Monday, June 28, 2010

WEEK 25: 27 miles and Stonewall Farms trail race course

Previous week (June 13-20): 35 miles;

This week (June 21-27)  27 miles:

Monday: AM: plyopower + upper and core
PM: 4 miles/34 minutes (8:30pace)- ashuelot river loop; hot day, but i had been living like a cat since plyopower this morning and had to get out (napped all day- read blogs about the Mt Washington Race); legs were definitely tired and hamstring attachments are sore but it felt good to be out in the heat and on the roads- the humidity has decreased

Tuesday: just couldn't get going...

Wednesday: AM: Spin/Core
PM: Little walk to Kilburn Pond with Greg and Griffin (the craziest, and yet sweetest dog in the world)

Thursday: TM speed ladder; wasn't as easy as it has been, probably need to start doing these workouts from the winter again - good workout; 6 miles

Friday: Short V.E.P. to Kilburn pond with Griffin and Greg and a little wading...saw a big snake on the rocks - gotta start carrying my phone for pictures! 2 miles

Saturday: Long Trail Run with Mariah at Stonewall Farms- the race course- great workout, kicked my butt- i needed it. 13.5 miles in 2:16...log 15 miles

Sunday: Spin class - KICK-ASS 1 hour! Tour of Putney swimming holes and a good cold soak for the legs!

Not a bad week.  Not a great week.  Plyopower really made me sore and miserable the first half  of the week, but I think I made up for it in the end.  The highlight would definitely be the weekend.  The trail run with Mariah on the Stonewall Farms trail race course was awesome.  I'm glad I didn't really know what I was getting into because next time I will need a few days to mentally prepare!  It was a perfect morning and a really good run.  This is not an easy course and I clearly remember at one point looking at the incline for a second and then immediately focusing on Mariah's feet just to hang on and keep going. We did well and got through the 13.5ish miles in 2:15 (my first road half marathon was 2:20 five years ago -haha).  Only a couple short stops for gel and water.  Deer flys weren't bad until the open fields and when one went whizzing into my throat.  Sitting on the bus and in the dugout with the Swampbats saturday night was tough and my legs started to feel beat up.

Sunday was great in two ways.  First, I went to a spin class to just "spin" out my legs, but ended up doing a really good workout- hour long class and lots of sweat!  Felt great for the legs and got rid of a little of the soreness.  The rest of the soreness was relieved during a tour of the Putney swimming holes.  Wish I had had my camera because these places are really beautiful and the water- although chilly- was awesome and somewhat magical in its healing powers.  Plus, what a fun group to be hanging with (Justin, Jess, Greg, Josh, Bailey)...except for that naked guy at the last spot...we were in Vermont, I guess.  Who knew Justin brews great beer AND grills the best burgers ever!? 

This week...Thursday is my first day of summer!! I can't focus on much else, but have some workout plans.  Going to keep it simple and look forward to the Four on the Fourth in Keene.  My friend, Cori (wicked fast), and my sister, Kate (might wuss out), are coming and it should be fun.  I dont really have a goal since I'm playing host and really want to show Cori some of Pisgah on saturday.  She's tapering for a half marathon so she won't be pushing it either.  I just want to be under an 8 minute pace.  It's one of those races I wish I could just watch the finish- it should be a fun day!  After that who knows...the HM on July 17th, Stowe 8-miler, or wait and see if we are going to Narragansett, RI for the 10-miler the 23rd? It's a it....

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