Monday, February 27, 2012

WEEK 8: 33 miles and DH Jones 10-miler

Monday: off
Tuesday: Lift + 2 miles TM; dead legs; log 2
Wed: Pisgah with Griffin and Greg- trails just ok.  Mini-vistas; Log 6
Thursday: Surry Dam with Tat; Legs dead tired and flat out painful- torture; Log 7
Friday: Treadmill, felt a little better; Log 6
Saturday: off- stood outside in the freezing cold watching two games of lax at Tufts; Log 0
Sunday: DH Jones 10-miler; 1:22:13/8:14pace Log 12

Not a great week.  My legs were pretty sore and dead on every run until Friday and even that day wasn't an awesome run.  I guess I didn't recover from the 15 on Sunday well.  Just haven't felt overall good since being sick.  I still had high hopes for a 10-mile PR on Sunday though...

We got down to Amherst early and I really felt ready to go as far as eating, going to the bathroom, having a nice warm-up, and being dressed perfectly.  It was windy but sunny and a perfect temp for running.  I ran this race 2 years ago and ran 1:20, so my goal was anything below that.  I didn't want to go out too fast and I knew the course was hilly- so work the downhills.  The race started normally enough, and off I went.
Mile 1: 7:56. perfect. 
Mile 2 is downhill and I "worked it" to a 7:09...oops, but it was downhill afterall. 
Mile 3 back up and into the Right Piriformis started to hurt because of the wind pushing me over to that side...8:33. eh ok I can recover that...
Mile 4 still going up.  Now I was pissed and walked...8:57,  I'm lucky it wasn't 12 minutes
Mile 5 onto the dirt road and I think some downhill recovery...8:21.  Gotta go faster than that to recover the almost 9 minute mile!
Mile 6 I was wallowing in self pity about why I was SUCH A WUSS but pulled off an 8:06. Hmmm maybe I can at least feel good about the finish
Mile 7 7:45, felt good in small bursts...hold on.
Mile 8 Dead squirrel.  At least I'm not that poor little guy!  8:17. 
Mile 9 I know what's coming ...just suck it up...8:15
Mile 10...I didn't suck it up...the hilll here was way longer than I remember...Caught a couple people on the downhill finish but then felt like I was running in sand around the parking lot....8:49.
Finished: 1:22:14/ 8:14 pace

Not a great day, but I'm not that upset.  Well, two things upset me: First, I wimped out on the hills, plain and simple.  I even work on that when training.  Second, I'm mad at myself for not realizing at 5 miles I was less than a minute off my goal of 1:20 and shouldve really concentrated to go after a negative split. I was too busy beating myself up.  Dumb.  I do this for fun right?!  I changed my attitude and recovered a little bit those last miles.  While struggling up the hill on mile 9 I told a girl who passed me "good work"" - that's a good attitude right?!  (I passed her on the downhill...even better) I finished at 1:22:14, a couple minutes slower than I had hoped. I shook it off fast and tried not to be too disappointed when asked.  Greg waited for me to finish before going on his cool down - that always makes me feel like the luckiest girl at any race!  :)

Anyway, I was reading my post of this race report from 2 years ago and had to laugh at how happy I was to be a "solid 8-minute miler"!  So while being a little slower does stink, at least I'm out there and it's an activity I can enjoy with my husband...and Griffin and friends.  It's all about perspective.  Sure, I still would like to be more like a solid 7:45 minute miler (ok 7 minute miler) at these races, but it is what it is and I can just keep working on it and see if I get any better.  More importantly I plan on being a sub 4-hour marathoner!  That's definitely possible with more work and an attitude adjustment.  I think my perspective got a little screwed up once I started dating Greg and hanging out with the ridiculously fast boys!  I have to remember it's fun to be a part of in any way, shape, or speed.  I'm still just getting started!
Going into New Bedford...the goal is still sub 1:45 (7:59 pace).  No reason that can't happen, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't.  This weekend in Caumsett I think I will work on pacing a little bit..a couple slower 5K's and work up to faster ones.  It should be a fun weekend.  No pressure.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

WEEK 7: 41 miles and healthy

Monday-Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: Treadmill; LOG 7
Thursday: Chapman-Jordan loop+; LOG 10
Friday: lift AM + Surry Dam with Tat; LOG 9
Saturday: headache
Sunday: Long run solo- surry dam plus wheelock KHS loop; LOG 15

I'm glad to have gotten at least 40 miles this week although I was aiming for 50.  Being sick usually ruins two weeks of mileage totals.  I feel much better now but have a couple races coming up so won't load up on the mileage quite yet.  Feel like I'm in a good place for long runs.  After the Camusett 25K I will try to add on to the 15 mile long runs- they haven't been too taxing and I feel like I can add on without killing myself.  That should put me in good shape for marathon training.  Very curious how the 10-miler is going to be this Sunday, especially after a long day at work on my feet scheduled for Saturday.  In any case, will either get me excited for or scared for New Bedford.  Approaching the 25K as a training run- practice in learning how to pace myself so to speak.  Should be fun.  This week- more core/strength and maybe hit the trails.  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

