Saturday, October 13, 2012

WEEKS: 38-41

Welp I'm just trying to stay somewhat active at this point - it's not pretty.  The weeks go like this...

Week 38: 29 miles;  Recovered from Pisgah just fine.  Did a lot of short runs mostly with Griffin.  Only lifted once.

Week 39: 20 miles; Barely a fitness jogger at this point.  Hit the treadmill once, went into Pisgah and noted it was a beautiful fall morning with Griffin.  Tried out an out and back on horseshoe road from our house- that went pretty snappy for 5 miles (41:15), I'd call that a tempo workout out of nowhere.  Saw a Bobcat in the Ashuelot River as we were scoping out the Demar race course for Justin and Greg.  Didn't do a long run as I watched Greg at Demar instead. 

Week 40: 31 miles; Lots of treadmill- just trying to squeeze it in during work.  Did a longish run with my friend Ramona from the YMCA up to the beaver pond (9miles)- always cool to check out new trails.  Me and Griffin found a new trail in Pisgah that they have been working on.  The Habitat trail has washed out but it looks like there is another cut across from Old Chesterfield to South Woods- this is a trail Greg has taken me on way in the past but it wasn't worked on, I guess he and Elijiah had used it as a trail now and then.  But now it's a pretty cool little trail and may be useful for snowshoeing should the snow cooperate this year.  You can take it up to the beaver pond too which is a nice spot.  Nice to have a shorter option in Pisgah that isn't an out and back.

Week 41:  Spent a lot of time in Pisgah this week- I love it in there!  It is sooo beautiful.  I sent in our membership to Friends of Pisgah, Inc. today.  Can't believe I hadn't done that over a year ago!  But better late than never.  I hope to get more involved in learning the parks history and keeping it awesome.  Ran 2:13 in there today with Ramona- went on the new "4-H' trail (Greg and Elijiah's name for it...Hidden Hemlock Habitat Hook-up, I think) + South woods+ Nash + Fullam (another beautiful spot this time of year- well all year but you know what I mean) + Old Chesterfiled + Lily Pond + North Ponds + Reservoir and back to Winchester Rd.  FUN!  Tough run but such a great morning and chilly!  Not sure what i'll be doing tomorrow as I'll be watching the great Pinnacle Challenge! 

I guess my goal is to get out of this rut and really get into being a fit person again who is motivated!  Hanging on by a thread- it's a process, and I love it!

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