Friday, March 15, 2013

New Motivation

So I haven't been motivated to run a lot of miles- I'm lucky I've been logging anything at all.  Work has been nuts, but I'm getting a handle on it, so that's no excuse.  I just haven't been motivated.  I don't know how else to put it.  It's been a relief to just accept it.  I know it'll change.  I've been going to my lifting class and to spin classes and running enough to get a work out and that has sustained me, for now.  I have dropped a few pounds. I have a few more to go to get to a racing weight, but with no race in sight I haven't worried about it.  Well that changed today. 

Greg decided he was doing the Mt Washington Road Race this year.  Great- I'll never get him to hike it with me so I decided to put in for the lottery (never thinking in a million years I'd get in). Well, I got in.  I'm happy because it'll be "fun" and beautiful (hopefully good weather) and it'll give me a reason to do the other mountain series races.  I don't feel like I have to do a ton of miles and my friend and I were thinking about maybe working on our 5K times.  I want to do another marathon - no doubt, but maybe I should wait another year.  Mountains and 5Ks may be the focus this summer- who knows maybe I'll suddenly be in some kind of shape for a fall marathon.  There's time and always another race.  (Nevermind the half marathon this weekend- let's just hope I finish under 2 hours). It's a process, and I still love it!

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