WEEK 6: 33 miles, sick, and Burlingame 15K

Monday: Chapman/Jordan Road from KSC; Log 8
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: Core/hip strength + 5 miles on TM (tough- getting sick?); LOG 5
Thursday: Bretwood Bridge from KSC with Tat- rickety! Definitely getting sick! LOG 10
Friday: 0
Saturday: 0
Sunday: BRRR-Lingame 15K: 1:25:16/9:10 pace; LOG 10

Tough week.  Wednesday I could tell I was getting sick as I struggled to get 5 miles.  I was sweating profusely and just not having fun.  I tried to blame it on the heat inside so headed out Thursday in the cold.  That wasn't much better, I felt very rickety and could feel all the little inflammations and "injuries" my healthy body can keep at bay.  Friday I gave up and then Saturday too.

Sunday I really wanted to run the 15K trail race in RI.  Saturday I felt pretty awful but all we did was drive to RI and eat and go to bed early, so I was determined to wake up "better". And I did.  It was a chilly brusk day- but the sun was amazing.  The "snowstorm" didn't materialize so the footing was going to be good too.  So why not- it could either run the rest of this cold out of me or make it worse.  I took the chance.  I even planned to do an extra loop afterward to try to salvage the weeks mileage. 

We went to Burlingame State Park (which is HUGE) to run a two loop course.  The trails are pretty fun - twisty- and pretty flat- a couple rolling spots.  I tucked in a group behind Pard and just went with it.  I felt bad for the people around me as I was hacking up post nasal drip and trying to blow my nose conspicuously (I'm sure I wasn't successful).  We got to the open road part and I went ahead to try to catch the girl in orange who lead our pack through the single track.  She was running really steady. I kept her within striking distance for a lot of the rest of the loop and some of the beginning of the second.  Then I started feeling really thirsty and craving red gatorade.  This was a late race for me and we had eaten breakfast a LONG time ago.  I was beginning to feel it.  I saw someone had dropped their water bottle for themselves on their way thru the second  (No I didn't take any).  As I felt sorry for myself I lost the girl in orange...rather, she lost me.  This is where I was kind of on my own and experimented blowing snot rockets while on the run. FUN!  I made note to be sure to wipe myself down before coming to the finish!  I heard people coming up behind me and decided I should just run a little harder- it wasn't like I was going very fast- I've put in the miles, why was I being such a wuss?  The postnasal drip I had been swallowing for 6 miles must have some caloric value!  Somehow I convinced myself and I was able to muster a little strength to recatch the girl in orange.  I got to her just after all the bridges and thought for a little while I could even pass her, but I was getting real worn out.  I was sick afterall.  So just before the last turn I did a quick check to make sure I didn't have snot all over me and finsihed somewhat feeling good.  I didn't negative split...not even close (41:45/43:32), but I wasn't sore like I had been earlier in the week and was just tired and very hungry.  Really I felt pretty good- like I had run the cold out of me.  We bagged the extra loop idea as we got cold and heard they were picking up the flags.   Greg won.  That was good for him after a week of sickness too.  It's fun to go to another state and know so many people there!  It was a fun day.  I love trail racing (especailly with my husband! ;)) awwww.

This week I will try to get back to over 40 miles. The week isn't starting great though as I didn't run today because I just don't feel great.  The congestion is gone,  but still not healthy.  I also have to get back to lifting some weights!  I have been wimpy about that all of a sudden.  Hopefully once this virus is done bothering me I will get on track and I'll feel like a runner again.  Looking forward to some early spring road races...hopefully it won't finally snow!  It's a process and I love it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

WEEK 5: 46 Miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin to Snowbrook. LOG 10.
Tuesday: TM 10 x 1/2 mile at goal HMP (7.6mph/7:53 pace) with 1-2 minutes rest. LOG 8.
Wednesday:  off
Thursday: Pisgah with Griffin- too icy.  LOG 6.
Friday: KSC to SurryDam + 3 miles - some with Tat - (2:11/8:45 pace) LOG 15.
Saturday: mini-hike to Beals knob - never been there before!
Sunday:  From Tat's to bridge past Bretwood. Chilly.  LOG 7

Another pretty good week.  Everyone around me is sick so I am not going to plan a down week in case I finally start getting sick and am forced to take some time off.  I'm going to set up a couple strength circuits to do weekly.  Otherwise I think I am right where I need to be with running.  Wish the trails would open up for real- they are a bit icy right now and the nice weather during the day is a tease when you can't get into the woods!  I have loops in Keene I like, but am excited to get back to trails a couple times a week.  Not much else to say.  It's a process and I love it!