Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WEEK 51: 45 miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin, Greg and Fyffe; Log 8
Tuesday: AM: Lift + TM rolling hills for 4 miles.  PM: Pisgah with Griffin.  LOG 12 (more miles than Greg today - he should've done the dishes!)
Wednesday:  TM 5x 2min @7.5 with 1 min recovery + 5 x 2 min @ 8.0 with 1 min recovery.  LOG 6
Thursday: Lift (good circuit) + 4 miles easy on TM; Log 4
Friday: off. Drove to NY.
Saturday: 4 miles in Corning + 5 striders; chilly morning; Log 4
Sunday: 11 mile loop at home on back roads....HILLY! and WINDY!  DOGS! 1:45; Log 11.

Another good week of lots of miles by my standards!  I still feel pretty good.  Even had a day where I got more miles than Greg!  :)  The run at home is particularly difficult, but worth it since I won't have another long run until next monday.  Looking forward to the 10K this weekend and coming up with new goals for next year.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 50: 44 miles

Monday: Keene Roads; LOG 6
Tuesday: Lift + Pisgah: Fullum-Nash-SW with Griffin.  Didn't fuel well.  LOG 8
Wed: OCR with Griffin + 12 Hill Sprints (10-12secs), Grffin thinks those are fun!  Very sore legs. LOG 7
Thursday: Treadmill 5 miles- 4th mile at 8 min pace.  Felt good, too sore to lift in the morning.  LOG 5
Friday: Spin, hard class.
Saturday: Chilly run in Pisgah with Griff. LOG 7
Sunday: Keene Railtrail from Target to Dump Bridge. 3x5min pickups. 10.41mi/1:36/ 9:13 pace. LOG 11.

Another strong week.  I feel pretty good about it.  Sure does help when my work schedule dies down.  Hopefully I'll get into a rhythm so I can keep up this mileage when things pick up again.  Not sure why I was so sore after Tuesday's lift, but ouch!  I meant to lift later in the week but never did- I'll pay for that tomorrow I suppose.  Sunday's run was a cold one! Felt pretty good on the pickups.  I kept splits for crossings that I could look up on the map my run.  Learning how to pace myself is going to be difficult.  (I'm not allowed to have a Garmin in the house).  I'll just keep having to compare what I do and keep better records.  Next week will be weird with traveling home but the weather looks cooperative and I am planning on another 40+ week!  Then a down week (25-30miles) and a 10K race.  It's a process, and I love it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

WEEK 49: 41 miles and the Jingle Bell 5K

Mon: Westport Road and railtrail in Winchester while waiting for my car.  Scary new dog- had to yell. Cute cows - might  go back and steal one.  LOG 6

Tues: AM lift/ PM Fullum-South Woods "with" greg, Grif, and George.  Griffin never caught me.  Got REAL dark and scary!  LOG 8

Wed: Old Chesterfield Road in Pisgah with Griffin.  Ran down to parking area and came back- did 10 x 10s hill sprints on way back and then on Horseshoe hill.  Started to rain- nice morning.  LOG 6

Thurs: AM lift/ AM2 3 mi TM in my new Brooks Raveena.  LOG 3

Friday: Spin class at KSC- BRUTAL class.  Probably did too much before a 5k. LOG 0

Sat: Jingle Bell 5K in Concord.  22:56/ 7:15, 7:45, 7:15+; LOG 6

Sun: Keene Railtrail Target to Rt 12 Overpass.  Just shy of 12 miles; 1:45/ 56 out/51 back; LOG 12

Great week.  I feel good.  The 5K was fun.  I didn't run it as fast as last year but I was trying to make sure I didn't go out too fast.   7:15 first mile should be about right for now.  Probably shouldve kicked it up a notch at the end but I wussed out a little.  Had a good feeling about being strong and efficient at times.  It was fun to pass some women on the big hill in mile 2 and then a couple more on the downhill and hold them all off on the flat 3rd mile.  Even caught a couple people in the last mile. 6th female overall and won my age group, but that would've meant more had I run faster than last year. (Got a nice bag and water bottle though). Justin and Greg went 1-2.  Boj and Sontag also ran well.  Cooled down with Sontag- nice to not do that alone.  Talked about Vermont City....getting excited and nervous already. 

Long run Sunday felt good even though I'm exhausted from all the running around/driving this weekend.  Hopefully a good night sleep and an easy schedule at work this week will lead me to another good week.  My plan is to string together 3 weeks at 40 miles and then have a drop down week which will include the New Years Eve 10K.  Then get back to 40's for 3 weeks and a drop down week.  Then change the cycle to 40-45-50 so I can get a couple high mileage weeks before New Bedford in March.  That would be good.  All depends on staying healthy and running smart.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, December 5, 2011

WEEK 48: 34 miles

Mon: Freidsam with Grif; LOG 4
Tue: Pisgah "with" Grif and Greg.  Got too dark to do much. LOG 4
Wed: KSC to ELM with 6x10s hill sprints. LOG 5
Thu: AM lift/ PM 3 miles TM.  LOG 3
Fri: TM Speedladder with no recovery; 6.6 - 7.5/5min-1 min and back down.  LOG 6
Sat: Chapman-Jordan loop with Ramona - brutal!  1:29 LOG 10
Sun: off

Not a bad week considering I had a migraine for most of the beginning of it.  Added some hill sprints - they were fun.  The speedladder went well on Friday too.  Building.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

WEEK 47: 24 miles and Thanksgiving 5K

Monday: off
Tues: Lift - DB circuit; 4 mile TM; LOG 4
Wed: Supreme Core (Snow/Freezing Rain halted my attempt for spin class)
Thurs: Pie and Glove 5K; 23:15; LOG 4
Friday: Dann's Blvd OAB at Home; LOG 6
Sat: Great Spin class, 60 minutes!
Sun: Surry Dam with Ramona; LOG 10

Lil Rhody was definitely disappointing but I still wasn't sure what would happen at the Thanksgiving 5K.  No racing really takes away any sense of where I am at with things.  Greg and I headed over ot the Pie and Glove 5K Thursday morning.  Kate came over later- she doesn't get the "getting there an hour early" thing.  It was a beautiful day!  All 1500 of us lined up on a tiny road full of pot holes and off we went.  I went out fast again but only to get around the hairpin turn without being trampled.  Then a bunch of people started passing me.  I just tried to settle in and see what would happen.  First mile was 7:10.  I was happy with that and tried to hold on.  Theres a section where the leaders go the opposite direction so I got to cheer on Greg...I thought he'd close the gap I saw.  I missed the second mile so I am unsure where the decline started but it wasn't terrible.  I was off my PR by 30 seconds but at least now feel like I can get back to that and better. 

I had a nice run at home on Friday before the drive back and went to an awesome spin class Saturday.  I finally got to run with someone on Sunday, Ramona, and we did the Surry OAB for a good 10 miles nice and easy.  Sounds like she may be around for some more runs now that biking season is over for her - that's good for me, I get bored on my own all the time!

Pretty fair way to officially start my marathon training - I registered today for Vermont City Marathon and New Bedford HM (March).  Now if this headache would go away I could plan the rest of the week!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, November 21, 2011

WEEK 46: 23 miles and Lil Rhody

Monday: Spin + 4 miles TM.  LOG 4
Tuesday: lift
Wed: AM Spin plus 6 miles TM (6x1min @ 8.0), LOG 6
Thursday: Lift
Friday: TM, slow, struggle.  LOG 4
Saturday: Spin, really good class, had to back off so as not to be too tired for Lil Rhody.
Sunday: LIL Rhody, 1:13:30 (9:11pace); LOG 9

Lots of good spin classes this week- they are helping me lean down a little.  Tuesday I had planned a longish run in Pisgah which wouldve brought me over 30 miles for the week but was just too tired from the weekend travel and work.  Good decision because Greg pushed himself and didn't enjoy it so much.  We went to bed at 7pm...not exaggerating.  But really only an hour earlier than usual!  It was glorious!  Back to normal on the sleep scale. 

