Monday, November 1, 2010

WEEK 43: 27 miles and Madame Sherri Forest "is this the Trail?" Race

Monday: Circuit + 3mi TM (10 min pyramid and 8 x 30 sec intervals)
Tuesday: RUN 5mi KSC -Baker -Eastern loop
Wednesday: off - tiny bit of hip strength
Thursday: Circuit Madness
RUN 2.5 miles TM with 4 .25 mi pickups to 7.5
CIRCUIT 1:back lunges x 20, pigeon reach x 20, center box squat jumps x 15, bench tucks x 15, Thru x 2;
RUN 1 mile- mid .5 mi pickup to 7.5
CIRCUIT 2: SB overhead press/chest press x 15 each, split squat with tricep press x 16, SB dead bug x30, SB hamstring curls x 15, crunches; 2 x thru
RUN 2.5 miles TM (2 x .5 mi and 1 x .25 pickups to 7.5mph); Good fricken workout, Log 6 miles
Friday: 5 mile KSC-eastern ave route
Saturday: worked then cooked all day
Sunday: Madame Sherri Trail Race; Log 8 miles

Well, I doubled my miles from last week- ok that wasn't very hard.  Still not getting the miles I would/should have but I'm ok with it right now.  It's kind of nice not to stress about getting in that "long run" each week and I think the short stuff has been good for my fitness and "injuries".  Getting in a couple days of circuit madness has been good also.

So the race ("run") this weekend.  I had never been in Madame Sherri Forest and had only learned of its existence a couple weeks ago.  It ended up that Greg, Glen, Fyffe, Ference, and Goupil came to run, so of course it would be an eventful day!  I decided to do the 7 mile instead of  the 5K because… why not?  Plus Greg made me because he paid for my registration. JUST KIDDING!

It was a crisp morning and even some rain while the director was giving "directions".  I had a sense of foreboding right from the start.  Oh well, off we went.  I was caught behind a mom and daughter for the first mile so quickly lost Glenn's screaming yellow shirt from sight.  After almost missing the very first turn (luckily the race director was right behind me) the course goes up Daniels Mtn (I think).  At the top I caught up to a woman in bright blue and we questioned which way to go from there and think we decided correctly.  We descended down the back of the mountain while 2 guys and then Goupil pass us halfway down...wait a minute, they should have been way ahead!  I told Goupil to go catch Glenny in the yellow and stick with him (he never did).  At that point I decided I was going to stick with this woman (Elizabeth)  as long as I could because I was scared to get lost.  We got to the road section and then headed back up Daniels Mtn (?).  This ascent gave me flashbacks of Monroe.  I hiked quite a bit, but so did Liz and we again questioned our way at the top.  We must have chosen correctly because a couple miles later we found a sign pointing the 7 milers on a turn. 

We went where told (Ann Stokes Loop) and I felt a big blister on my foot.  I let Elizabeth get ahead, although I could see her blue shirt every now and then through the trees.  I got to a couple little bridges and headed up a bank...wrong.  I quickly realized I was no longer on a trail and I couldn't see a blue shirt.  DRATS!  I could still see the bridges so I just angled down the hill and suddenly found myself on trail again.  Whew.  I followed this trail to an intersection and had no idea which way to go.  I stood there a little while and saw a hiker.  I asked him if he saw any runners and he said yes...yay!  I started running again in the direction he gave me and saw little Ellie through the trees!  Jeez, I didn't think I had taken that long for the boys to bring out the dogs, but when I got to the group they explained they were going out to find Goupil!  Yikes!  I chatted for a couple minutes and kissed the doggies and decided I better go officially finish.  I did and thanked Elizabeth for navigating the entire run.  I was really lucky she was there or the dogs would have been for me!  (Goupil was about the 2 hour mark)

Greg, Justin, and Ferenc stuck together to win and I was happy to have finished in 1:20ish.  The footing was tough with all the leaves and the climbs were pretty tough.  Overall, a good workout.  I am super excited for the FLAT Lil Rhody!

THIS WEEK: just keep doing what I'm doing with the gym workouts and road runs.  Maybe get in a longer run this weekend.  My work schedule will once again be changing, which means a change in when and how long I have to run - might start having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn again. It's a process...and I love it!

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