Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 50: 44 miles

Monday: Keene Roads; LOG 6
Tuesday: Lift + Pisgah: Fullum-Nash-SW with Griffin.  Didn't fuel well.  LOG 8
Wed: OCR with Griffin + 12 Hill Sprints (10-12secs), Grffin thinks those are fun!  Very sore legs. LOG 7
Thursday: Treadmill 5 miles- 4th mile at 8 min pace.  Felt good, too sore to lift in the morning.  LOG 5
Friday: Spin, hard class.
Saturday: Chilly run in Pisgah with Griff. LOG 7
Sunday: Keene Railtrail from Target to Dump Bridge. 3x5min pickups. 10.41mi/1:36/ 9:13 pace. LOG 11.

Another strong week.  I feel pretty good about it.  Sure does help when my work schedule dies down.  Hopefully I'll get into a rhythm so I can keep up this mileage when things pick up again.  Not sure why I was so sore after Tuesday's lift, but ouch!  I meant to lift later in the week but never did- I'll pay for that tomorrow I suppose.  Sunday's run was a cold one! Felt pretty good on the pickups.  I kept splits for crossings that I could look up on the map my run.  Learning how to pace myself is going to be difficult.  (I'm not allowed to have a Garmin in the house).  I'll just keep having to compare what I do and keep better records.  Next week will be weird with traveling home but the weather looks cooperative and I am planning on another 40+ week!  Then a down week (25-30miles) and a 10K race.  It's a process, and I love it!

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  1. Hell of a week, Honey!! Keep it up and I see many p.r.'s and a happy wolf in your future.