Monday, November 7, 2011

WEEK 44: 16 miles

Ok I was wrong, this week wasn't way better....

Monday: 8 miles TM + core. LOG 8
Tuesday: Lift at KSC + 2 miles TM later. Log 2
Wed: Spin at KSC
Thursday: Lift at KSC - very sore quads
Friday: 6 miles TM - plantar fascia pain?
Saturday: generally crabby and unmotivated
Sunday: Tabata workout of Supreme Fitness DVDs (P90X ripoff) - fun!  Bear Chili at Fyffe's.

Not the mileage I need to be at, but I don't think I have to stress about that quite yet.  A little worried about the plantar fascia since it bothered me again today during a longer run on the roads, but we'll see.  Maybe Mt Toby trail race this weekend if Greg wants to go and if work allows (who knows).  And then Lil Rhody, Thanksgiving 5K and maybe a couple 5Ks in December and then a 10k on Dec 31 or the 1st. It'll be good to start racing again and see where I'm at.   IT's a process and I love it!!! 

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