Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 3-10: 161 Miles

Week 3: 30 miles
First snowshoe race with Greg and Ferenc - Hoot, Toot, and Whistle.  FUN!  It was a beautiful day, a pretty easy course, and a doable 3 miles.  A perfect introduction to snowshoe racing.  On Sunday Grif and I had our own epic adventure in Pisgah State Park.  We ventured out to Snow Brook Trail and took it to the end and back. No snowshoes, just hard packed snow.  another beautiful day. I can't wait to get on this trail when the snow is gone!

Week 4: 18 miles
Grif was very limpy this week, I guess our adventure was too long for her ;(.  But she was better within the week and has been great ever since.  This is where I start doing a lot of treadmill because I can't stand leaving Grif behind at the house. Been going to the strength class on Tuesdays- it's called "anything goes" and it is just that- mostly strength stuff but includes sprints sometimes, ball tossing, and interval work. Good stuff.

Week 5: 33 miles
Grif was better this week.  So much better that when I did a couple runs "with" Greg she as able to come back and check on me like usual.  So cute. 

Week 6: 8 miles
 Another snowshoe race- this time at Prospect Mtn.  Antoher beautiful day, not as easy a course (up to the summit and back down for 5.4 miles), but pretty.  I had a good attitude and didn't stress myself out about the "race" but enjoyed the day.  It worked.  It was great.

Week 7: 13 miles
Treadmill and spin classes.  I've been trying to do a day of running drills each week.

Week 8: 19 miles
Just more treadmill, spin classes, and a beautiful Sunday run with Griffin on new snow.  (Instead of DH Jones)

Week 9: 21 miles
Greg had break this week, so we got to go on two morning runs together- with Griffin running in between again.  We get like 6 miles and she gets 8!  Another snowshoe race- Hawley Kiln.  I only made it a mile in before I had some stomach issues and decided I shouldn't get too far away.  By the time I got back out to the snowmobile trail (the single track was TOUGH) I felt a little better and ran a mile or so on my own before getting back to see Greg finish.  I missed that.  Oh well.  It was a cold day but the amount of snow up there was awesome! 



Week 10: 19 miles
Did my first road race of the year- the Spring Ahead 3 miler.  I knew this was not going to be a stellar day, but I had to get on the roads and my friend wanted to go, so whatever.  We had a good day.  I ran 23:15 (7:45pace) and was happy with it.  We did a long warmup and another mile cooldown so I finally got some road miles.  I was third female master and would've been second Philly but I declined to mark that on my app!  I shouldn't be a Philly!  :O anyway, I'm not as far off as I thought, so maybe it'll motivate me to get going. 

the next day we did our final snowshoe race- another at Mt Prospect (5.7ish miles).  Not to the summit but it was a killer course!  I went in with the same laid back attitude and took a lot of pictures and video.  That was a long one.  But another gorgeous day and it was fun to play in the snow as we look toward spring. I was glad to get back in time to see the Newfoundland dogs!  They were soooo cute! And Big!

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