Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 11: 30 miles and New Bedford long run

Couple spin classes, a lifting class, a run on the roads in Keene including Chapman Hill and then the half marathon in New Bedford Sunday.  Pretty solid week, the first in awhile.  I was pretty nervous going into the half marathon Sunday that I would totally tank and hate it, but I went out conservatively, was honest with myself that I really hadn't been running, and decided that I just needed the long run.  It was a beautiful day- it amazes me that this race always has great weather- especially considering the snow coming tonight!  It was windy though.  I went out real conservative- started 3 minutes back- mainly because I was still in line for hte portopotty during the national anthem. I thought the first mile was going to be over 10 minutes but it was 8:40 and I felt like it was easy.  I didn't waste a lot of energy trying to get around people but rather just let it be.  I knew the first 3 miles were hilly (although I always forget about the two smaller hills before the killer at mile 3).  My plan was to run slow and then pick up a bit if I felt like it for miles 4-8- slightly downhill or flat.  I felt pretty good- and didn't push it at all.  Picked up a couple 8-8:15 miles in there.  Got to 9 and still felt good surprisingly!  Only thing bugging me were two blisters on the balls of my feet (great, I'd been running so little my feet were soft!)  I could feel the skin being pulled and then resucking to my foot with every step.  Really was annoying and quite painful after awhile, but my body felt good and I decided I should pick it up the last 3 miles and just get done close to what I ran last year.  Well we made the turn to head into mile 10 and unfortunately also headed into the wind!  It's not usually windy at this point, but this year it was and I found it hard to pick it up because my feet were burning iwth the extra push needed due to the wind. So I accepted that and just kept going- a little slower, but with a good effort.  I knew that hill was coming and felt pretty good still going up it!  I finished at 1:53 (8:38 pace), way off the PR, but not bad for no training whatsoever.  I even had enough pep to run back to the car, but boy my feet were hurting!!  We ate the chowda and fish sandwiches and headed home.   It was a good day and I don't think we vowed never to do that race again like usual, we'll see.  My blisters feel a little better this morning. I'm a little shocked at how sore I am NOT.  But like I said I was conservative and didn't want to get myself injured.  Ended up being a good workout and a good motivator.  Might have to snow shoe tomorrow! It's a process and I love it!

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