Saturday, February 6, 2010

WEEK 5: 30 miles!! (1/31 - 2/6)

Sunday, 1pm: Fitchburg 10k; 50:55 (8:13pace)
Monday, 5am: 3mi TM, Plyopower + upper str.
Tuesday, 9am: 13 miles: Old Westport Rd to Coombs Bridge and back around via Very Brook Rd
Wednesday, 5am: bike trainer 30min + core
Thursday, 8am: strength circuit #7 + TM speedwork= 5 miles in all;
Friday, 5am: Spin (hills with Ramona) + 3 miles
Saturday, 8am: Elliptical (LAZILY); Ice bath!!!
This week: 30 miles

A good week, kind of a lot of miles for me, but hopefully this will be the average (and less on treadmill- 11miles).  I wanted to go over 30 miles but just too sore today.  (actually fri to fri I did 40 miles!!!) Having a "race" sunday was good and I am looking forward to the 10 milers coming up this month.  They will be a good test although I don't want to "rest up" much for them- want to keep on the training schedule for New Bedford.  Thursday I was definitely feeling tired and thought I had a crappy workout that day, but I woke up friday sore in all the right places and am still sore today. Today has been pretty lazy and tomorrow will be too.  Need to focus more on good running- each workout having a purpose.  More ice baths are in the future (ahhh) and maybe a warm one too.  New Bedford is only 6 weeks away!!!  It's a it!

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