Monday, February 20, 2012

WEEK 7: 41 miles and healthy

Monday-Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: Treadmill; LOG 7
Thursday: Chapman-Jordan loop+; LOG 10
Friday: lift AM + Surry Dam with Tat; LOG 9
Saturday: headache
Sunday: Long run solo- surry dam plus wheelock KHS loop; LOG 15

I'm glad to have gotten at least 40 miles this week although I was aiming for 50.  Being sick usually ruins two weeks of mileage totals.  I feel much better now but have a couple races coming up so won't load up on the mileage quite yet.  Feel like I'm in a good place for long runs.  After the Camusett 25K I will try to add on to the 15 mile long runs- they haven't been too taxing and I feel like I can add on without killing myself.  That should put me in good shape for marathon training.  Very curious how the 10-miler is going to be this Sunday, especially after a long day at work on my feet scheduled for Saturday.  In any case, will either get me excited for or scared for New Bedford.  Approaching the 25K as a training run- practice in learning how to pace myself so to speak.  Should be fun.  This week- more core/strength and maybe hit the trails.  It's a process and I love it!

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