Monday, October 25, 2010

WEEK 42: 13 miles and Groton Forest Trail run

Monday: rest
Tuesday:  30 min Elliptical, 1 mile TM run (just cuz), tiny bit of core
Wednesday:  20 min elliptical, 2 mi TM, core, some upper
Thursday :10 min elliptical, 3 miles TM
Friday: 3 miles roads (5K route baker-optical)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: GROTON TOWN FOREST 3.4 Mi Trail Race

Pretty low key week.  I probably needed it.  Greg, Boj, and I ended up going to the Groton Town Forest trail races.  They ran the 9.5 miler and I wimped out and did the 3.4 miler - best decision I've made in awhile!  I was pretty tired from a restless night of dog-sitting and snoozed in the car until noon while the boys warmed up.  At 12:30 the 9.5 mile race takes off and then the JV race 10 minutes later.  It was a really fun course.  Lots of steep, short hills- but you always get a breather at the top- steep downhills, but also short- not the entire side of the mountain like Monroe- and a twisty-turny single track in between. I went out pretty hard, felt good (except for that "GI issue" I get sometimes), and got a good 30 minute workout out of it.  Even got a t-shirt and gloves for my effort.  I can't express how thankful I am I didn't run the 9.5 miler.  Maybe I am learning something... I ran back to the car to get the camera and got back in time to see Greg and Boj finish (still using up the film on the disposable).  By then it was cold and rainy and I'm sure they were glad they didn't have to wait for me to finish the longer race too!

This week- get back into the gym and get some high intensity workouts in without disturbing all my aches and pains- got one in this morning already.  I think my focus is to lose a little weight (a plate of pumpkin whoopie pies made by my officemate is creeping up behind me as I type) and work on the shorter races (I'll grow out of that "gotta go to the bathroom right now" urge in the middle of hard efforts right?).  As of right now we aren't racing Hairy Gorilla next weekend.  I might do the local trail race in Madame Sherri Forest (7 miler or 5k) with Glen and Greg might go run in Putney with the boys.  Either way, it's a process, and I love it!

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