Sunday, August 29, 2010

WEEK 34: 32 Miles and Pisgah 23K Race Course



8 mile loop in Pisgah with Greg and Griffin (South Woods trail - pretty!)

5 miles on rail trail from KSC atheltic fields to Sawyers Crossing...feel very heavy, slow, and UNFIT. Finally the beautiful weather is back though.

Circuit Madness: 3 cycles + 2 miles. Got pretty hungry and pooped, but a good workout. Felt good to have some time in the gym.

4 mile Ashuelot Road loop, early.

Pisgah Run with Griffin; log 13 miles

Not a bad week considering I worked over 60 hours at KSC.  Even made it to the gym for some strength training one day.  The biggest run was the Pisgah 23K race course.  I started at the Horseshoe trailhead with Griffin (Greg hit the roads) on Sunday morning.  I wasn't as prepared as I should have been i.e. I didn't hydrate or eat great Saturday and should've been to bed a lot earlier.  I knew it was going to be a hard run, but it kind of blew my mind how hard it really is!  And I want to do the 50K someday?!?!  I didn't do the roads of the course- to make it shorter and to avoid the dog on winchester road.  I was excited to have new trail sneakers- Mizuno Wave Ascend- I like them.  As far as the run, the Pisgah Ridge will be my slowest part (along with most people, I guess).  It is a hard climb and pretty technical on top of that.  Once I get through there I will be tired but relieved.  I was getting discouraged during the run because I had to walk so much of the ridge, but when I realized I finished in around 2:10 I was pleased.  Add on 2.5 miles of roads and some "race excitement" and I may finish in under 2:30 on race day.  I guess that's my goal...for this year.  I am so tired right now I don't know what else to say.

This week, a couple days of light strength training, hopefully a spin class or two, and I really need to get some speedwork in there somewhere too.  I think I will do the course again next Sunday the same way, maybe with someone?!  Work will settle down this week to where I will have a set schedule and time to plan all of these things in.  It's a process...and I love it....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WEEK 33: 29 miles and back to work...

Miles: 29

Railtrail "with" Greg and Griffin. 5 miles/ 46 min

Kilburn to Pisgah Ridge (last lookout) with Griffin (boy, was she bored!). Ate too big of a lunch, felt like I was going to barf if I tried to work the hills and then worried about losing my lunch out the "other end" when trying to work the downhill...more an exercise in sphincter management than a training run! Oh well, log it...7 miles.

Circuit Madness:  3 circuits of 3 sets and 2 miles TM at end (didn't have time for the running in between cicuits). Log 2.

4 miles my road, beautiful morning.  Right Hamstring is really bothersome right now, just when i am running out of time to go get a massage, dumb that I didn't do that before my summer came to a screeching halt.

Kilburn Loop with Griffin, counter-clockwise, 66 minutes to-from parking lot...BEAUTIFUL fall-like morning...Log 8 miles

Off; first day of 3-a-day sessions at KSC so I wasn't planning on much free time.  I did end up having an hour during the beautiful day where I could have run, but didn't have my stuff (or a locker yet) - I'll be prepared from now on.

Is it Sunday?  Went out with the idea of running Burt Hill, then heard some what sounded like wild dogs so aborted that mission.  Changed to 2 mile warm-up and some hill repeats in front of my house.....did the 2 mile warm-up.  ho-hum.  Ran with a young kitty today though- for about 30 yards it ran right next to me in the road- hilarious. 

AM#2:  3.25 mile run from KSC campus down Baker street and back, in the rain.  Felt good to get out and be active instead of just watching others be active.  Way better intensity than this morning...about 8:30 pace.  Log 3 just to be even.

Week Summary
Overall a blah week.  I knew I should have tried to get higher mileage in because this coming week is going to be ridiculous at work.  Looking forward to running the 23K course, minus the roads, in Pisgah Wednesday morning (don't forget I get Griffin, and maybe even you, Greg!). I feel a little lost in what to do for the Pisgah race and then Baystate as far as training. Will figure it out once my schedule becomes more set. Possible 5K in Concord Sunday?  We'll see, might just want to chill and run at home on my first day off in 13 days.  Either way I will need some chromium replacement.  It's a process...and I love it.

My friend, Karen, with Meb and Bill Rodgers when she was down at the Falmouth race this past weekend...pretty cool!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WEEK 32: 27 miles, 5K PR, and the best goodie bag....

Miles so far: 27 ....Previous week: 37

Kilburn walk with Greg and dogs; surprisingly NOT sore!

