Monday, July 12, 2010

WEEK 27: 20 miles

Monday: off
Tuesday: 5 miles + core
Wednesday: Track Workout...7 x 400; not a good workout- first 2 hit my goal of 1:30-1:35 then it was down hill from there... log 4miles
Thursday: Kilburn Pond loop with Greg and Griffin; 1:05/7 miles
Friday: Strength workout - pretty good overall workout + core
Saturday: Track Workout with Greg and Justin; 200/4 x 400/2 x 200; very frustrated...couldn't get the 400's under 1:39 and the 200's under was hot and raining, but i can run faster than that or at least feel better than that...log 4 miles
Sunday: off; walk out to Kilburn with Greg and the men (And boy) of his family
This week: 20 miles

I'm kind of crabby this week about my running, especially after the horrid track workout on saturday (well, the rain was nice and the company great, but my running....not so good).  My favorite run this week was the Kilburn Loop with Greg and Griffin. They are both used to going so much faster and are so patient with me! :) Plus, you really can't beat being able to jump in the water after a run.

Not sure if I am racing this coming weekend- maybe i'll find a 5K or 5-miler, but I decided to only watch the Stowe 8-miler because of the 10-miler in Narragansett being the following Friday night.  If I was feeling strong I'd do both, but clearly that is not the case.  For the next 3 weeks I don't have to do anything except eat, sleep, and no excuses.  It's a process....and I love it....


  1. The Blessing of the Fleet is a great race. I hope you run well there.

  2. Thanks! Should be fun- can't wait to see the ocean. See you at Stowe- decided to run...