Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 43: 14 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 3 mi TM
Wednesday: 8 mi with Griffin and Greg- beautiful fall day in Pisgah running with my husband! :)
Thursday: Lift at KSC
Friday TM 3 miles
Weekend: 0

Not a great week, maybe it was marital bliss or plain old exhaustion - hard to say!  The weekend was spent working and driving to the cape for Gregs marathon.  The weather was brutal- not only for his race, but for my plans to get some miles in on my own during it.  I  had fun driving to a couple points to see my husband though! He did awesome.  Makes me think how fun it'd be to watch Vermont City! (jk- kinda).  I'm still pretty exhausetd and don't feel like I'll get caught up on home chores and school work until Christams but I'll try.  I already had a good run this morning so next week should be way better.  It's a process, and I love it!

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