Pisgah with the girls, Greg, and his Dad, log 4 miles

Circuit Madness AM
Circuit 1: Drive Thur with Db's x 15, T-hops x 10 each side, 45* lunges x 15, Lat pull downs (wide/Narrow/Rev) x 15 each, SLR off bench x 15; Go thru circuit x 2 then TM 2 miles
Circuit 2: Step-ups with Drive Thru x 15 each, Good mornings with upright row x 15, wide squat with tricep press, SL squats x 15 each, knee crunches off bench, Go thru Circuit x 2 then 2 miles TM....Log 4 miles

Pisgah: Davis Hill Trail -Baker-Pisgah Ridge- to Kilburn....pretty weak effort, just wasn't into it even though the weather was perfect. I was alone and got creeped out today maybe because it was getting stormy out. Saw a Big coyote- he was watching me come up the trail and ran when I stopped after seeing a ghost. Cool, but scary. Log 6 miles

Kilburn loop with Greg, Griffin, Lenna, and Ellie; a good run - I felt like it was going to be real slow as I felt tired and was struggling to keep up, but timewise it was a minute faster than usual. (1:06) I really like that run. Log 8 miles.

Deerfield 5K: 22:50/7:23 pace, Log 5 miles

Rail Trail?

Pretty good week, got a bunch of different workouts in.  Still happy about the 18 miles last sunday and how quickly I recovered - or at least wasn't sore monday.  A lot of caffeine in the form of mixed drinks and dance party active recovery at Glenn and Gina's pre-wedding party Sunday night must have been the trick!

Saturday I went to South Deerfield to run a 5K at the Yankee Candle Flagship store complex.  Greg went to the Bridge of Flowers 10K but it was 40 bucks and a hard course, so I decided to do my own thing.  I was happy with my decision for a few reasons.  First, I needed to start doing more 5K's- I think my last was Thanksgiving and my unofficial time was 26+ minutes.  Second, the goodie bag was awesome!  I got a t-shirt, water bottle, candle (strawberry), chapstick, air freshener, and a red dress pin.  Third, it was for a good cause- the red dress pin represents the American Heart Association and it's cause to raise money and awareness for heart disease in women.  Oh, and Fourth, it was only 20 bucks.

What a beautiful day!!!!  I got there plenty early, registered and warmed up only for about a mile plus dynamics.  Seriously, what a beautiful day.  It was a small crowd and no race course map so I just followed the pack.  We were off at 9am.  I felt pretty good and at 1 mile my split said 7:07...Geez I didn't know I felt that good, I was ready to start slowing down.  Mile 2 went through a school complex and turned us around to go back the way we came.  At  mile 2, 6:59.....what?????  Ok maybe the markers are a bit off, I felt like I was holding steady but really doubt that I was getting faster!  Mile 3 felt long as I was getting tired by then. I mistakenly tried to get "comfortable", but that just leads to slowing down.  My mile 3 split was around 8 and :43 for the .1.  Hmmm I was fading but I don't think that badly, so maybe the markers were a little off.  I finished at 22:51 for a 7:23 pace. I was 27th overall (so was Greg at Bridge of Flowers!) and 5th female.  Small race and a fun, nice atmosphere. The winning time was "slow", but that lead pack missed the first turn and probably added a full quarter mile or more to their race.  Luckily I was right at the turn when they started correcting everyone.  I want Greg to run it next year because the winner gets a year's supply of Yankee Candles!  (When Fyffe heard that it bacame a race!)

Anyway, I'm really happy with my time and it gives me confidence to run more 5K's.  I think they could help a lot with my half marathon training and learning to judge my pace better.  I'm looking forward to the next one already- not sure when as I start work this week and will have to look at my schedule.  Summer is over, but I am looking foward to the fall! I need to set up my training plan for the Baystate Half Marathon and include the Pisgah 23K. Might add 5 miles a little later today on the rail trail with Greg. It's a process....and I love it...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

WEEK 31: 37 miles and a long run

AM: Mt. Pleasant, ME;
PM: 5 miles on the roads in harrison Maine. Most uncomfortable boring run ever with Greg and Griffin. I think they felt the same way. Plus Subway an hour before was not a good idea. oh well, log it.

Speckled Mtn, ME;
(See previous post for the overview of the maine hikes and pictures....)

PM: Spin class. Good endurance ride- I needed that.

AM: Kilburn loop with Glenn- clockwise, while Greg and Girffin went counterclockwise. 58 minutes to crossroads. Paced myself way better in the beginning so I could make it up the hill coming back up the west side- didn't have to walk (although got real slow). Rain and thunder. The hill on the road coming back to the parking lot is what kills me, but 6 minutes this time. Good morning. Log 8 miles.

PM: 3 miles on Treadmill- mostly for stress relief

Circuit Madness- finally some strength training again.