We traveled to RI for Thanksgiving with Gregs family and LilRhody.  The weather was perfect.  Fueling on a Thanksgiving feast on Saturday worked out just fine!  Greg and I walk on the beach early Sunday before the race with Grif and before we knew it it was time to get over to the park.  I had no idea what to expect, I hadn't raced in forever and really my ankle just started feeling good a couple weeks ago.  I thought I'd be able to eek out what I did last year.  My concern was getting stuck in the bottle neck at the begining like I did last year.  So like a giant ass I went out in probably 6 minute pace.  And pretty much my race was over by the time we hit the campground...mile 1.5?  Yah, that bad.  I spent the rest of the miserable miles beating myself up.  I wasn't wearing a watch - otherwise I might have been crying.  My stomach wasn't quite right either- lay it on.  Anyway, I finished somewhat strong on the road and apparently invisible as no one I knew saw me finish.   Just as well, I was well over my time from last year, 1:13:30 compared to 1:08.  Over 9 minute pace.  yuck.  Oh well I didn't get upset- at least I ran and finished and felt relatively good.  On the ride home Greg and I figured out that last year I had had 5-6 major trail races under my belt (Pisgah, Monroe, Madame Sheri, Groton, etc...) going into Rhody (and I was a little lighter...ok a lot).  But the racing was probabaly the biggest difference. Next fall I'll try to get more races in, but since I may be covering Soccer next year at work my schedule could be worse than it was this fall...I didn't know that ws possible, but it is.  Anyway, also will go out SLOW. 

The day was fun- 6 Hammett's ran the race.  It was fun seeing Sarah (Jonny's wife) so happy and feeling good when she finished.  That helped me to stay positive too.  Maybe she'll attack the Pisgah 25K next fall?  :)  Greg won - his fifth win at Lil Rhody!  And Jonny, Glenn, and Pard all ran well too.  (I'll get Pard next year again...:)) Boj is apparently back as he finished well too.  Add in Randy and Bently and it really becomes a big event of a lot of friends and family.  Fun times. 

This week will be interesting.  I've already taken today off.  I have a couple good workouts coming up, but not necessarily miles.  Thanksgiving 5K - who knows what the hell will happen there!  A long run planned friday at home.  Also going to take a look at my training plans and may switch to a 10-cycle as I get into marathon training mode.  Might make my weekly miles weird but I think I'll still log them here like that.  We'll see, with work winding down for a little break I can pay attention to myself a little....It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

WEEK 45: 30 miles

Monday: KSC to Brettwood GC 10 miles- plantar fascia not good.  LOG 10
Tuesday: Pisgah SW loop; LOG 8
Wednesday: 2 mile TM, why not?
Thursday: Lift
Friday: 0 Travelled home
Saturday: Home on roads, LOG 5
Sunday: Keene Rail Trail; LOG 5

Not sure why the plantar fascia has decided to be a bother again.  Immediately put in the Sole inserts and I feel ok now, just longer runs it appears.  Luckily I don't do many of those any more!  Tuesday in Pisgah I saw my first set of bear tracks....holy crap!  I had no idea they were that big!  Not something I want to think about.  And at the time I was on my own.  By the time I got to teh end of South Woods Griffin came roaring up behind me- she was hauling ass!  Greg says she left them almost at the start of that trail when she got my scent so it's funny to think of her running so fast through the forest on her own like that!  So cute and brave and strong!  She caught me and after a quick greet immeidately went by to teh water stop up ahead and soaked in the pond.  The rest of the week was a blur.  Sunday was a planned long run so I'd be well over 30 miles and maybe even 50.  But after eating a good breakfast I puttered and organized in teh house too long and started bonking....subtle because I tried to go running and couldn't figure out why I didn't feel like running.  Then got home, luckily ate a yogurt so I could figure out how to turn on the shower, but it wasn't enough to get me to the store and make chili.  It was a bad bonk.  Didn't feel better until I had some of Ferenc's garlic hummus and ate over at the Fyffe's.  Whew.  That was brutal, a whole day pretty much wasted.  Oh well. 

The lifting class on Tuesday/Thursday has been paying off.  I feel stronger.  Not sure it's helping my fitness at this point but eventually it will all come together.  Lil Rhody....I have no idea.  It's a process...and I love it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

WEEK 44: 16 miles

Ok I was wrong, this week wasn't way better....

Monday: 8 miles TM + core. LOG 8
Tuesday: Lift at KSC + 2 miles TM later. Log 2
Wed: Spin at KSC
Thursday: Lift at KSC - very sore quads
Friday: 6 miles TM - plantar fascia pain?
Saturday: generally crabby and unmotivated
Sunday: Tabata workout of Supreme Fitness DVDs (P90X ripoff) - fun!  Bear Chili at Fyffe's.

Not the mileage I need to be at, but I don't think I have to stress about that quite yet.  A little worried about the plantar fascia since it bothered me again today during a longer run on the roads, but we'll see.  Maybe Mt Toby trail race this weekend if Greg wants to go and if work allows (who knows).  And then Lil Rhody, Thanksgiving 5K and maybe a couple 5Ks in December and then a 10k on Dec 31 or the 1st. It'll be good to start racing again and see where I'm at.   IT's a process and I love it!!! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 43: 14 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 3 mi TM
Wednesday: 8 mi with Griffin and Greg- beautiful fall day in Pisgah running with my husband! :)
Thursday: Lift at KSC
Friday TM 3 miles
Weekend: 0

Not a great week, maybe it was marital bliss or plain old exhaustion - hard to say!  The weekend was spent working and driving to the cape for Gregs marathon.  The weather was brutal- not only for his race, but for my plans to get some miles in on my own during it.  I  had fun driving to a couple points to see my husband though! He did awesome.  Makes me think how fun it'd be to watch Vermont City! (jk- kinda).  I'm still pretty exhausetd and don't feel like I'll get caught up on home chores and school work until Christams but I'll try.  I already had a good run this morning so next week should be way better.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

WEEK 42: 16 miles and I'm a Hammett!

I forgot my log but I think it goes like this...

Monday: spin + 2 miles + core
Tuesday:  Lift at KSC + 3 miles TM
Wednesday: 4 miles TM
Thursday: off
Friday: South woods loop with Griffin before heading to the Woodbound Inn; LOG 7 miles
Saturday: 1 mile in the trails at Woodbound with Grfiin (she was not impressed); walked down the aisle!
Sunday: Total exhaustion that continues today...

Back at it this week...It's a process and I love it! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

WEEKS 35-41: 115 miles, lots of excuses, and a new plan

Week 35: 25 miles, but may be more I literally could not rememebr what I did on friday that week.  no clue.

Week 36: 8 miles + 2 spin classes. 

Week 37: 10 miles + 2 spin classes; another good one (lol).  Also missed the Pisgah race this week due to being sick. That was a bummer, not that I would've done better than last year, but it's just a fun day.

Week 38:  25 miles+ 3 spin classes and some circuit madness (here we go); monday after the missed pisgah race I went into Pisgah and had the best run I've had in a REALLY long time.  My ankle didn't hurt, the weather was perfect, no bugs, I couldn't stop talking about it. 

Week 39: 16 miles + 3 spin classes and more circuit madness.

Week 40:  8 miles + 4 spin classes and lifting 3 times. 

Week 41: 23 miles + 2 spin classes and lifting- lots- getting huge.

A sporatic end to a dismal summer and even less  intense fall.  Lots of reasons, excuses, explanations- whatever you want to call them. 

First - getting engaged.  Now you wouldn't think that would cut into my running but it sure did change some of my focus! Spending a morning looking for a dress takes out a couple hours usually devoted to a run in the woods.  I kept it together for awhile until I sprained my ankle in the beginning of July (second excuse).  Although I finished the run it happened during, it was pretty sore until the week of the pisgah race - yah 9 weeks.  I finally had a breakthrough run where I could tweak it and it was fine instead of tweaking it for the next 2 miles on every step.  Granted I didn't take care of it as an athletic trainer should but we are our own worst patients and I am a runner which makes me a bad patient to begin with - so two things working against me there.  I still have days with it but last week I was bombing down hills (much to Greg's dismay and horror) like I used to!  Third, new job.  I started as clinical faculty in August at Keene State.  Meaning, I am still an athletic trainer with the crappy hours that includes and added on a teaching load as well (and a little to my paycheck as well too don't worry).  Going in I thought I was teaching a freshman course, but it was changed to an upper level clinical therapeutic rehabilitation class.  It's still overwhelming.  I spend 10-12 hours a day in my office and at practices/games and haven't even had time to blog!  Next semester should be a relief. Fourth, after an engagement comes a wedding!  And it's THIS SATURDAY!  We are ready and excited (and I am thrilled to have a couple days off of work!) ;)  I was good about getting much of the planning done in July and August as I knew I would be overwhelmed at work.  So it's coming and I think we are all set. 

