Monday, October 22, 2012

WEEK 42: 26 miles and Granite State 10 Miler

Just didn't feel well this week- if it isn't one thing it's another!  Monday I made myself motion sick on the elliptical trying to multitask and get some reading done!  Ugh!  Had a couple nice runs with Griffin in Pisgah early in the mornings - well it's not dark so it isn't too early.  Had a migraine Wednesday.  Always a pleasure.  Got to a spin class finally on Friday - not sure I put a ton of effort into it but it felt good to get up and out the door early.  Walked with Grif in the woods Saturday. 

Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with a 10-mile road race (my idea!).  Not sure what I was thinking- I guess I just wanted to see just how out of shape I had gotten this fall.  We went to Concord - the weather was perfect for a race.  The entry fee was pretty steep (45 each), but once I saw the shirts I figured oh well- nice shirt and a good workout- and a day trip with my husband!  Priceless!  The course was pretty and pretty challenging.  (Who knew Concord was that pretty?!)  I felt good throughout, but rigged the last mile.  I was roadkill to three people that  I had worked so hard to pass during the 7-9 miles.  Bummer.  But overall I was pleased with the outcome at 1:22:54.  I went in praying I could be near 85 minutes, so was surprised I was well under.  The last mile worried me a little- thought I was going to have to walk but I kept it together. Miles:  8:00, 8:25, 8:40, 8:25, 8:23, 8:20, 8:21, 7:54, 7:45, 8:34 (ouch).  I don't think I couldve finished a half marathon! haha There were some really good hills, but the second half seemed a lot easier.  Greg won- so he won our entry fee back plus 10 dollars!  woo-hoo!  We had planned to go out to lunch, but immediately felt guilty when thinking about Griffin and hightailed it home to take her out in Pisgah.

Alright week- I don't feel as behind as I thought I was and if I can get it together I may end up running a PR at Lil Rhody and Pie and Glove.  Already getting excited for the next half marathon- and then a full.  It's a process, and I love it (and my husband of 1 year!) :)

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  1. What's your next marathon? I want to do my first one next spring so keep me posted!