Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 roundup and the new year....

Couldn't bust out another 20 miles for an even 1600 miles for the year, but still my highest miles in the last three years of keeping track (1580). 

Made it to 1000 miles 7 weeks faster than 2010 (don't know when in 2011);

21 races (3 fewer than in 2010), only one PR (Pisgah 23K), but two new distances- the marathon and 25K. 

The marathon has to be the highlight of my year.  I went out like gang busters at the beginning of last year and it paid off.  That's not happening this year.  I do want to do another marathon, but will wait til the fall when hopefully I will have a better handle on work. 

For the new year I am a little up in the air as far as specific goals.  Work is going to be brutal this spring with teaching 3 classes that are new to me and covering lacrosse which starts january 28th.  I know I could PR in the half marathon someday and would like to get my 5K under 22 minutes.  But I feel like I'll have to attack each goal seprately and do some really specific training.  Not sure I am up for it. 

So as the year starts I am just taking day to day.  I am super psyched about snow shoe running and even got some new Atlas Run snow shoes- love them- they are pictured above and I plan to sleep in them much to Gregs dismay.  Mainly I want to get a few more pounds off and see what my schedule brings me.  I have DH Jones, New Bedford, and Caumsett 25K on my running schedule so I better start running more miles!  Maybe work on the 5K after New Bedford. Eh who knows.  I guess I'll just try to stay healthy and happy while things work themselves out.  This is supposed to be fun afterall.  It's a process, with little focus, but I love it!

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