The good things to come out of this hiatus of sorts, I started back up with spin classes.  Yes, the 5:30am ones.  It helps that Greg gets up with me (thank you honey!)- otherwise I wouldn't do it.  I've also started taking advantage of the gym at KSC.  They have classes at better times and I can go get on a treadmill or go run a loop outside right after class.  The asst. strength and conditioning coach decided to workout with me for the 3 weeks prior to the wedding and that has got me lifting heavy (well, heavier than usual for me).  It has helped my ankle and maybe even my hamstring a little. 

So from here...I've decided to get strong this next 2 months and start building a base.  It has to include spin classes and lifting/core and a little weight loss- or at least more leanness.  Basically I have to get back to the little things that got me a 12 minute PR  for a half marathon back in 2009 in four months.  I also made a big decision to run Vermont City as my first full marathon in May.  Greg decided he is doing it so I figured it's probably as good a time as any for me.  (Although it sounds more fun to be his "handler" and get to be in the elite tent and portopotties!)  But I'll take my place with the rest of the scrub joggers and just try to get it done.  In the meantime, I am hoping for a good Lil Rhody in November and get to test out the 5K wheels on Thanksgiving at home.  Lil Rhody will be my first race as a "Hammett" - we'll see if this pays off! ;)  Then my focus will be New Bedford.  The goal is sub 1:45... closer to the 1:40 maybe.  That will be in the midst of marathon training and I think it falls nicely into the schedule although I haven't planned it all out quite yet.  Got this shindig this weekend that is taking up some of my time! :)

Welp there it is.  I said it. Full marathon.  Who gets engaged,  a new job, gets married, turns 40, and tries to run her first marathon all within a year?  That'd be me.  I guess it gives me something to blog about.  It's a process and I love it!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

WEEK 34: 22 miles and Tropical Storm

Monday: 0 - long work day
Tuesday:  2 miles, circuit, 4 x 1/4 @ 7.2.  Good overall effort for an hour.  LOG 4
Wednesday:  Pisgah with Greg and Griffin- Nash - South Woods.  Griffin stayed with me once they caught up to me and let Greg go!  Yay!  Screamed when I ran into Glenn and Jimmy.  Sore ankle but a wonderful morning. 1:22.  Log 9 miles.
Thursday:  0
Friday:  Step class with Volleyball Team then 3 mile loop from KSC.  LOG 3.
Saturday:  Pisgah with Roxy from Hinsdale XC team.  Old chesterfield Road OAB 25 min.  LOG 6
Sunday: Tropical Storm Irene. 

Okay, next week I should be getting into a better rhyhm and can add gym stuff and more lifting.  Miles just don't keep the weight off for me.  Hopefully i'll have more to say once I get going.  Planning on running Elijiah's race next sunday to get miles.  Not sure I can pull it together in time for a good Pisgah race, but maybe a good Lil Rhody!  It's a process and I love it. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

WEEK 33: 17 miles

Monday: lifted at home.

Tuesday: no idea

Wednesday:  Whitcomb Rd loop from MRHS with Tat. Core.  LOG 6.

Thursday:  22 minutes in Friedsam with Grif.  LOG 2

Friday:  0

Saturday:  Eastern Ave Loop from KSC 44:30.  LOG 5.

Sunday: Eastern Ave Loop from KSC (bowtie).  LOG 5

Still not following through with my plans to get back in the gym.  Will join the gym at work once classes get going.  Next week will be tough with 12 hour days at work, but we'll see what I can piece together.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

WEEK 32: 28 miles and Yankee Candle 5K

Monday:  lift + elliptical

Tuesday: 3 mile TM.  LOG 3.

Wednesday: AM: 2mi TM;  PM: Whitcomb Road loop from MRHS with Tat.  Core.  LOG 7

Thursday:  0

Friday:  elliptical + TM.  Log 3.

Saturday: Yankee Candle 5K with Greg and Fyffe.  23:41.  50 seconds slower than last year, but won my age group and 3rd overall female.  No candle for age group winners this year - BOOOOOOO!  Felt miserable during but I'm not as far back as I thought.  Log 4

Sunday:  Pisagh with Grif, meant to do mini-vistas but missed the turn for hubbard and went all the way to kilburn trailhead on Davis.  whoops.  1:50.  LOG 11

More miles than I thought but only because I got lost in Pisgah - well not lost- but missed a turn and went 5 extra miles.  I felt strong but was really thirsty.  If I had planned a 2 hour run I would've carried water.  My feet hurt a lot - ankle not better.  Still need to get the extra spin classes and other crosstraining in as well as more circuit madness.  I know this.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

WEEK 31: 16 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: Crewed for Greg as he was doing a long run in Pisgah and was going to finish with the Kilburn Loop.  He decided not to do the loop when I got there and I was too lazy to do it myself. LOG 1.
Wednesday:: AM: elliptical- upper lift plus core.
Thursday: Hinsdale FR  1 mile- 7:27.  Started the 2.3 but my ankle was making me nervous so I stopped at 1.3.  LOG 3
Friday: Kilburn Loop "with" Greg, Bently, Fyffe, and Grif and Bailey.  Good Run.  LOG 9.
Saturday: Friedsam with Grif.  LOG 3.

No where but up from here....I hope.  It's a process...and I love it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

WEEK 30: 28 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: Westport Road in Winchester while waiting for my car...LOG 7 miles road/railtrail. 
Thursday: Hinsdale Fun Run. LOG 4
Friday:  Blessing of the Fleet, very even 9 min/mile pace made it pretty easy but kinda boring.  Still not feeling it.  LOG 11
Saturday: 0 Greg ran Carver 5 mile.
Sunday: Westmoreland RT with Greg and Grif.  Griffin stayed with me again!  LOG 6.

It's a process....

Monday, July 25, 2011

WEEK 29: 25 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: Hiked Lil' Monadnock with Greg and Griffin (pics below); nice hike and the Rhododendron State Park is really cool.  Good blueberries at the top too!

Wednesday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" greg and griffin.  A little tough for the ankle but made it through- slow going.  Lots of blueberries to snack on by the water.  PM: MRHS OAB on roads- pretty tired; LOG 10

Thursday:  Friedsam with Grif - humid.  LOG 5

Friday: off- ankle very swollen

Saturday: Friedsam with Grif; LOG 5

Sunday: While doing laundry ran to Wheelock park; during dry cycle did some BW strength stuff in parking lot.  LOG 5.

Still pretty unmotivated but at least got 25 miles.  Ankle isn't helping my motivation level.  Been eating better though.  Going to run in the Blessing 10-miler this friday- more just to be a part of it, hoping for 85 minutes but that may even be a stretch in my current state of lethargy and obeastness.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

WEEK 28: 20 miles and DNF

Monday: off, ankle feeling a little better
Tuesday: elliptical plus lift.
Wednesday: AM: Spin class- haven't done that in awhile!  PM: Whitcomb Road loop from MRHS track.  Ankle feels good with straight ahead running on even footing. LOG 5
Thursday: 3miles around Hinsdale during the fun run- couldn't run ont he grass of the fun run course.  LOG 3
Friday: Westmoreland Railtrail "with" Greg, Ferenc, Boj, and dogs.   Ankle feelin gok but no longer looking very good.  Putney Plunge.  LOG 6
Saturday:  Westmoreland RT again "with" Greg and Griff -ankle ok just didn't feel like running much.  Putney Plunge felt good though.  LOG 2.
Sunday: Stowe 8-miler.  Dropped out at 1 mile.  LOG 4 miles

Not exactly taking care of my ankle as if it were one of my athlete's ankles! But that's not why I dropped out of the race...just didn't feel like running it so I had to bail early or be stuck doing the whole thing- or more than I wanted to.  Everyone around me was so excited to be there and happy with an 8:50 (I've heard it was long, but still) first mile.  I decided I wasn't having fun like I should be and got out of there.  Funny thing is when I waited for the crowd to pass and went running int he other direction I felt pretty good!  I think I was relieved I made a decision and went with it.  It was fun getting back in time to see the boys finish. 

