Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 30: 38 miles

Monday: AM: TRX class + 2mi TM.  PM: 3 miles with Emily in Saxton's River. LOG 5
Tuesday: Kilburn with Grif. LOG 8
Wed: Hike Bear Mtn
Thu: Track workout. LOG 10
Friday: 2 mi roads from home, core
Saturday: 5 mile Trail race + 3. LOG 8
Sunday: Freidsam from home with Grif. LOG 5.

Pretty hot week.  I was trying to get over 40 miles this week but it didn't quite happen.  Finally made it to the track for my first track workout of the summer.  I did 12 x 400 at 8 min pace (2:00) with 200m recovery and then did 4 x 200 at 46s also with 200 recovery.  Nothing like a track workout to really make you see how slow you are.  I'm not sure how I ever run under 8 min pace when I can barely do a quarter at that pace.  I was having a tough day but I got through it.
On Saturday we did the Run for hte Beavers Trail Race in Rhode Island.  Really cool course- a five mile loop.  I registered for the 10 miler but just couldn't talk myself into the second loop- or rather talked myself out of the second loop before the halfway.  I was jsut not feeling it and was afraid I'd turn my ankle or something if I pushed it.  My foot was pretty sore too.  Besides when I came around in 51 minutes I figured Greggie would be coming around from his second loop in about 10 minutes.  I decided to stay and watch him win it.  And he did.  Sunday I still wasn't feeling great and could only eek out 5 miles in Freidsam with Griffin fo 38 miles for the week.  Almost at 1000 miles for the year.  Next week for sure.  It's a process and I love it!

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