Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 19: 52 Miles and heat

Monday: 22 miles in Keene; 3:11/8:40 pace
Tuesday: 0
Wed: 30 min elliptical
Thu: Treadmill progression run; LOG 6
Friday: Pisgah with Grif - Lily trail completely flooded; LOG 9
Saturday: Spin class, 50 minutes
Sunday: 15 in Keene; 2:07/8:30 pace

Good week, wish I had had a couple more of these under my shoes!  My legs feel good today even - tired, but good.  My longest run at 22 miles on Monday didn't go as smoothly as the last one- I think I already wrote about that in my last post.  But I did recover and decided to do another semi-long run this week.  Yesterday I started my run and it was about 60 degrees; it was about 75 when I finished.  I am going to suffer if it's hot in vermont.  And this wasn't even humid heat.  Oh well, I held on to my pace, but it was a struggle.  Maybe it helped me acclimate and it won't bother me so much if it is warm!  That's what I will tell myself.  Other than that a pretty noneventful week.  I'm getting pretty psyched.  It's a process and I love it!

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