I do have to work on the ankle more- swelling has been up because I can't seem to sit still - or worse I am sitting to much!  The waters of putney help though.

I don't plan on racing again until Pisgah - just not having fun right now. Not even motivated enough to make a plan for next week, but at least there are pictures!  It's a process and I love it! 

The culvert we go swimming at in Putney- sorry forgot to turn it....


Griffin waiting for someone to throw something...anything.....

the boys at Stowe...notice the "stashes" (might have to use the zoom on Goup...:))

Greg finishing....this was right after he gave a funny look when he realized I was already "done"....:)

Glenny's fun run iin hinsdale...6:30pm thursdays

I should take better care of that.....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

WEEK 27: 35 miles, Four on the fourth, and a sprained ankle.

Monday: Four on the Fourth, Keene.  29:58.  LOG 5

Tuesday:   Freidsam with Grif.  LOG 5

Wednesday: AM: Freidsam "with" Greg and Griff.  Went in the other direction than usual....interesting. 
PM:  Whitcomb Rd loop from MRHS track.  LOG 10

Thursday:  AM: Kilburn Loop "with" Greg and Grif.  Very slow going.  LOG 8  PM: Glenny's fun run in Hinsdale.  Legs were way too tired and I decided I hate running on grass.  Did hte mile loop twice on my own though.  LOG 10

Friday:  off

Saturday:  Ran new trails down in Dover, MA (20 minutes from my brothers house) with Greg and Griffin.  Sprained my ankle at the farthest point away from our start- freaked out a bit for a few minutes and thought I was going to puke, but finally composed myself and jogged it back in.  LOG 5.

Sunday:  Nursing the ankle.  It doesn't like it'll be too bad.

My goal for Four on the 4th was sub-30.  Yikes, just made it.  Felt like I shouldve been faster so I was a little miffed with myself.  I'm just not very tough- especially in the heat.  I feel like I would've done better had I not had a watch.  My first mile was 7:08 and that freaked me out- like I couldn't hold that, but the reality is I probably can.  Mental.  Anyway, it's an improvement from last year.

Doubling wed and thursday (almost) was tough but in a good way on my legs.  I would've had a 40 + mile week if I could've run today.  I've never acutely injured myself like this before- hamstring and fascitis creep up on you, but this was a split second slip and a pop.  I turn my ankle a lot on trails but usually just recover.  This one hurt even though I was going so slow and easy.  Today it looks ok - swollen but I can walk carefully without pain.  I'll take it day by day and who knows maybe the rest will set me up for a more successful Stowe this weekend.  We'll see- It's a process and I love it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEEK 26: 25 miles

Monday: Kilburn Loop with Greg and Griffin; 1:05 - fastest so far this year.  Griffin even stayed with me while Greg went ahead!  She was a little bit naughty and got scolded by greg the night before (she deserved it) so she decided to stick with me on the run!  I kept expecting her to to take off and catch him but just when I thought she had I see her way ahead in the trail looking back for me.  She makes sure I see her- I wave - and then takes off again.  She is very sweet (and a little bit naughty).  LOG 8

Tuesday:  off

Wednesday:  Strength drills and the Whitcomb road loop from the MRHS track while the boys did their speed workout.  Felt weird to be on the roads!  LOG 5

Thursday:  Friedsam loop with Griffin before traveling to NY.  Pretty sore from the strength drills last night.  LOG 5

Friday:  Ran a bit while Zach rode his bike at the holding point park in Horseheads.  He didn't like that I could beat him but then he found a short cut back tot he car and beat me!  It was fun, albeit not much of a workout.  Still real sore from the drills.  LOG 2

Saturday:  0; drove back to NH.  Was pretty exhausted and still sore. 

Sunday:  Westmoreland railtrail with Greg, Ferenc, Fyffe, and all the dogs.  Nice trail- easy run.  Finished just as it started to downpour.  OAB 23/21 minutes.  LOG 5.

Not a great week but not bad either.  Clearly I need to add strength back in more often- I leave too much time in between and suffer with each lift now!  But I haven't been too motivated to go that extra mile!  Oh well, it's still a process, and I love it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

WEEK 25: 28 miles and sick

Monday: Kilburn with Greg, Fyffe, Griffin and Bailey- they all went in the other direction and then looped around to get me for a swim.  8 miles.

Tuesday: Short strength workout at the gym

Wednesday: sick

Thursday: 4 miles treadmill, but wasn't into it so jumped in a spin class.  Good sweat!  LOG 4

Friday: Early spin class, a bit under hte weather still.

Saturday:  Long run (2 hr 40 minutes) with Mariah over on drummer hill to surry and whereever else she took me.  Really nice loop, kind of a rainy morning.  Lungs/sinuses were still cloggy so it was a bit slower than usual.  We got to the point where we could either add two miles by turing down Gunn Road or shorten the run by 2 miles by going up Gunn Road- luckily we both were tired fromt eh recent climbing and adding a couple miles sounded better than going uphill at that moment!  Good choice- the drummer hill labrynth is fun.  LOG 16 miles.

Sunday: Long day of lethargy and despair as Greg was sick. Homemade chicken noodle soup (from Saturday)and  lots of Seinfeld and Muppetts take Manhattan!  Kinda fun. 

The weather sucked.  Being sick sucked.  Greg being sick sucks.  But the run on Saturday really helped run the sickness out of me and gave me a little confidence that I can still do long runs.  Mariah kicks my butt but it's worth it.  She drops me on the uphill and I'd catch back up on the level or downhill.  It could have made me sicker, but didn't!  Running does heal! Now I'm a little worried about the Four on the 4th!  I haven't run fast in awhile (ok, never, but you know what I mean- it's all relative!). It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WEEK 24: 29 miles and Greylock

Monday: Friedsam with Griffin.  Log 5.
Tuesday: Pisgah with Greg and Griffin, Nash to Southwoods.  Good run.  Log 9.
Wed: 0
Thursday: wrote 5 in my run log but have no recollection of where this may have taken place....5
Friday:  0
Sunday: Greylock mini-race. 5k course x 3+

Not a great week, but not as bad as I had thought going into Greylock.  I had toyed with the idea of running the half marathon, but reconsidered when I saw the size of the mountain.  I just wasn't feeling it anyway.  It was a beautiful day and I wanted some miles at least, so I ran the course for a wram-up.  Ran it again for the race- added a little extra unfortunately otherwise I wouldve had my second win.  And then ran it in the other direction for a cooldown.  Greg won the big race.  It was a fun trip and beautiful day!  I can't blame my lethargy on the weather- it's been cool and not humid and wonderful sleeping weather.  Not sure where my lethargy is stemming from!  Hopefully it'll pass.  Summer vacation is coming- if that doesn't cure it then I'm in trouble!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

WEEK 23: 31 miles

Monday: Got up early as Greg had made us a plan to do so every M-W-F!  Ran, BY MYSELF, on roads for 5 miles.

Tuesday:  Kilburn Loop- the first of many to come this summer.  Took the right first- not sure if that makes it clockwise or what.  Decided I like the other direction better.  Griffin and Greg went the same direction and came back for me.  We took our first dip in Kilburn....sounds great til you realize how many mosquitos are out there!  Time 1:08, about the same as last year.  LOG 8.

Wednesday:  3 miles in Friedsam Park with Griffin.  Nice day but not a good run.

Thursday: 0

Friday: Friedsam with Griffin and Greg. We ran together for the first loop so I could understand the trails in there and then I continued to do a smaller loop and he did the larger loop again.  Good effort, challenging little trails.  LOG 7.

