Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 31: 51 miles

Mon: Freidsam with Grif + Circuit.  LOG 5
Tue: Railtrail of Keene Log 12, 1:46
Wed: Freidsam 5, 44:35. Felt good.
Thu: Track workout 200-400-600-800-1000-800-600-400-200; 7:45 pace. LOG 10
Fri: Freidsam with grif, LOG 4.
Sat: Kilburn with Greg and Grif, LOG 8.
Sunday: Freidsam from house with Grif. LOG 7.

Big week finally.  Got in a "long run" of 12 miles on the railtrail.  Felt good, even the foot has been feeling good.  Wednesday was my best run of the summer in Freidsam at 44:35.  Did another track workout - again felt ridiculously slow, but again I got through it.  It was pretty hot but I am doing better in the heat now than I did at Vermont City.  On Saturday we kayaked in Stoddard- good core workout.  We're thinking about getting a couple!  On Sunday I ran the Freidsam loop but left from the house to add on some miles.  It was HOT.  Poor Grif was pretty warm on our way back on the road.  Overall a solid week, starting to feel stronger.  Passed 1000 miles (1043) and am still considering Cape Cod for a fall marathon- the next couple weeks will be a better indicator.  With work starting -and therefore a full schedule- maybe I'll be better about getting in the lift and core workouts that I am so lazy about right now, then again I may not have time to get very many miles.  I am planning on running 15 tomorrow- might be slow, but I want to cover some bigger chunks of mileage if not for Cape Cod then for getting ready for Pisgah.  The foot has been pretty good even with the increase in mileage.  I've stayed away from hill sprints and plyo's for now, but will start adding them soon.  I still get shooting/searing pains in the foot at night, but its ok during a run- that's really what matters right?!  Ice calms it, so onward with adding miles. This week I feel like I need another big week as work looms and a couple low mileage weeks are sure to result.  We are running a flat 5K Saturday that I would have liked to really focus on, but I think miles are more important and will go into it tired and use it as a workout.  It'll still be fun- maybe I'll surprise myself.   It's a process, and I love it!

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