Monday, January 25, 2010

WEEK 1 & 2: 55 miles (5 miles snowshoe running) January 1 - 16

January 1: 10k Road Race, 54:00 (my watch 53:56); ok race. No mile markers which is really really annoying for someone like me who has no idea what pace I am running by feel alone…pretty hilly course and otherwise uneventful race…will probably opt for the big time Lowell First Run next News Years Day.
Finally broke out the snowshoes this week. 3 miles walking on my little trek in the field on Saturday.
Sunday, Jan 3: 8.5 miles on TM
Monday & Wed: Spin class with Acea + Core
Tuesday: Strength Circuit Madness #3 + Intervals for 3.5 miles in all.
Thursday, Jan 7: Snowshoe .25 mile Run:.25 mile Walk x 4; better but still hard, 2 miles
Friday, Jan 8: TM Run, Random Hills 20min x 3 = 6 miles
Saturday 9th and 16th: Plyopower + upper Strength
Sunday, 10th: TM 6 miles (Speed Play)
Monday, Jan 11th: Snowshoe 3 x 1mile with .25 recovery in between. (13:30, 13:00, 12:00) LOL + 10miles on Indoor Bike Trainer
Tuesday, Jan 12: Strength Circuit Madness #4 + Speed (1mi each pace: HMP, 10K, 5K)= 5miles in all
Wednesday, Jan 13th: 4 uncomfortable miles TM, pathetic core workout; Crappy workout day
Thursday, Jan 14th: 10 miles outside on snowpacked Rail Trails out to Old Spofford Rd….fun; wore Nike Structure Triax ACG
Friday, Jan 15th: 10miles on Bike Trainer, core
Overall a good start to the new year. I don’t plan days off anymore, but rather just take them when needed- looks like I needed a couple at the end of this 2 weeks! But I am getting pretty good at listening to my body and not freaking out if I take a day off (kinda)...

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