Saturday:  South Woods Trail, then Nash - Chesterfield Rd and parked at Horseshoe in Pisgah with Greg, Griffin, Glenny, and Jimmy.  Weather was rainy and cool so the deer flys were not around.  Ran hard- almost race effort- probably harder as I think I pushed myself more with the twins behind me!  59 minutes!  Death crawl up Horseshoe road though.  LOG 8

Sunday: 0

Damn so close to 40 miles this week but just couldn't bring myself to do it on sunday!  Otherwise lots of good running.  Days that are good are good and bad when they are bad- not much in between! It's a process, and I love it

Monday, June 6, 2011

WEEK 22: 20 miles

Monday: South woods with Griffin....DEER FLYS!  :(
Tuesday - Friday: 0 miles, but i did lift wednesday at home (simple circuit 2xthru); bad jennie
Saturday: Minivistas with Griffin; Log 6 miles
Sunday: South Woods via Nash with Griffin; Log 7 miles

The deer flys got scared of the cold weather and were gone over the weekend- it was nice to have that weekend on the trails without them.  Hot and humid this week and they will be back.  Nash trail is my new favorite- very fun rolling, curvey trail - and you can get to south woods without going through the fullam water!  Skimpy week I's a process and I love it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WEEK 21: 31 Miles

Monday: South woods (reverse) with Griffin....very dark but fun. LOG 7.
Tuesday: 2 miles + strength. LOG 2
Wednesday: Keene Rail Trail while the boys did their thing on the track.  Nice soak in the stream after.  LOG 10. (50 minutes up/40 minutes back: rough start)
Thursday:  Elliptical + core.
Friday: 0
Saturday: OAB in Rhode Island from Gregs parents house. LOG 7.
Sunday: OAB to hut - trying to get rid of a headache.  It worked.  LOG 5.

Blah week with the heat/humidity creeping in.  I forgot how much it affects me.  Gotta start lifting more regularly too especially since I have no races planned.  It'll be ok to be sore!  It's a process...and I love it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

WEEK 20: 27 miles and Northfield Mtn

Monday: off
Tuesday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, south woods. LOG 8
Wednesday: Walk Griff; core/hip circuit
Thursday: Pisgah "with" Griffin and Greg, unorganized.  LOG 6
Friday: Pisgah "with" Grffin and Greg, South Woods out and back. LOG 5
Saturday: Northfield Mountain 10.2K race; 59:33. LOG 8
Sunday: walk Grif

Not a very organized week, but it was fun to get out with Greg and Griffin in Pisgah.  It's been very dark in the woods in this weather!  Griffin is very cute because of course she won't leave Greg to run with me, but if we do routes in which he ends up behind me on a trail she picks up my scent and speeds up to get me.  I wasn't expecting that and she scared me the first time it happened!  It's very sweet - she is very fast.  

Northfield was fun.  I was too conservative on the climb, but passed a few people on the way back down the mountain.  That's a tough race, but not like Monroe-Dunbar!  I would like to go over there to run/explore sometime. Greg didn't notice the HUGE reservoir that the mountain overlooks at the spot we all turn around during the race....clearly I wasn't running fast enough.

Lots of Pisgah this week, maybe even a spin class!  No races planned for awhile- gotta save up for a wedding!  It's a process...and I love it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WEEK 19: 30 miles and Westmoreland 4-miler

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin, to the Vista. LOG 4
Tuesday: AM: 3.5 miler from KSC;  PM: 3.5 miler through my almamater SUNY Cortland (traveled there with Womens Lacrosse). LOG 7
Wednesday: Run in Cortland with 3 strides and some core at the hotel.  LOG 5
Thursday: Slow lazy Beaver Pond loop in Pisgah. Griffin ditches me to run with Greg, but she gerts excited when she sess me waiting for them at the trailhead.  LOG 4
Friday: 0; think I found my wedding dress though.
Saturday:  Westmoreland 4-miler.  32:00.  Slower than Four on the Fourth, but a way harder course.  My first win!  Greg won too!  I got to pick a gift certificate for the massage therapist I like to go to (he was the race director). Sweet! LOG 6
Sunday: Pisgah with Griffin (and her bell), Vista OAB. LOG 4.

A decent week- especially since I spent a couple days on a bus and working a lacrosse game in new york.  I am content with 30 miles (that's the problem I guess!).  It was fun to have my first win.  This next few weeks should be easy to get some mileage in with KSC sports wrapping up, but there seems to be so much on my plate right now! Northfield is this weekend and should be fun.  Will work on getting to some spin classes and just keep chasing miles!  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

WEEK 18: 30 miles...all trail

Greg was away all week with a school trip, so it was up to me to make sure Griffin stayed active and trim.  Also, running might make her less depressed and anxious with Greg gone (and me too!).  So we ran a lot of trails in Pisgah all week- even in the rain.  It was awesome.  Friday and Saturday I had work stuff going on so I couldn't run but I made up for it Sunday.  Greg went to a race and Grif and I spent 2 hours in Pisgah.  We did the South Woods loop and then Mini-vistas loop.  It was a beautiful day.  I have been having nightmares about bears so Griffin was a sport and wore a bell for me.  She thought it was foolish but it made me feel a little better.  In any case, we got 30 miles in there this week and aside from occasionally being freaked out about bears (and any other scary creatures I can conjure up in my head) I think I'll get a lot of miles in there this summer.  I took some pictures in there too- they will be posted on the Pisgah website when I have time to get to it. Still gotta get the motivation back to do all the core and strength I was doing last year.  Other than that I'm just gonna RUN.  It's a process, and I love it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WEEK 17: 34 miles and James Joyce 10K

Monday: 10 miles KSC to Surry Dam. LOG 10

Tuesday: off

Wednesday:  AM: 2mile TM + core; AM2: 3 mi KSC loop. LOG 5

Thursday:  Ttreadmill, rolling hills; LOG 5

Friday: KSC loop, LOG 5

Saturday: Spin class got canceled, elliptical/TM; LOG 2

Sunday:  James Joyce 10K, felt good warming up- thought I'd have a pretty good race, but not toally happy with the results.  49:21/7:57 pace.  Good course- rolling hills and windy, but I still felt like I should be faster- or at least a little more comfortable in my stride.  Took a long time to get out of the crowds at the start- there was over 3000 people!  Beautiful day though it took up most of the Sunday! 

Just want to run on the trails.  Will figure out the rest from there.  It's a process, and I love it!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

WEEK 16: 30 miles

Monday:   10 miles Bretwood GC out and back...1:26; Felt pretty good- calves are still pretty sore from dancing!!!  Wore my Mizuno's without fascia pain.  LOG 10 miles.

Tuesday:  3 miles TM, simple progression with a couple hills.  Light core/strength.  Didn't eat enough calories for breakfast to do much more- plus had to get to work.  Wore my new Addidas - super light- can't wait to wear them on the roads!  LOG 3.

Wednesday: AM1: 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #1, 1 mi TM, Superset Circuit #2, 1 mi TM.  Stretch.
AM2 (after a meeting):  5.1 miles from KSC in the mist, 43:30 (8:30 pace), Was probably going a little faster than I should be but I felt good so I went with it- I guess it counts as a short tempo run.  First time I wore my new Addidas Zero Mana Sneakers- boy are they light!  My feet don't hurt, but I think I'll save them for all the races coming up in May.  Feelin good.  LOG 8.

Thursday:  off

Friday:  Hike in Pisgah to "Moose Lookout" with Griffin and my Fiance (I didn't know he was my Fiance until the way back of course- it was just Greg at first :)))! Later in the afternoon: Keene Raitrail 7 miles- I thought I would feel peppy with an engagement ring on, but my legs were still a little shocked I guess.  Pretty lame run, but it didn't bother me! :)  LOG 7.

Saturday: traveled with lacrosse teams all day

Sunday: 2 miles in morning with Griffin just up to the school.  Made Jimmy bark when we went by his house....sorry! He didn't hear us on the way back though. LOG 2.

Pretty good week!  Ready for James Joyce 10K, not sure if I'm ready to plan a wedding (is anyone ever?).  It's a process, and I LOVE it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WEEK 15: 32 quality miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin- down Chesterfield Rd 30 minutes and turn around.  Almost made it to the Nash intersection but there was a long stretch of ice I didn't feel like tackling.  Also areas where ground just gives way underfoot, but nice to be out there anyway. LOG 6.

Tuesday: TM 2 miles, 5 Supersets for one circuit, Run 3 at a good pace, core/stretch; LOG 5.  Already more miles than last week and looks like I can double a couple times this week. woo-hoo.  Good thing because next week is busy again!

Wednesday: Spin class; Circuit: lat pull down series, 4 way hip series, dead bugs, HS curls on SB, Toe reaches to SB at ankles, single leg squats, hip hikes. TM: rolling hills for 3 miles. LOG 3.