Circuit # 1
BW step-ups with knee drive x 24, squat jumps onto bench x 12, Good Mornings with upright row x 12, straight leg raises off bench x 15; go through circuit x 2 and run 1 mile on treadmill.
Circuit #2
Squat with MB squeeze x 12, split squat jumps x 12, back lunges x 12, Knee tuck off bench x 15; Got thru circuit x 2 and hten run 1 mile.
Circuit #3
Single leg elevated bridge on BOSU x 12 each leg, SB overhead press into chest press x 15 each, drop lunges with lateral raise x 12 then as jump x 12; Go thru circuit x 2 then run 1 mile.
Log 3 miles.

Felt really good.  Only went through each circuit x 2 instead of usual 3 because I don't want to be too sore for the long run Sunday.  Kinda wish I just went through all cicuits at the end- next time.  Tomorrow spin class and then 20 on sunday! woo-hoo!

Spin: pretty lethagic effort, had to grab a GU in the middle of class!

LONG RUN with Ramona, 18 miles on rail-trail in Keene from Target.  1:32 first 9 miles/ 1:23 back.

Miles: 37
Previous week: 30

Another weird week of summer and trying to stay on some sort of schedule.  Lots of hiking Monday and Tuesday, which is in the post below, and thursday was a good run in Pisgah.  I had contacted my friend Ramona, who is training for a full marathon, to see if she was doing any long runs I could jump into.  Luckily she was today and it fit in my schedule and this morning we did 18 miles on the flat railtrail.  I was a little nervous because I hadn't exactly been good with nutrition the day before (unless beers and pizza are good) and really haven't run 18 miles since last fall and not more than 10 in months.  I thought maybe I'd turn around at 7 and let her go on, but as the run progressed I felt really good and decided to do the 9 miles out and back.  The first nine were real slow and I let her set the pace, it was her training after all, so I think it was about 10 minute miles (1:32).  There is a slight uphill grade to the dump, but it felt easy and goes by faster when theres someone to talk to!  Almost at the turnaround we picked up a friend that Ramona knows and they got chatting and running.  By the time we turned around at 9 miles I decided to step it up a little and leave them behind.  I think I did good at keeping myself comfortable but working and not hitting race pace effort.  I just wanted to finish in less than 3 hours overall. Miles 9 thru 16 I picked it up and when I got to the dump I really took advantage of the slight downhill grade from there.  I wasn't sure where I was but I slowed down with about 2 left but not so much that I thought it would take me to 3 hours.  I hit the Target parking lot at 2:55 and still felt strong and the pavement felt good.  I did well with the Gu's (1 every 30 minutes after an hour for 3 Gu's total) and wore my hydration pack (a spot on my back burned like a fire in the shower!).  In any case, I was happy with the effort and encouraged.  I probably should be doing a fall full marathon since it looks as if I have topped out on the speed improvements for the year! 

The focus is still unfocused until I get into my new job and figure out what my schedule is going to be like.  I will be over at KSC as an athletic trainer, which means Sunday work - aka less racing.  I'll just have to choose more carefully and try ot get that time off.  As it is now, I will ask for Pisgah, Baystate, and Lil Rhody race days off and will fit in others as I can. 

Another focus will be getting this 8 pounds off that have crept onto me this summer (I know, I, beer.....). No wonder why my speed improvements have come to a screeching halt...but that could be another blog entirely! 

There's a lot going on this week as will be attending Glenn and Gina's 3-day festival wedding!  It will be a good time and I never have to worry about finding time to run as long as Greg is around!  I will be sure to get another day in at the gym for some more circuit madness and just see how things go I guess.  I might run the Bridge of Flowers 10K saturday to get a workout in (greg is racing), but the $40 + registration annoys me, so we'll see.  It's a process...and I love it...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pleasant and Speckled Mountains in Maine....

On monday, Greg, Griffin, and I drove to Maine to visit with my family at my brothers cabin.  On monday we stopped at Pleasent Mountain in Bridgton, ME on the way to the cabin.  My plan was that we could make this a trail run.  The trails are on the backside of the Shawnee Peak Ski Area and Moose Pond is at the base.  There is a good trail map online and we (okay, I) decided we would tackle Ledges Trail.  It was pretty hot and humid, and steeper than I had imagined, so the running only lasted a few minutes! oh well I had good intentions, but it really is silly to think I could keep up with Greg!  He didn't want to run ahead and was fine with time on his feet, so we hiked it like normal people.  It was a good climb and nice views along the way as well as at the top.  There are a few trails and it probably would make a good running mountain. 

Greg pondering how pleasant it is on Pleasant Mountain.....

