Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4: 50 miles!

Monday: TM + indoor track for 15 miles.  All under 9 minute pace with a couple pickups to 8 minute pace.  Felt pretty good - kinda fun to see who comes and goes from the gym in that amount of time! LOG 15
Tuesday: Light strength + 2 miles TM.  Tired but not sore.  LOG 2
Wednesday: Pisgah with Griffin OAB on Old Chesterfield Road.  Really nice morning.  LOG 7
Thursday:  Lift. LOG 0.
Friday: Tempo workout: 2 miles/1.5 mi/1mi/ .5 mi @ 7.8 mph(7:40pace) with .25 jog in between.  Good workout.  LOG 8.
Saturday: Surry dam OAB with Ramona.  Tried to add on 3 more in wheelock but too icy.  LOG 11.
Sunday: Old Chesterfield Road with Griffin - wore ice stabilizers on my sneakers and they worked great.  LOG 7.

So I am feeling pretty good and excited to have my first 50 mile week.  Sure I have aches and pains, but no more than when I was running 30 miles or less so it's clearly not the running that's causing them! Right?! I am not very good about doing all the little extra things to take care of that kind of thing- I should know better. I have been better with the foam roller and that has helped alot. 

My schedule is not set as the lifting class just isn't going to fit in all the time like it has been.  Will start doing that on my own again.  It was just easier to have someone figure out the lift - I tend to obsess and get overwhelmed with the possibilities. 

The treadmill is good for me and I enjoy it.  I'm not sure if it would be the same if it was in our house and there wasn't the constant coming and going of people around and the view of the campus.  We are still considering getting one for those days you just can't get out...I wonder what Griffin will think about that?  She'll probably disassemble it the first day she's left alone with it...and then blame Zoe.  It would be good to have though.  The ice thingys on my sneakers were pretty fun to use this week.  I thought they would be annoying but I really didn't notice them too much. 

I'm having trouble mapping out my week of running right now.  Now that I've hit 50 I feel stress to do it every week, but I think if I can keep the weekly total to at least 45 I should be good with that.  We may do a race on Sunday before "the big game" so I'm not sure where to put my long run.  We'll see how I feel anyway as my throat is sore.  Lots to consider!  It's a process and I love it!

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