Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weeks 23-29: 164 miles and Summer

My big plans of getting fit and diesel this summer haven't exactly come about.  I got back to running after the marathon after a week or two of lots of spin classes.  I joined the YMCA, started some drills, plyos, and hill sprints and my foot decided it was not liking that.  So I have spent most of the last 6 weeks battling plantar fascitis.  I've been able to run a little and cycle and hike, but haven't been able to take advantage of the classes at the YMCA.  I guess I will just add the extras as I get better.  A brief summary of the summer so far...

Week 23: 17 miles and Newton 10K.  Went to the 10K with Greg just to get a run in- it was slow and my legs were still pretty tired from the marathon or perhaps the daily- sometimes double- cycle classes I've been taking.  But it was a nice day- we barefoot run a little afterward in a nice field.

Week 24: 33 miles. Lots of Kilburn miles and core.

Week 25: 18 miles.  The foot started acting up midweek a day after a bout of hill sprints.  I hate running in the heat anyway.

Week 26: 7 miles.  Lots of spin classes all week and then a 7 mile run in Kilburn Sunday.

Week 27: 18 miles.  Went to Rhode Island and ran on the Cliff Walk and through Newport for a few miles.  Foot felt like it could be pushed a bit.  Did not run Four on the Fourth because I wasn't feeling well.  Oh well, next year.  It was fun to watch.  At the end of the week we hiked Caribou Mtn in the White Mtns of Maine.  Very nice hike- cool waterfalls.  The first blueberries of the summer spotted in Kilburn while running with Griffin.

Week 28:  29 miles.  I guess it always feels like you lose more time due to injury than you really do, but the foot isn't perfect yet- just to the point where I can run through it now- like I was pretty much all year anyway.  Spent a lot of time in Freidsam Park with Griffin since Greg was away at a running camp.

Week 29: 42 miles.  Biggest mileage since before the marathon.  I got a lot of miles, but mostly shorter stuff without a day off and doubling added up.  Still haven't had a good long run.  Tried the 10 mile loop from our house to and around spofford lake.  This is not an easy loop- pretty, but NOT easy and not one I'll be doing on a weekly basis.  Tough run.  Speaking of tough runs...we did the Dublin 5K Saturday.  Also a route that time doesn't tell you much unless you are comparing it to yourself.  That will be interesting for next year.  I did the final mile (hill) twice and had a good workout day.  Got to run with Emily Monday night in Saxton's River and ran with Tat a couple times in Keene.  It is fun to have people to run with!

Overall I am at 954 miles for the year- a couple hundred miles ahead of last year!  Should reach 1000 this week.  The foot is manageable now- not perfect, but what runner feels perfect?  I'll try to add the "extra's" as  I can (plyos, hills, etc.)  - carefully.  I'm running out of summer at this point and just need to get on track before work starts kicking my butt.  It took me awhile to get used to not having a lot to do - it was a tough adjustment- just ask Greg.  I hated Summer- but you don't know what you got til its gone- in this case- almost gone.  I'll try to make the best out of the last 2 weeks.  I am still toying with the idea of the Cape Cod marathon, but the reality of work may end that quest.  I will at least hope to be in better shape for Pisgah 23K.  I didn't run last year due to sickness, so it'll be fun to be back assuming I stay healthy.  This weekend a 10 mile trail race in RI and i'll begin to build the long run back up over the next couple weeks.  Just trying to go with the flow!  It's a process and I love it!

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