Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1: 29

On new years day I went for my first snowshoe run of the year with Griffin.  We did an out and back on the 4-H trail and made a stop at the beaver pond.  I wore Gregs snowshoes and felt surprisingly good.  It was a nice day and a nice start to the new year.

Thursday did my running drills with some treadmill followed by a spin class in the evening.  Saturday I ran with Ramona up Gunn road...a long, good hill that I can get to from KSC and will use for future workouts. 

Today I went back out in my new snowshoes with Griffin.  We did an out and back on South Woods for 6 miles.  Narrowly missed some snowmobilers as we went from Horseshoe Road onto south woods - Grffin hates snowmobiles and has a tendency to chase them in full greyhound mode.  Didn't pass any on the way out either. Whew!

Work starts up tomorrow...will try to ease into it while also increasing mileage.  It's a process, a new year, and I love it!

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