Sunday, January 24, 2010

WEEK 3: 23 miles (Jan 17th - Jan 23)

Sunday: 6 miles Hills - Burt Hill Road
Monday: 1.5 mile Snowshoe + 1.5 mile road run - wasn't feelin it- kept getting hit with snow falling off trees/powerlines...i took it as a sign
Tuesday: Circuit Madness #5 (weightlifting plus treadmill speedwork) ...4.5 miles in all
Wednesday: Spin class plus Core
Thursday: 12 mile long run - Old Spofford Road (HILL)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Plyopower class plus upper body strength

Overall a good week, lots of hils and my legs are a little sore but after a big dinner out last night I actually felt ok on today's Burt Hill Road run...unfortunately I can't compare my time from last sunday as I pushed the wrong button on my watch and didn't start the timer until I was almost to the top of the first mile hill...dumbass.

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