On Tuesday, we went to the White Mountains - there's just a relatively small section of the WMNF in Maine.  I have been dying to explore the White Moutnains since moving here 3 years ago!  We went to Speckled Mountain, not far from the NH border, and it looks like there are so many good hikes in that area. This one we planned (okay, I planned) as a hike and "time on our feet". We also took Boomer, my brothers family dog- he and Giffin got along fabulously.  Anyway, we got to the trailhead and it was a little over 4 miles to the top.  I had planned a loop, but left my itinerary in NH (SO UNLIKE ME).  So we opted to just do an out and back on the Bickford Brook Trail starting from Brickett Place onf Route 113 (with an little excursion to "the slides").  This trail was way more "trail run" as compared to Pleasant Mtn (at least for me).  Next time that will be the plan for sure.  It was such a gentle climb that it was surprising we were climbing a mountain.  I guess some of the other trails are a bit steeper.  The dogs did great (we were a little worried about Boomer...he's a big boy).  We got to the top and it started to rain and there wasn't a view to be seen.  The mist blowing in was kinda cool, but I wouldve liked it to blow out again so we could see more- apparently you can see Mt. Washington.  Oh well, just gives us reason to go back and run it!  Not much wildlife except for Boreal Chickadees and moose poop! On the way back, the dogs and Greg zonked out in the car...not steep, but a long hike!

Me and the dogs at the can see the lack of view....

Greg heading down the "slides"...pretty cool place, the pictures don't do it justice of course....

Greg "power hiking"...I have video, but he might break up with me if I post it!

On Wednesday, we walked to the "common area" in the cabin development.  It was pretty neat and I wish we had known about it monday when we were running a miserable 5 miles on the roads!  Not an extensive trail system but a nice area and trail laps would have been better than the road we ran on- plus a dip in the river would have been nice.  (Crooked River) 

Greg, Josh, and Hailey on the other side of the river

Hailey, Boomer, and Griffin-patiently waiting for her to throw something

Not sure where Josh is trying to go....Boomer clearly gave up....

The family on the beach area...Hailey, John, Sue, Mom....Greg is in the back there somewhere....

That's the trip in a nutshell!  Didn't get in as much of the running I had so thoughtfully planned, but it was nice to hang out with the family- won't get to do that again til Thanksgiving.  We left in time to get back for Wednesday night track workout for Greg and spin class for me.  Griffin needed some sleep! Back at it....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WEEK 30: 30 miles and Mount Grace

Hike Mt. Grace in warwick, MA with Greg and Griffin. 1.5 hour nap. BEAUTIFUL NON-Humid day.

AM: 4 mile Ashuelot Rd loop, 2 other runners out and about; still feel pretty tight in the hips/hamstring
PM: Same 4-mile loop; felt a little better

AM: Kilburn Loop with Greg, Glenn, and Griffin. Clockwise direction, did real well for 34 minutes and then hit the hill after the Southern tip on the way back up the westside. Lots of scuffing and tripping and just couldn't recover. 58:30 in all. Little swim in Kilburn Pond and felt better for the 7 minute jog back to the parking area. Good workout - Kilburn is good to me. Log 8 miles.
PM: Spin

5 miles/42 minutes on Rail Trail with Greg and Griffin, welcome back humidity.

4 miles hotel treadmill...rough treadmill!

quarter and half-mile pickups at HHS track. Slow, heavy, and tight. Oh well. Log 5 miles.

Off; drove back to NH

Miles: 30
Previous week: 35.5

Not as many miles as I wanted but I did take Monday and Sunday off.  I was just too sore today after standing around all weekend at my high school reunion and then driving today.  Monday Greg, Griffin, and I explored Mount Grace which is near my house.  The trail we hiked went up a pretty steep hill to the tower (which was really cool) and it looks like there may be other trails that would be good for more running.

Also, I had some traveling to do for my 20th high school reunion!  yikes.  It was a lot of fun and I did get a few miles in at home. I am a bit tight and sore from standing around and driving and my face is sore from laughing. 

I don't think any of us look like we graduated high school 20 years ago! 

This next couple weeks are going to be tough.  We are traveling to Maine tomorrow for a couple days and should get some running/hiking in on Mt. Pleasant and Speckled Mtn.  Then I need to focus on getting some long runs in and quality workouts.  I'm still not in a good place with my running right now and going back to work next week isn't going to help my focus.  It's stressing me out already.  At the end of the week I need to sit down and figure out what races I want to focus on. Pisgah 23K and Baystate Half are most definite, but there are so many possibilities!  I will keep plugging along and hope I get that positive feeling back like I had in the spring.  It's a process...and I love it.