Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weeks 34- 36

Week 34:  22 miles.  Work really caught up with me this week- just being on my feet all the time tires my legs and makes me tired in general.  I got a couple good runs in Pisgah though- including one in which I saw and talked to a Barred Owl!  He let me talk to him for almost 30seconds before getting bored and flying away.  Big eyes!  I was getting a little creeped out as he just stared at me- but I guess if he said something I would've been more creeped out.  Lots of hawks calling in the woods these days too.

Week 35: 26 miles.  Eh just a couple medium runs in Freidsam and then South Woods with Griffin.  Finally some chilly mornings.

Week 36: 35 miles.  6 days in a row of running- haven't done that in awhile!  It's not that I'm feeling bad- just lazy.  Plantar fascitis has been pretty much controlled at this point.  Lifted a couple times...okay once.  South Woods to Mini-Vistas run on Sunday with Grif.  Gotta say I felt pretty good on it, but only 1:50 of time in the trails.  Would need a little more for a good Pisgah race. Probably too little too late. Oh well, It's a process and I love it!

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