Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weeks 43, 44 and 45: 84 miles

Week 43:  Happy Anniversary to me and Greg! :) I was a bit sore this week after the 10 mile road race.  Not race sore, but ROAD sore.  I couldn't even think of when I had run on the roads last.  DUH.  Got on the elliptical one day and then a few runs with my training partner Griffin in our favorite park.  We got her a new vest for hunting season - she gets very excited when I pull it off the hook! Also hooked up with Tat for our usual 6 miler on Friday- gotta keep a few road miles in the plans.  LOG 29.

Week 44:  We had a day off because of Hurricane Sandy on Monday - I didn't go out in the winds with Greg.  I did go out Tuesday and the water in Pisgah was amazing.  Hearing it rushing in the creeks was pretty cool and parts of South Woods Trail was a creek in itself.  Having trouble getting used to the treadmill again.  Only busted out a couple miles midweek, but tried the row machine- that was fun.  I'll keep that one in the toolbox.  Overall, not very exciting.  Work is getting crazy- got a computer virus that wiped out the lectures I was working on for next week- that set me back a bit and then learning an updated system and trying to get organized....forget about it!  LOG 25.

Week 45:  Got the computer figured out- now to find the energy and motivation to re-write a couple lectures.  The students enjoyed a couple in-class "work on your projects" days!  Shouldn't affect running but it does.  I also decided to do a lot more cross training and add strength and cycle classes.  That always helps me get my motivation back...and hopefully a few pounds off.  Went to an awesome cycle class Monday, an "Anything Goes" class tuesday which is a lot of strength circuits. (I need to start doing circuit madness again!)  Weather rolled in wednesday that gave me a headache making it impossible to get in an active recovery.  Paid for that Thursday as I was sore, but got on a couple machines at the YMCA.  Ran early on the roads from the house Friday- my husband motivated me.  He had gone out and so I desided Grif and I would surprise him.  Had a nice run in Pisgah with Griffin Saturday morning before traveling with Soccer- mini-vistas and didn't have to walk.  Legs felt good and snappy with barely any miles on them- go figure.  Then today I did the strength and then cycle class- GOOD WORKOUT.  LOG 10. 

Yep, only 10 miles. Don't worry, I'm ok.  I am not going to worry about miles til January.  Still have to decide on the next marathon (Vermont, Demar, whatever is on the Grand Prix schedule next fall??) - but the next half is New Bedford in March with the goal of a PR.  Looking forward to Lil Rhody this weekend- hopefully can PR there- even if only by a minute!  And I wouldn't be totally surprised if I had a good 5K on Thanksgiving....depends on how many marg's I have at my sister's house the night before I guess.  It's a process...and I love it!

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