Thursday:  Warmup 3 miles at 1.5% grade; TM Pyramid: 200, 400, 800 all at 8.0 (7:30 pace) and 1.5% grade, 800, 400, 200, 200 at 8.3 (7:15 pace) and 1.5% grade.  Recovery was just until I felt recovered- mostly jogged those.  1 mile cool down.  GREAT workout.  I was nervous about having the TM up that high but it was fine.  Will get out on the track but this works for now- can't slow down during the interval, that's why I made sure I was recovered.   LOG 8 miles.

Friday:  Longish run KSC to end of Brettwood GC, easy pace. 91 minutes. Feeling surprisingly good (Except for hamstring but I don't count that anymore).  LOG 10 miles.

Saturday: Spin class, short circuit (#3); just couldn't get into it and was a crabby mess until I had a big turkey sandwich from North End Deli - just not enough calories- ruined my whole morning.  I should know when I'm too crabby and anxious to even run that I need food!  Felt back to normal after eating and had fun at Joel and Mel's wedding- danced a few miles too! Log 0.

Sunday:  Couldve had a 40 mile week, but was lazy with Greg again instead.  My calves were definitely tight from all the dancing.  If napping could be converted into mileage I did have a big day!  Log 0.

Overall a great week.  My legs have felt good.  The wedding was worth not getting to 40 miles and this weekend is going to set me up for a long run either.  Maybe I'll do a coupld 10's during the week.  Feeling good about a 10K in 2 weeks.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

WEEK 14: 10 miles

Monday: Spin, Core, Stretch
Tuesday: elliptical, TM, wimpy stretch/core; log 2
Wednesday: walked 5K course to measure
Thursday: TM + 2 circuits, good workout; log 5
Friday: Ran 5K course, some with my nephew at 20 min/mile pace, but then ran it on my own once he was home playing with legos; Log 3
Saturday: Worked 5K, good turnout and great weather, too exhausted to run afterward
Sunday: Some lazy boy distracted me from my race plans and then even from a long run in the woods plan.  Cleaned the house and did some yardwork though.

Total: 10 miles

I can't understand why I feel fat and slow.  haha It's a process, and I love it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEK 13: 29 miles

Monday: circuit madness + pyramid run. Log 4 miles

Tuesday: Speed Ladder + Core/Stretch; Log 6

Wednesday: Spin- intervals, TM/Elliptical, light core/stretch; Log 2

Thursday: TM Hills, Good workout; Log 6

Friday: Laziest snow day ever....short walk in Pisgah

Saturday: Short lift, Really good spin class- 50 minutes. 

Sunday:  5K course (all clear so far) + Surry Loop from hospital; Log 11 miles

Pretty good week for workouts. I wish I had gotten over 30miles but the spin classes are worth losing a couple miles.  I am recovering better and in general feel less beat up.  The long run today was good- still having right hamstring issues but my miles 7-10 were strong and I felt good. Spring is coming for sure this time! The 5K course for the race Saturday is clear- whew. This week is going to be hectic with all the 5K stuff to get done, but Greg and I are planning on an 8-mile race on Sunday.  That should be good timing for the 10K coming up.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

WEEK 12: 16 miles

Monday: Off

Tuesday: TM + core, a bit tight and sore, log 3

Wednesday: Spin class, felt good

Thursday: Elliptical + TM, very tight - couldn't loosen up. Log 4 miles

Friday:  Spin (race profile), elliptical, core/hip, some strenght, TM, stretch. Felt pretty good.  Log 2.

Saturday: Martini Virus.  No miles, but quite the "core" workout!  That won't happen again for a year or so.

Sunday:  Small Lollipop Nash Run in the woods of Pisgah with Griffin.  Meant to do the big lollipop but I got nervous and turned into a trail I recognized when I saw it.  Still so much to see out there!  A beautiful day! Log 7 miles.

Not exactly the mileage I needed, but I did add a couple spin classes and feel alright.  No races planned until James Joyce so I have 5 weeks to get ready for another 10K PR.  We'll see.  Felt good to be in the woods.  Working on new strength circuits and will get to spin friday and plyopower wednesday mornings.  Hopefully  a long run Sunday.  It's a process, and I love it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

WEEK 11: 29 miles and New Bedford HM

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4 miles TM- snappy; followed by a short superset circuit I got out of a magazine.  Good little circuit.  Log 4.

Wednesday:  Wet, slushy run out Old Westport Road while I waited for my car inspection in Winchester.  Felt pretty good- a little sore from that circuit.  1:04. Log 7 miles.

Thursday: Off

Friday:  off, got a massage. Have to treat myself to that more often!

Saturday: Drove to MA to see Hailey's play with Greg.  Ran 3 miles and stretched/dynamics, ate way too  much.

Sunday:   New Bedford Half Marathon.  Well, I did know that I didn't have nearly the training I had last year going into this race this year.  I could see it in my log and feel it overall.  But I like this race and the weather was great so I tried to think I would surprise myself.  Well, I surprised myself, but not in a good way.  I started way back, but worked myself up to mile 1 in 7:37 and felt pretty good- even had visions of holding this until after the big hill at 4 miles and then speeding up! (foolish).  By mile 5 I was gaining confidence that I could pull this off as I was still below 8 minute pace at that point.  And then, how you say? "the wheels came off".  Boy that's a miserable feeling.  I thought that could only happen to people who ran fast!  Bascially I raced 5 miles and then had an 8 mile miserable cooldown.  Finished in 1:51:42/8:32 pace. Six minutes slower than last year. ouch.  and yes, the pace at which i ran 11 miles last sunday. dumbass.

Well, it was the kick in the butt I needed.  This week I go back to 5am spin/plyopower classes and 2 hour circuit madness workouts!  That race SHUCKED!  Greg had an awesome race though (1:10:26- 18th Male Overall) and we got home early enough to enjoy some lazy sunday evening time.

oh yah, I almost's a process and I love it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

WEEK 10: 31 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: Unexpected snappy workout!  My legs feel good!  4 miles TM - ended up being a progression run with a pretty long hill in pull downs 2 x 15 (wide/narrow/reverse), 4 way hip with theraband 2 x 20; calf raises/lowers 2 x 20, supine march 2x30, dead bug 2 x 30, SL SB crunches incl obliques 2 x 20, SB hamstring curls 2x20; downward dog, lunge stretch, SL reach 5x each side. Good workout- maybe because I had 2 bowls of my recovery chili last night!? Hoping to have a nice long run tomorrow...Log 4 miles

Wednesday: Long run...KSC to Surry Damn.  Good run- started out slow, but got it together and got the much needed long run in.  Sunny morning and then the weather changed to cloudy and some wind in my face, but it was nice to be out!  Medial arch blisters from my new Sole inserts- bummer they totally helped my plantar fascitis.  Negative split on the way back 58 to 55min; total 153:/9:25 pace.  Perfect for what I was trying to do (pick it up on the middle miles of E. Surry Road) and the miles on court street were slower because of ice and traffic. Log 12 miles.

Thursday:  off

Friday: 4 miles treadmill, long hill progression run.  Felt good, even though hammy doesn't.  Hot Tub Friday night- helped hamstring loosen up briefly.

Saturday: 0

Sunday:  Long run "with" the boys.  Alumni Field across Maple to Surry Dam and back around.   Good long run.  Felt like I was going slow, so I picked it up a bit on the part of the marathon course where I could see mile markers and see how I was doing.  Apparently I was doing ok.  If my right hamstring hadn't hurt I'd been doing even better- my left leg wanted to get going.  Log 11 miles, 1:34- 8:34 pace. 

Feeling a little better with New Bedford coming up on Sunday.  Got in a long run - two - and felt good about them.  I have a massage scheduled for Friday- hopefully that's not too close to the race, but that's the only time he had and I have to do something with this hamstring/piriformis.   

Going to take it easy this week.  I don't feel sore after yesterday's run to Surry.  I was surprised by the resulting pace of 8:34ish.  That's a bit fast for me considering my race pace for the half marathon is 8:06...or is it? :)  I guess we'll find out Sunday!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

WEEK 9: 28 miles

Monday: a little sore after my snowshoe adventure with Griffin.  I'm a little bummed my hamstring hurts right away again though- thought the week off was going to be the last of that.  I had plans on hitting the gym but freezing rain and ice encased my car and made it impossible to get out of my driveway for most of the morning.  Griffin accompanied me on a very wet 2 mile run up the road.  It felt good just to do more than walk again.  Log 2 miles + core.

