last year because I was sick.  And I'd like to run a faster time than last year at Lil Rhody too.  So I have goals- just not as lofty as I had planned.  I still can't wait to do another marathon and I'll plan on Vermont City and perhaps Demar some year soon.  
I did a semi-long run Tuesday (15) on the roads (well, 10 on the rail trail) and it went ok.  During my marathon training I was sure to take 2 days rest (active rest) after a run of 15 miles or more.  I didn't do that this week and ran 5 Wednesday and then did a track workout Thursday.  I've had fun with the track workouts (after the fact) and I think they helped me with the Yankee Candle 5K- not a PR but better than last year and better than I expected.  Went in pretty tired and didn't have any kick at the end and I think that was because of my lack of rest after Tuesday's run.  I paid for it that weekend.  I got pretty unmotivated when work started- I get anxious about getting stuff done so running takes a back seat.  But I went to a great cycle class Thursday night and am motivated again.  It will fluctuate as the semester and workload happens!

My foot has also been fluctuating in it's healing.  Right now it seems pretty good.  Strange thing is that it's better now that I have minimalist shoes for walking around.  I was finding that my feet just ached in my structure triax and the addition of inserts was torture.  So I'd wear my five-fingers (won them at a seminar) and my foot would relax and feel better.  I was sore after my run in Pisgah today (2+ hours) and now that I've been wearing my new New Balance minimalist sneakers around my foot again feels better.  I am also trying to make sure to massage at night.  I will need to get some new road shoes I think too.  The lighter ones are just more comfortable now.  

I ran in Pisgah Friday morning with Griffin.  We did Vistas and it was awesome. No deer flys!  Pictures are on the Pisgah Blog.  The rest of the weekend is up in the air as I am about to face the onslaught of preseason athletics at Keene State.  I'll try to keep my "running ahead" run log up to date even if I don't post much here.  It's a process and I love it!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 31: 51 miles

Mon: Freidsam with Grif + Circuit.  LOG 5
Tue: Railtrail of Keene Log 12, 1:46
Wed: Freidsam 5, 44:35. Felt good.
Thu: Track workout 200-400-600-800-1000-800-600-400-200; 7:45 pace. LOG 10
Fri: Freidsam with grif, LOG 4.
Sat: Kilburn with Greg and Grif, LOG 8.
Sunday: Freidsam from house with Grif. LOG 7.

Big week finally.  Got in a "long run" of 12 miles on the railtrail.  Felt good, even the foot has been feeling good.  Wednesday was my best run of the summer in Freidsam at 44:35.  Did another track workout - again felt ridiculously slow, but again I got through it.  It was pretty hot but I am doing better in the heat now than I did at Vermont City.  On Saturday we kayaked in Stoddard- good core workout.  We're thinking about getting a couple!  On Sunday I ran the Freidsam loop but left from the house to add on some miles.  It was HOT.  Poor Grif was pretty warm on our way back on the road.  Overall a solid week, starting to feel stronger.  Passed 1000 miles (1043) and am still considering Cape Cod for a fall marathon- the next couple weeks will be a better indicator.  With work starting -and therefore a full schedule- maybe I'll be better about getting in the lift and core workouts that I am so lazy about right now, then again I may not have time to get very many miles.  I am planning on running 15 tomorrow- might be slow, but I want to cover some bigger chunks of mileage if not for Cape Cod then for getting ready for Pisgah.  The foot has been pretty good even with the increase in mileage.  I've stayed away from hill sprints and plyo's for now, but will start adding them soon.  I still get shooting/searing pains in the foot at night, but its ok during a run- that's really what matters right?!  Ice calms it, so onward with adding miles. This week I feel like I need another big week as work looms and a couple low mileage weeks are sure to result.  We are running a flat 5K Saturday that I would have liked to really focus on, but I think miles are more important and will go into it tired and use it as a workout.  It'll still be fun- maybe I'll surprise myself.   It's a process, and I love it!

Week 30: 38 miles

Monday: AM: TRX class + 2mi TM.  PM: 3 miles with Emily in Saxton's River. LOG 5
Tuesday: Kilburn with Grif. LOG 8
Wed: Hike Bear Mtn
Thu: Track workout. LOG 10
Friday: 2 mi roads from home, core
Saturday: 5 mile Trail race + 3. LOG 8
Sunday: Freidsam from home with Grif. LOG 5.

Pretty hot week.  I was trying to get over 40 miles this week but it didn't quite happen.  Finally made it to the track for my first track workout of the summer.  I did 12 x 400 at 8 min pace (2:00) with 200m recovery and then did 4 x 200 at 46s also with 200 recovery.  Nothing like a track workout to really make you see how slow you are.  I'm not sure how I ever run under 8 min pace when I can barely do a quarter at that pace.  I was having a tough day but I got through it.
On Saturday we did the Run for hte Beavers Trail Race in Rhode Island.  Really cool course- a five mile loop.  I registered for the 10 miler but just couldn't talk myself into the second loop- or rather talked myself out of the second loop before the halfway.  I was jsut not feeling it and was afraid I'd turn my ankle or something if I pushed it.  My foot was pretty sore too.  Besides when I came around in 51 minutes I figured Greggie would be coming around from his second loop in about 10 minutes.  I decided to stay and watch him win it.  And he did.  Sunday I still wasn't feeling great and could only eek out 5 miles in Freidsam with Griffin fo 38 miles for the week.  Almost at 1000 miles for the year.  Next week for sure.  It's a process and I love it!