Saturday, January 30, 2010

WEEK 4: 27 miles (Jan 24 - Jan 30)

Sunday, 2pm: Burt Hill Road run, 6 miles
Monday, 5am: Random Treadmill Hills, 4 miles
Tuesday, 7am: Strength Circuit Madness #6 plus .25 & .5 mile pickups x 4 each; 7 miles in all
Wednesday, 5am: Spin (endurance ride) + Core x 2
Thursday, 11am: Unplanned (and unwelcomed) day OFF!
Friday, 5am: Spin (endurance) + 3 miles TM
Saturday, 8am: TM Speed Ladder, 7 miles
This week so far: 27 miles

Strange week.  Got a little anxious about my long run being lost and rescheduled to next tuesday and feel like I'm missing pieces of training that I should be doing.  I think I'm antsy about not being outside and maybe feel like I'm on a treadmill too much.  I can't decide if I have a hill for repeats or what it should look like so I stick to the TM; BUT MWF I have no daylight time no matter the weather, so it is what it is.  Have to change my lifting schedule schedule to Mon/Thu I think.  Next sunday will be off because I'll be going to the Indoor State Championships with the high school kids- a planned and worth it day off.  Also anxious about the aches and pains, but today kinda made up for the week.  Did a Treadmill speed ladder that I haven't done in months and I could feel the difference in my fitness for sure.  This speed ladder I used to dred but today I added minutes to the higher speeds and added some higher %grade.  In fact I dare say when I felt some aches and pains- when I sped up I felt better?  weird.  So what is usually a 5 mile workout ended up being 7 and I really wanted more!  Had to go to meet the track team for treatments though and since I am doing a 10K tomorrow it's probably better I didn't push it more.  SO I'll just keep going along and get in what I can, my focus will come back- it always does but the anxiety in the meantime eats at me a little.  The true test will be the 10 milers next month (Foxboro/Amherst), then I'll know what I need to do before New Bedford...I hope...:)  It's a process....and I love it....

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