Tuesday:  Treadmill 4 miles + core.  Bit of a struggle, but again felt good to be sweating.  Log 4 miles.

Wednesday: Treadmill.  Very much a struggle.  After 1 mile got off and did some dynamic wamrup.  Had to walk twice for a minute or so.  Played with hills- too tiring and then set up some intervals - that always helps.  8 x 30 seconds at 7.5 with 45 sec at 6.5 for the last mile.  Log 6 miles.

Thursday off

Friday:  Mini circuit madness, 10 x 1 minute@8 minute pace: 45sec 9:15; Log 5 miles

Saturday: 3 miles TM at the gym...

Sunday: 8 miles from hospital to Surry Dam with Ramona

Not a bad week for coming off of a zero.  I'm disappointed that my hamstring hurts even more than before.  I have called and made a massage appointment.  I didn't get that long run in that I desparately needed and the 8 miles felt long!  So I have conceded that New Bedford may not be a new PR for me in a couple weeks.  More like a training run as I look to add the Olesak Half Marathon on April 3rd to my schedule.  So we'll see.  Will try to do that 8 miler a couple more times and maybe a long run next Sunday will work out.  It's a process, and I love it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

WEEK 8: zero

I was sick all week.  Felt it coming on last Sunday when I could barely do 4 miles even if mostly walking.  Still had to go to work which didn't help matters- especially when work involves standing out in the freezing cold watching lacrosse.  A snow day friday got me some much needed rest and I started to turn the corner Sunday (not enough to race DH Jones however).  Instead I took my favorite wolf into Friedsam Town Forest to snowshoe the 5-mile loop.  We were breaking trail the whole time with all the new snow, it was really beautiful.  Pretty much took me as long as the 10-mile race would have taken.  Oh well, it just felt good to be active again without immediately running out of energy.  Griffin had fun too! 

So I have to scramble a bit to feel like I am going to be ready for New Bedford.  I think I will have a back-up half marathon in the spring lined up.  Other than that lots of short races too.  It's going to be a busy spring!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

WEEK 7: 26 miles

The week started off ok. 

Ran 3 miles monday to and from getting an oil change for my car while I cleaned my old apartment. 

Tuesday I ran on the TM and did some hill/speed play (6 miles).  I was feeling heavy at first but once I start playing with the speed I generally feel better and I did end up having a good workkout. 

Wednesday I took off- had some running around to do for work. 

Thursday another 6 on the TM. 

Friday, finally some circuit madness and logged 7 miles.  Did a couple strength circuits and for the last running bit included 9 times 8 minute pace for 1 minute with 45 sec rest.  Felt real good and was looking forward to a recovery Spin class Saturday and long run Sunday. 

Welp that was the end of the good stuff.  Saturday's spin class was a bust.  I rode but the instructor wasn't good- at least this time- and I couldn't get into it.  I was feeling pretty sore.  The rest of the day was spent on a bus with Men's lacross and standing out in the frigid wind watching 2 games.  Brrr.  My body was sore from Friday's workout, but standing out in the cold like that definitely made it worse. 

Sunday I got up still sore and although got out the door, my run was lethargic and energy level was extremely low.  I logged 4 miles- lots of walking. sick?

Pretty disappointing week.  A long run would have given me a little confidence for this Sunday's DH Jones race.  I've already had nightmares about stopping after 1/2 mile into the race and ending up at some random house!   Today I did wake up with more of a head cold than I like to admit to.  I feel like garbage and won't log any miles today and probably not tomorrow.  ugh Sunday is going to be a battle.  It's a process, and I love it when I am healthy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

WEEK 6: 30 miles and a 6K

Monday: 2 miles TM, full core circuit, 4 miles TM with pickups/hills.  Log 6 miles

Tuesday:  1 mile TM, body strength circuit, elliptical 20 minutes.  Log 3 miles.  Tuesday night- 45 minutes on a spin bike in the freezing cold covering lacrosse practice out on the turf. 

Wednesday:  off

Thursday: 6 miles treadmill, struggled; 30 minutes on spin bike in the cold at the turf.

Friday: a little warm-up and coer. Log 1 mile.

Saturday:  Bradford Valentine's 6K, 28:07/7:36 pace.   Second in age group; Greg and I were 5th in couples division.  Log 7 miles.

Sunday:  Railtrail with Griffin.  Was really nice for about 30 minutes- then the snowmobiles got going.  Griffin got more angry with each passing one- it was hard to keep her from running after them in "Greyhound mode".  She was begging me with her eyes, but relented and stayed with me.  Log 8 miles.

The race was a mid-week decision.  I wasn't feeling well after the car ride (or before it really) and after warming up still didn't think it was going to be a great day.  Greg was running the 5-miler and I was running the 6K.  The 6K turns off and cuts through to rejoin the 5 mile course so we all finish at the same place.  This meant that Greg would be passing me somewhere along the way!  The course was rolling, and so was my stomach.  They had a timing mat out after the 6K turnoff and I thought maybe it was significant as the first mile mark- so I looked at my watch and it said 9 minutes!  I am terrible at "feeling" my pace, but that made me feel even more sick to my stomach.  So I just tried to maintain and get through it so I could go home!  Greg did come up and pass me around 22 minutes I think.  That was fun. I finished at 28:07, 7:36 pace.  Clearly the mat was not significant!  I did my own cool down and we packed it in for the day.  Greg was second overall and won me a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day AND we got 5th for couples (it's all so romantic).  It could be a really fun event if it was just a little closer to home. 

I looked back at last year's log going into the DH Jones race and I am way off course.  I was doing a lot of 10-12 milers- at least one per week -and here I am struggling to get in a 6-7 mile day.  I am lucky I did a couple 10-milers out at fyffe's this year, but I don't think it's going to be enough.  I will try to get a long run in this Sunday and try to get a couple more longer runs in before New Bedford. I guess I have to suck it up and be ready to suffer at DH Jones.  Oh well, it's a process and I love it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WEEK 5: 14 miles and 3 days off

Monday:  I was going to take the day off and get chores done around the house, but I remembered I had Gregs snowshoes in my car and it was a real pretty morning- so out I went just for a quick run around the track.  (Quick in time- not pace.)  Log 3 miles.

Tuesday: Bad workout.  Hamstring/Piriformis would not relax and I had to get off the TM and get on the elliptical and some other weird fitness machine.  Got my heart rate up and worked out the hammy a little, but left feeling a bit discouraged.  Gotta get that massage scheduled.  Log 4 miles.

Wednesday: Snow day!  You'd think that would leave a ton of time to get in a great workout, but that just didn't happen.  First, I went out and just walked a little on the snowshoe track but got cold quickly so I went in to do some chores while Greg ran.  Next, I got on the bike trainer and rode for about 15 minutes- 5 x 30 second sprints included.  A pretty lackluster lift followed with one set of the very few exercises I did.  So then, still feeling crabby, I decided I needed to try to get out on my track.  I lasted 14 minutes (Griffin lasted 5).  The snow had stopped but it was slick and I kept slipping off track and turning my ankle and pulling my hamstring.  I figured it was too nice of a winter scene to be out there screaming swear words and decided to bag the snowshoes and run down the road.  I ran SLOW, but it felt good to be out and getting my heart rate up, finally.    All that for 4 miles.  I wasn't exactly satisfied but I wasn't crabby anymore and made a great dinner (see my other blog)!

Thursday: TM 3 miles, hamstring hanging on by a fiber

Firday- Sunday off

Took the last three days of the week off to calm my hamstring down and because I was busy moving.  By Sunday my hamstring did feel better and I had been eating well so I didn't feel too bad about it.  Try to get back at it this week.  I may suffer at Amherst, but hopefully can string enough good weeks together for a strong New Bedford.  It's a process, and I love it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WEEK 4: 32 miles

Monday: Circuit madness.  2 mile warmup; 1st circuit, 1 mile; 2nd circuit; 3 miles hill and speed play to 8 minute pace.  Finally a quality workout.  Only did 2 x 15 in the circuit but will increase it when I have more time. Took awhile for my feet to get warm even inside!  Log 6.

Tuesday:  5 mi TM + yoga stretch, kept it pretty easy, bit of a struggle but felt good afterward!  Log 5.

