Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 21: 17 mile taper and VCM = 44 miles

This is what the week leading up tot he marathon looked like.  I was a bit crabby so did a couple short runs toward the end of the week that I hadn't planned on just to feel better. Wish I had gotten in a couple spin classes, I think my legs would've felt better during the week, but the classes offered at my gym have an instructor I cannot stand and since I was already crabby I didn't see that working out so well.  I was surprised how awful  I felt even though my weeks haven't been that packed full of miles!

Monday: TM progression run, legs felt great. LOG 6
Tues: off
Wed: TM 4 miles
Thu: 3 mi TM
Fri: Pisgah with Grif, LOG 3
Sat: 1+ in Burlington
Sun: VCM LOG 27 miles

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