Monday, February 6, 2012

WEEK 5: 46 Miles

Monday: Pisgah with Griffin to Snowbrook. LOG 10.
Tuesday: TM 10 x 1/2 mile at goal HMP (7.6mph/7:53 pace) with 1-2 minutes rest. LOG 8.
Wednesday:  off
Thursday: Pisgah with Griffin- too icy.  LOG 6.
Friday: KSC to SurryDam + 3 miles - some with Tat - (2:11/8:45 pace) LOG 15.
Saturday: mini-hike to Beals knob - never been there before!
Sunday:  From Tat's to bridge past Bretwood. Chilly.  LOG 7

Another pretty good week.  Everyone around me is sick so I am not going to plan a down week in case I finally start getting sick and am forced to take some time off.  I'm going to set up a couple strength circuits to do weekly.  Otherwise I think I am right where I need to be with running.  Wish the trails would open up for real- they are a bit icy right now and the nice weather during the day is a tease when you can't get into the woods!  I have loops in Keene I like, but am excited to get back to trails a couple times a week.  Not much else to say.  It's a process and I love it!

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