Wednesday:  30 minute warmup - I was struggling, but found if I went faster on the treadmill I was way more comfortable, so I decided to do a 20 minute "almost" Tempo run.  I ran 20 minutes at 8:30 to 8:00 pace (1% grade) (mostly 8:15 pace).  This is a little slower than the Jack Daniels prescrition of 7:45 pace, but I'll try that next time.  I think I can do it.  I like the treadmill because I am so bad at guessing the pace I am running on my own. Cooldown on elliptical.  Log 6 miles.

Thursday: off; I needed it. I was really sore last night (R Hamstring/Piriformis), but a little advil and a little rest and I felt like I could run a million miles by the afternoon.  Whew. Will lift tomorrow.

Friday: 2 mile warm-up to 7.0; Short Strength Circuit: 2x15 of the following: drive thru's with hammer curls, sumo squat jumps, Lat pulldowns- wide, narrow, reverse, SL raises off bench, knee tucks off bench, SLDL with upright row, Eccentric calf raises/lowers; Treadmill:  10 x 30 sec @ 7.5 (8 minute pace) with 60 sec recovering at 6.0. All at 1% grade.   The pickups felt easy. Hamstring/piriformis initially very sore but the lifting calmed it down for the speedwork.  Log 5 miles.

Saturday: core/stretch

Sunday: Fyffe's 10 mile loop in Putney. (1:28)

Week Summary
A pretty good week.  Felt good to get a couple lifting workouts in and some miles. I like the Putney 10 mile course - and went 4 minutes faster than the last time.  My hamstring/piriformis are on fire but seem to calm down with a little advil and rest so I won't worry yet.  Hope to get another couple long runs in before Amherst and a couple solid weeks of lifting and miles.  Nothing too fancy!  It's a process...and I love it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WEEK 3: 25 miles and my snowshoe track...

Monday: too much work

Tuesday: Snow day! Got to leave work early and snow shoe on my track in the yard.  Greg had already made it nice and wide, but I wasn't able to run much.  I tried Greg's snowshoes and did a lot better.  Griffin got in a good workout.  Tough conditions but fun to be out there.  Log 2 miles.

Wednesday:  2 mile progression warm-up. Core.  5 mile progression run.  Yoga stretched + more core.  Log 7 miles.  Felt good to get a decent workout in. 

Thursday:  TM 25 minutes uphill 3-5% +12 minutes 0% @ 7.0-7.3....Log 4 miles

Friday: Snowshoe track, slow-going but log 3 miles.

Saturday: TM hill/speedplay, 5 miles

Sunday:  Snowshoe track 13 laps, last 6 without stopping- finally got into a groove.  Avg 3:15/lap ended at 3:04.  Finally felt good and productive on the snow shoes! Log 5 miles

Much better week.  Still haven't been following a plan, but can tell I need to and finally want to stop being a slug!  The snowshoe track has been fun- Greg did a lot of work packing it down nicely during his many snow days.  I made it last year and measured it to almost exactly 1/4 mile. Makes for an easy workout when snowed in.  I finally got comfortable on them today (wearing Greg's Atlas snowshoes) and felt like it was a quality workout. 

This week...get a plan and stick to it!  I think I have time to get back into some sort of shape and maybe even improve for the Amherst 10-miler.  We'll see how much this little hiatus has hurt me.  It's a process...and I love it!

The videos are at the beginning of my workout... I become less Clydesdale and more runner-like later (that's what I am telling myself)...don't mind the little slip- happens all the time!

In this one Greg is standing up near the driveway as the track goes along the river and comes up parallel to the road.  It's kinda boring, but shows more of the course...we are so proud! (Tried to play with the soundtrack and captions, but only works sometimes....something else to distract me from work and running!)

Just some pictures...

Down along the river

Coming down the hill from the house

Griffin running to Greg

Greg and Griffing coming up the hill during a snowstorm on Tuesday...poor Griffin taking it in the face!

Going into the figure 8 loop of the course...

Going down the hill toward the river...

Going up along the road

view of most of the course in the morning from the driveway...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

WEEK 2: 13 miles

Monday: off

Tuesday: 2 miles TM + Spin class (60 min), some stretching/yoga

Wednesday: SNOW!  Packed down my snowshoe track in the yard with Griffin...not much running though (well, Griffin did).  60 minutes. Log 1 mile

Thursday: off

Friday:  TM workout: 2 x 1mile (6.5, 6.7, 7.0) + .5 mile @ 7.3 + .25 mi@ 7.5; 5 miles, core + stretch

Saturday: 90 minutes in Pisgah with Griffin snowshoeing....not much in the way of running though. Log 1 mile.

Sunday: Burt Hill Road, Log 4 miles

Real impressive, I know.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WEEK 1: 25 miles

Monday, Jan 3: 4 miles on 119/Ashuelot Roads, chilly. 

Tuesday, Jan 4: Strength + 2 miles, pretty lethagic

Wednesday, Jan 5: Spin (Ramona's class, endurance hills) + 4 mile progression TM run, yoga stretches; good workout - the run felt tough, need more of those.

Thursday, Jan 6:  Back Ashuelot Road with 3 x 12 sec steep hill sprints, 2 x medium hill sprints; Core and Yoga stretches, 5 miles, surprisingly good workout in the afternoon.

 Friday:  Home projects, 0 miles

 Saturday:  pretty lethargic, 20 min trainer + light lift

Sunday:  10 miles, Fyffe's 10-mile loop in Putney, 91 minutes

25 miles.   Starting out slowly this year, but today's run in VT was a much needed self-motivating run.  My course was very challenging (thanks Fyffe), but I felt pretty good considering my lack of miles lately.  I haven't totally lost it...yet.  If I get into gear here soon I might be ok for making some gains this spring.  Maybe something flat next Sunday- like 13 miles.  At the same time the boys did their 18 miles and the "Putney Plunge" (video on fyffe's blog). Jess made us an amzing recovery breakfast.  Good times.

Looking further ahead...DH Jones 10 Miler Feb. 27 and New Bedford Half Marathon March 20.  Gotta get a move on!  It's a process, and I love it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

WEEK .5: 12 miles and my first PR of 2011

I went down to the Westfield 10k for the Boys and Girls Club in MA for the first race of the year.  I did Montague last year- but it was small and quite a difficult course.  I was tempted to see how much I would have improved on that course, but the flat course in Westfield was a sure PR...and I was right.  This was also a small, no frills race and I had to go solo as Greg was running the Millenium Mile, but the weather was great and I desparately needed a good workout after a couple weeks of lethargy. 

I got there early and did a 2+ mile warmup on the course.  It's an out and back and on the way out there is a slight climb for awhile before it levels out...then you get to come back the downhill grade.  This felt good even on the warmup. 

There were only about 125 people between the two races (there was also a 5K).  The race starts in the road -which isn't closed to traffic and they mentioned there wasn't any traffic control on the course so "be careful"...nice.  I went out mid pack and tried to stay relaxed.  I started to pick people off at about the mile mark and then the 5kers hit their turnaround so I could see who was left.  I passed a few more people through the second and third miles.  I wasn't particularly thrilled with my 5K split of 24:33 at the turnaround, but was encouraged to see how many people were behind me and that only 2 females were ahead (although way ahead).  Anyway, I knew it was level and downhill from here so I just tried to keep pace and prayed the last couple females I passed on the way up weren't closing the gap.  I did the second 5K in 23:38 for a 48:11 finish (7:46 pace) and a 2:44 PR.  I was pretty consistent per mile and even had a little kick at the end when i saw the clock under 48 minutes on my way into the finish...unfortunately I have good eyesight and that quickly ticked away.  No one passed me the entire race. At a point around 4 miles I realized I really didn't need to be huffing and puffing like I was and could just relax and probably run faster - this is what I mean about getting tougher this year!  I might have been holding back worried I would poop out, but this is stuff I can only learn with experience. 

I'm not sure what this race tells me.  Maybe Greg and the boys will have some insight. I still haven't mapped out my races for the year other than focusing on the shorter races to get faster.  However, I like to keep the Half Marathons in my schedule - they're my favorite!  I will put the full marathon off another year to get stronger, but it does cross my mind every other day. 

This week- get organized! Put together more strength circuits and pack down my snowshoe "track" in the yard and try to get out in Pisgah!  Most importantly, figure out what's next!  It's a process....and I love it!