Sunday, October 3, 2010

WEEK 39:18 miles

circuit madness + 3 miles; whoa fitness is way down or just tired from the hike yesterday. Going to pretend its the latter for now. Still dealing with ITband, feet feel ok.

6miles TM (speed/hill play) + a little sore, kind of a struggle with LBP, but ITBand didn't hurt- probably because I didn't run long enough.


TM 3miles...this week sucks.


Pisgah run with Griffin; 6 miles

Not much to summarize!  A migraine hit midweek and didn't release it's grips until saturday.  Then I spent Saturday in what I call a "migraine hangover", where I spend the day in a daze, hoping it's really gone, and scared it's going to come back, so not much getting done that day either.  Sunday I had planned a long run, but really just got out into the crisp fall morning in beautiful Pisgah with my favorite wolf and ran around a bit.  It just felt great not to have a headache, puts things into perspective and makes me appreciate being able to run as much as I do.  I had forgotten about my It Band, but unfortunately was reminded about 3 miles into the run.  Oh well, at least now I feel like I have the energy to get after that and take care of it. 

I feel like I have made all the gains I am going to make this year.   Got 12 minutes off my half marathon and my 5k under 8 min/mile pace so I am happy.  Can't seem to get into a groove this fall so I am going to just go with it and enjoy the beautiful fall running.  Greg and I have some cool trail races planned and the goal for me at Baystate is sub 1:50.  I will start my work for next season, mainly dropping some pounds and finding sneakers I love (trail and road).  It's a process and I love it....

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