Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 18: 35 miles and Chesterfield 5K

Monday: off
Tuesday: TM Progression run; LOG 7
Wednesday: Pisgah with Griffin; LOG 10
Thursday: spin
Friday: TM workout- tough, very warm; LOG 10
Saturday: Chesterfield 5K, ridiculous course; 25:23 or something

Not the big week I needed - again.  I should just start opening with that like I end with "its a process..."!  I don't have the mileage to back up a stellar first marathon, but it is what it is and there isn't much I can do about it at this point.  Just have to take it as a lesson for the next one!  I guess it's a good sign I'm already thinking I'll do another and even have my eye on Cape Cod in October.  That's positive.

Anyway, Saturday we did the Chesterfield 5K for Greg's school.  This runs right by the house (twice) so Griffin gets all in a tizzy, but at least I can run up our road without worrying about Pumba for once (they send out notices to have the dogs inside).  After this race I'm slightly glad for Pumba and not having to tackle that hill every time I want to run!  It is rough, but would be a good workout if I could add it to my run everyday.  I saved 4 newts on the way up, but still saw some crushed ones on the way back down ;(.  I can't remember my time ( I swore I would when I reset my watch), but it was definitely over 8 min pace.  The Mitchell's cows are funny because they were mooing on the way back while looking out the doorway of the barn, kinda like they were cheering. Cute.  I did get a win and Greg got a new course record. Fun morning.

Did my last long run this morning - I guess I would've had a bigger week had I not had to work on Sunday and did my long run then. In any case, it wasn't as encouraging as the last one.  22 miles and ended with an overall 8:40 pace although I was slowly chipping away a solid 8:25 pace through 15.  I couldn't tell if I started suffering because I was tired, hungry, warm, or just feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have anyone to join me for some of the route like usual.  I honestly think it was the latter, which will be good because that shouldn't happen during the marathon...although I can feel quite sorry for myself during any race.  I guess we'll see.  I fell apart at 16 miles and picked it up on and off over the last 3 but really just wanted some Dr. Pepper.  I might have to see if someone can have some Dr. Pepper for me on the sidelines in Vermont!  It was warm, but not at all humid and really nice running weather.

This week, recover from today's run - already sat in the cold whirlpool.  Get some more miles and spin classes.  Maybe lift a weight?  It's a process and I love it!

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