Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WEEK 26: 25 miles and 4 on the 4th

Monday: plyopower + 2 miles TM; felt good

Tuesday: 10 miles: Westport road; felt strong, but heavy; very buggy on railtrail

Wednesday: short, EASY run while getting new tires for the car...2 miles...heavy legs, sore throat....oh well, it's SUMMER!

Thursday: Well, not exactly the first day of summer I had envisioned. I ran at 7:30pm after a day of worrying about getting a migraine and generally not feeling well. I only ran to try out my new sneakers, the Nike Lunarswift, and because a week of very gluttonous behavior is about to start in a big way....2 miles

Friday: Hiked 5 miles to Pisgah Ridge with Cori

Saturday: AM: 4 mile easy pace run with Kate- she's decided to run the race tomorrow. PM: 2 mile walk into Kilburn Pond for a quick dip with Kate, Cori, Greg, and Griffin.

Sunday: 4 on the Fourth with Kate, Cori and the Keenyans; 30:10

This week: 25 miles

4 on the 4th pictures in Keene, NH  Me, Kate, Cori    and   Karen, Me

Another not so stellar week of "training", hopefully just a phase and I'll get my butt back in gear once my social schedule slows down!  I'm ok with the 4 on the 4th race, 7:32ish pace is still improvement but i didn't really ever feel like i got into a groove during the race.  I started WAY too far back at the start and it really hurt me.  Never saw the first mile marker so was getting really discouraged when i thought I was running over 9 min pace!  Hit 2 miles in 14:45, then something like 7:50/7:35; i shouldn't have started my watch until I reached the starting line- it took literally 25 seconds before I started running. Rookie mistake.

Karen beat me-  the streak is over! =)  I never even saw her.  My sister did really well, it might inspire her to do more.  She's the type that will be kicking may ass pretty quickly with a little work.  Sometimes I feel like I have to work a little harder than most people for the littlest improvements, but I bet everyone feels like that at some point.  And really, I haven't been working nearly as hard as i did in the winter months and early spring.  I knew this change in schedule would change things, I just have to deal with it better plus be happy with the pretty big improvements I have made thus far, it will be harder and harder to improve and harder to be patient...but I digress.  Cori won her age group and did what she wanted to do...Ted was very impressed she was from Washington....  

This week will be tough too (clearly, since I am just updating my blog on Tuesday night), but starting July 11 I should get back on track. I'll have exactly one month of summer left at that point! YIKES!!!  I'm planning for the Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler in Narragansett, RI on July 23 with Greg and, I think, his older brother.  I hope to get a lot of speedwork in before then and get back to the basics with core and strengthening. It's a process.....and I love it!

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