Monday, September 27, 2010

WEEK 38: 23 miles and over 1000 miles this year...

Stationary bike x 35 minutes, core, Cold-Whirlpool

OFF - too busy blogging!

Spin + 3mi TM + core; felt good except some R ITBAND pain after 2.5 get after that.

Spin + 3mi TM; uh-oh R ITBand- holy crap that hurts!

AM: 3.5mi back ashuelot rd, ITBand at 3...
AM2: 6.5 miles KSC railtrail, still feeling wonky, ITBand ok to 6 miles tho....LOG 10miles for the day

7 miles in Pisgah with Griffin (Horseshoe-Lily Pond-No. Ponds-Reservoir)
Hike Mt. Monadnock with Greg, Mark, and Mary.
Miles: 23
Previous week: 22

Another low mileage week so not much to talk about.  Still trying to resolve foot (heel spur) and now IT Band issues post-Pisgah and neutral shoe experiment.  Shouldn't take long I hope.  Made it up Mondanock without too much of a problem.

This week, get back in the gym for some weightlifting and get more miles!  Friday was a good "double" even if the runs were only a couple hours apart.   I should do that more often....although already missed this morning. oops.  It's so dark out!  Anyway, long run thursday morning and a 5K saturday and another long run sunday should be a good base to work around.

Looking forward to fall trail races...Monroe, Baystate HM (Road), Groton, Hairy Gorilla, Lil Rhody...I love the fall!!!!! It's a process...and I love it!

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